Saturday, December 29, 2012

Asahi Shimbun Summarizes How LDP Can Push its Pro-Nuclear Stance in Face of Public Resistance

Pro-nuclear bureaucrats back in the picture under Abe December 29, 2012 The Asahi Shimbun

[Excerpted] One reason the LDP is easily overturning the DPJ’s nuclear policy is because the DPJ administration did not put much muscle behind its pronouncements. No Cabinet approval was given for seeking a nuclear-free society--and that objective was not clearly included in the new energy basic plan or any laws passed by DPJ administrations.

The LDP’s coalition agreement with New Komeito includes a reduced dependence on nuclear energy as much as possible. But there is no telling how long that pledge will stand up....

...At public hearings held in 11 locations around Japan this summer, about 70 percent of participants wanted a nuclear-free future. A deliberative opinion poll found close to half of participants in favor of such a future....

...Exit polls conducted by The Asahi Shimbun on Dec. 16 found that 78 percent of respondents favored either an immediate or gradual move toward a nuclear-free society, much larger than the 15 percent who opposed such moves....

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