Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nothing to Say Today

I'm so sick with sadness about the tragic shooting that I really cannot post beyond this short notice today.

We are truly living in dark times.

Indeed, we are degenerating into collective madness.

Every child's death from senseless violence (by individual mad men, institutional war machines, and as corporate externalities), starvation, malnutrition, neglect and dispossession marks our descent into species genocide.

The scale of our descent is unprecedented.

Symptoms of our collective descent are everywhere - in the dispossession of Fukushima's children, in the civilian casualties of drone strikes, in the poisoning of the biosphere and disregard for future generations, etc. - the list goes on and on.

The madness of a lone gunman possessed by demonic rage is the most blatant example of our degeneration, but the signs and symptoms can be found globally.

This degeneration is not unchecked. I posted previously about the great awakening of human consciousness I believe exists.

Growing awareness of our descent into collective madness is our only hope for salvation. Can we check the fall before it is too late?

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