Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Conference on Internet "Government"

WSJ "Nations Meet to Discuss Web Rules" by Rory Jones Dec 4, 2012, p. B7

[Excerpted] "The question of who rules the internet and how is being debated at a 12-day conference in Dubai. The World Conference on International Telecommunication which started Monday, aims to draft a new treaty to underpin international telecommunications regulations. The current rules were put in place in 1988...

The bid to change the rule book has unleashed fears of a grab for centralized control of the Internet by the UN. The process has also come under criticism for its lack of transparency. Among the most focal critics are the US Internet companies like Google."

Majia here: Google is criticizing the lack of transparency and the centralized decision-making control occurring at this conference. Net neutrality, and free speech are perceived as at risk.

"Free Internet" Advocacy by Google in wake of conference on controlling internet

Google advocacy page

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