Thursday, August 15, 2019

Increasing Cases of Shingles in the Eyes Raise Questions

Many diseases are increasing in incidents so that more people in the population are afflicted with them.

The article below published in the JAMA suggests that the incidents of shingles in the eye raises questions about causation given a near-tripling of incidents over a 12-year time span:
Voelker R. Increasing Cases of Shingles in the Eye Raise Key Questions. JAMA. Published online August 07, 2019. doi:10.1001/jama.2019.10743
Among the study population of 21 million adults enrolled in United Healthcare insurance plans, HZO incidence increased from 9.4 cases per 100 000 population in 2004 to 30.1 cases per 100 000 in 2016.

The finding of increased HZO incidence persisted when Shekhawat and his colleagues adjusted their analysis for age, race, and sex, raising some important questions. For example, why is the incidence of HZO and shingles increasing? “Diseases don’t usually double or triple over a 12-year time span,” said Shekhawat, who is now in a cornea fellowship program at the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute. Several theories exist, but study results are mixed....
There are many diseases that are increasing in incidents, especially neurological disorders in adults and children, as I've documented in my blog here and also in my publications.

I am confident that there are complex environmental causes, especially toxic chemicals, elements, and electro-magnetic radiation. These causes extend well beyond the typical scope of "environmental" factors, such as questions of whether someone smokes or not or whether they exercise.

Will these complex but also catastrophically hazardous environmental pollutants be regulated or will we simply degrade our biological facticities to the point of non-sustainability?


  1. Dear Weez - so sorry to hear of your illness and diagnosis.

    I agree that radiation and other environmental hazards produce such a wide array of effects, including disease susceptibilities, that they don't get linked by mechanistic science, which simply reports more disease incidents as mysterious.

    I really hope you find a treatment that helps. So many people I care about are similarly afflicted by bizarre and troubling symptoms. It makes me worried and sad.

    Here is another article from JAMA:

    National Trends in Colorectal Cancer Incidence Among Older and Younger Adults in Canada Darren R. Brenner, PhD1,2,3; Emily Heer, MSc2; R. Liam Sutherland, BS2,3; et al Yibing Ruan, PhD, MPH2; Jill Tinmouth, MD, PhD4,5; Steven J. Heitman, MD, MSc, FRCPC3,6; Robert J. Hilsden, MD, PhD, FRCPC3,6 Author Affiliations Article Information JAMA Netw Open. 2019;2(7):e198090. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2019.8090 Question  Is the incidence of colorectal cancer among younger adults still increasing in Canada? Findings  This cohort study used data from comprehensive Canadian national cancer registries and included all 688 515 incident colorectal cancers diagnosed from 1969 to 2015. The incidence of colorectal cancer among younger adults increased from 2006 to 2015 among men with an annual percentage change of 3.47% and from 2010 to 2015 among women with an annual percentage change of 4.45%. Meaning  These results provide evidence that the increased incidence of colorectal cancer among younger adults in Canada is continuing and possibly accelerating.

  2. Thanks weez. You are right. Drs are taught that environmental radiation is not an underlying concern for people.
    Radiation damages and destroys the immune system, just as it destroys symbiotic organisms in the environment that keep down toxic algea blooms.
    Eye tissue has poor circulation. Eye shingles is most common in immune deficiency.
    Some of he most comprehenssive studies about immune degredation came from government studies in the fifties. Then poof such high quality studies were gone. this is so old it is in PDF

    Previous Article
    Volume 1, Issue 5 (October 1954)
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    Article Citation:
    William M. Hale and Richard D. Stoner (1954) Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Immunity. Radiation Research: October 1954, Vol. 1, No. 5, pp. 459-469.
    Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Immunity

    William M. Hale and Richard D. Stoner
    First Page Preview:

  3. Sorry to hear about your illness and diagnosis weez.

  4. An obvious explanation --- whereas prior to the industrial and agricultural revolutions of th 19th century, the mortality rate for children was 40 per 100 births it then dropped to 1 per 100. In effect children with weaker immune systems and other birth defect lived and reproduced. Mutations were allowed to thrive and have. So now there is a far higher level of weak people whom modern medicine keeps alive.

    Just in the last sixty years there has been a decline in health as noted by the military; and on SAT's in the intelligence area.

    And fewer mothers at home. Then add in that food on the whole is less nutritious if not poisonous. If we want a healthy society we need to live differently which must be both racist and un-PC.

    Of course drinking water with lead and fluoride not to mention glyphosate is very unhelpful!

    1. Ignorant Nazi, trumpholio- trollholio. Most dna sequences in chromosome are damaged , mutated and changed now from ionizing radiation. What a silly little creep

    2. You could probably go to japan and get some cobalt 60 to test it out for yurself and see trollholio. They might not let you take it out of the country. U could grind it up on some rice or carry it in yur pocket

  5. The unknown is trolling menacingly, here. It has called for harming other people on this blog before. This is cutting it very close . It is implying that what it sees as week and inferior humans beings, should be deprived of medical tretment or killed if the become ill.

  6. I do not truly think the troll should mess with radionuclides. It comes here disrupt. Many people doubt the lethal effects of radionuclides until they experience it for themselves or, they are lying about it.

    1. From

      Posted by Christina MacPherson
      "The UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons has now been signed by 70 nations, and ratified by 25. With this Treaty, the world recognises that nuclear weapons now have the same status as chemical and biological weapons – an inhumane and immoral method of dealing with conflict.

      The world’s macho men, the hawks of both genders, the sociopathic leaders in business and politics can scoff, but with this Treaty comes a rational movement essential for the survival of humanity.

      The  immoral squandering of public funds on nuclear weapons continues apace. benefiting only a few greedy corporate big-wigs, and their government lackeys.  Nuclear weapons are useless – there are no winners in nuclear wars, the only result – the unimaginable horror and pain of the people.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki showed what this is like.

      The folly of the nuclear arms race continues – in the tensions in India, Pakistan, the Middle East, and all now led by theleaders of the most powerful nations.  Led by an irresponsible and unhinged US President Donald Trump,  they are scrapping the agreements on nuclear weapons control,   and feeding the greed of the weapons makers..

      People are going to have to decide –    perhaps take some short-term pain , by not allowing their votes and their savings, their investments, perhaps even their jobs, to be part of the weapons industries.

      Abe is covering up fukushima to allow more damaged reactor to open in Japan.
      Pompeo is trying to start a war with Iran. Trump destroying america. There will be on or more major nuclear catastrophes in america soon, because of Trump. In the next two years or sooner.

      They are all war mongers. Trump is setting a course for 2 or More Nuclear accidents in america soon. So is Abe, the nasty evil nuclear twit in Japan, who passed the Nuclear screts bill and opens Reactors as Tokyo is filled with feces, from crumbling municiple sewer systems in Japan.

      Up is down. Black is white.  No is yes, EVIL IS GOOD In the parallel bullshit universe the ptb have evolved

      Abe wants nuclear arms to use against China and Korea

      Boris Johnson, is pushing for more nuclear plants and SMRs in the UK. More nuclear submarines. Johnson is Warmongering.

      Putin may not want nuclear proliferation, but he is up to his neck in nuclear insanity in russia, poisoning his own people to death.

      The insane evil-clown-monkey-mutation, Trump is busy abrogating nuclear treaties, while poisoning america to death. A chaotic evil asswipe

      They are all guilty of strangling democracy and civil rights, in their countries.

      Boris Johnson was not elected.  The UK commandeered an Iranian oil tanker and now Pompeo is about to do the same

      There was a nuclear detonation in Russia that killed people. It has been linked to Putins supposed Nuclear Powered Cruise missile but who knows.

    2. It was consistent with a reactor accident and small low yield nuclear explosion. There is not much time for Humans left with insane Bastards like Putin , Trump, Johnson, and Abe in Power
      Dr L
      Roshydromet is attributing the gamma radiation spike to a cloud of noble gases (Xe, Kr) -- consistent with a reactor accident.

      Russia’s Federal Weather Service says ‘meteorological situation’ dispersed radioactive gases around...

      This is what is Happening in America. It will happen in the UK and australia soon.  How stupid can people be?

      The Tightening of The Noose . The Loss of Civil Rights under Trump in America

      1. The right to freedom of assembly. Pipeline and antifracking protestors arrested and charged . The freedom of assembly of antinuclear of protestors in the Nuclear subsidization debacle in Ohio. Trump is blatantly subsidizing reactors that are ready to blow and melrdown with holes in containment. Protestors harrassed and threatened there.

      Protestors harrassed and threatened with jail in California, by the Diablo Canyon reactors . Earthquakes damaged the Diablo Reactors. They are adjacent to Los Angeles. On the verge of meltdown.

      Harrassment of the antinuclear waste protestors in west texas . West Texans do not want 40 thousand tons of worst highlevel nuclear waste stored in thin huge, damaged, thin-skinned, casks that are ready to blow-up, right by them But The Fascist Bastard Trump and its cronies, insist on it.

  7. If there is anything I could do for you Weez Let me know.

  8. One of the Best Fukushima Antinuclear Blogs
    Eliminate All Nuclear By 2045


    The hard-political protrump operatives produce their own fake antinuke website.  They never talk about shutting down nuclear reactors or, sequestering nuclear waste properly. 

    One article ON THEIR FAKE ANTINUKE WEBSITE, admits that there are numerous dangerous  nuclear waste sites in Californnia.
    The article blames the ongoing existence of the dangerous nuclear waste sites at San Onofre, Diablo, and in northern California  on the State of California Spending so Much Money on Healthcare for immigrants or illegals.
    Pure protrump,  racist propaganda-diarrhea. Healthcare is so poor in California, that half the people in California, are in Tijuana Mexico on the weekends to see a Dr , visit a Dentist in Mexico or get affordably priced medications  from Mexico, not the USA.

    The fake antinuke article is absolute horseshit, for this reason and because of the fact that it is up to the federal government to do something about the nuclear messes in California and, in the rest of the USA. The MIC, The NRC created it and are really the only ones capable of doing anything.

    The US federal government, has spent trillions on the military, on nuclear weapons programs on subsidizing nuclear weapons and reactors. The US federal government is responsible for the development of nuclear reactors amd subsidizing them. Nuclear energy, in the USA could not exist without the Price-Anderson Act and the Heavy Hand of the US federal government.


    The ONGOING NUCLEAR MESS  has been going on before fukushima has been ExasCerbated by trump and the nunclear cartels. It is especially apparent by the nuclear cartels push to cover Fukushima by promoting the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games

    There is the phalanx of protrump, operatitives. They are really government  sanctioned AND CORPORATE  supporting, pronuclear operatives. They masquerade as antipanic antinuclear. .
    Trump has completely deregulated the nuclear industry,. Trump and its henchman are wholeheartedly, subsidizing reactors that are ready to explode. He refuses to close reactors or enhance their protection in hurricane, earthquake and flood zones. Trump has inflammed a new arms race.

    Reactor accidents have occured on an  average of every seven years in the world.
    Climate catastrophes are making numerous decrepit reactors much more dangerous. Dangerous Reactors on the verge of explosions, meltdowns, and fires,   that should have been shut down set us toward having a major reactor catastrophe, in america in the next two years.  
    The operatives  claim that nuclear is not so bad. The so called expert antipanic operatives, say that  Highlevel Nuclear waste is not volatile and cannot catch fire or explode.
    Plutonium easily catches fire upon exposure to air. Nuclear waste has exploded several times in Nevada, Washington, Russia, Idaho, Ukraine.

    The protrump, fake-antinuke operatives divert, with so many things LIKE racist zeitgeist, smoke and mirrors. 

    They will even go so far to say that an asteroid will hit us soon so it don’t matter if nuclear reactors blowup or their is a nuclear war, anyway.
    They would even go with the fabulationists and say aliens did it!  Aliens caused Fukushima and chernobyl.

  10. The Antipanic Operatives Condone the Mass production of Microreactors For Military Use on Their Fake Antinuke Website


    There is currently a push to build more micro and mini nuclear reactors for battlefiled use. Borris Johnson, in the UK, wants to use smrs and smaller reactor all over britain, despite the nuclear waste issues,  the risks of explosions and dirty bomba.

    They have been trying to build such things for 60 years. Several have exploded, including the ones used in nuclear submarines. Trump wants small and mini reactors too. He wants to use them in the battlefield. Trump wants them for energy . Trump would continue keep the 97 old beat up reactors here going, though they are not safe.

    Gates just opened the doors for terrapower, his small breeder reactor boondogle, subsidized by the federal governemt at the taxpayers expense.

    The government  and corporate interests, dispatched two phalanx's of so-called antinuclear groups,  after fukushima. They are  counterintelligence operatives. Their true-colors are, the maintenance of the nuclear status quo.

    They are here to further the nuclear lies, through  Internet manipulations, using networking, smoke and mirror misinformation, extremist conspiracy scams, gutterball political racism,  triangulations, propaganda scams, self-serving sensationalism. They do not want the government to stop the insane nuclear arms race or  nuclear power to end.

    They never talk about shutting down nuclear reactors or sequestering nuclear waste properly. They divert with so many things. They divert wth the current  racist zietgeist in america , smoke and mirrors, and yes even with the meme that asteroid will hit us soon so it don’t matter anyway.

    Crappy nuclear reactors do not blowup on their own according to many of them. They are sabotaged!

    Nuclear reactors are all dangerous, death machines.

  11. Solar energy is as close to zero-point energy as possible. It does not have to be centralized. That is why the billionaires and corporations hate it.
    The Gates, the Kochs, Micael Moore, Branson
    It does not quite fit with the psychopathic-uber consumer, burn everything to the ground, capitalist and ayn rand fascist model. No more casino capitalism no more techno bullshit, boondogles and masturbation. No more political psychopathy

    The Right Wing Obesession with one of Americas Worse Serial Killers

  12. DR

    Alaska’s sea ice has completely disappeared, temperatures are hitting 90 degrees, and wildfires have already destroyed two million acres. How much more can it take?

  13. The Ever-Tightening of The Noose . The Loss of Civil Rights under Trump in America

    1. The right to freedom of assembly. Pipeline and antifracking protestors arrested and charged . The freedom of assembly of antinuclear of protestors in the Nuclear subsidization debacle in Ohio with of reactors that are ready to blow. Protestors harrassed and thretened there.

    In California of the Diablo Canyon reactors after the earthquakes that damaged them.

    Harrassment of the antinuclear waste protestors in west texas that do not want 40 thousand tons of highlevel nuclear waste stored in thin huge skinned, damaged casks.

    2. Trump wants to completely censor any internet critical of himself. Trump Had Julian Assange arrested.

    3. Freedom of speech. Several internet sites have been censored badly or completely under Trump including Craigslist, News websites and several other websites. Trump threatens journalists and had Julian Assange arrested.
    Trump has openly encouraged proud boys and othe brownshirts to attack journalists and prodemocaracy activists.

    4. We know that mass surveilance started under Bush, has gotten worse under trump. Local police agencies routinely use networks to routinely monitor and harrass people. People have no say in the rollouts of more intrusive 5G technologies that are massive health hazards.

    5. The police are more militarized than ever. Profiling both racial and
    socially based is getting worse. More Intrusive recognition technology.

    6. More centralization of traditionally racist-political agencies like the FBI , DHS and their satellite agencies. Intelligence agencies like The CIA and NSA spy as much domestecally now under Trump than they did when the whole shitshow was started by the protofascist Bush with the Patriot act.

    7. Freedom of religion and a woman's right to choose. More states are banning womens right to choose. Trump and Pence have openly stated their support of Federal laws banning women's rights to choose.

    8. More loss of Relligious freedom, by allowing Trump and congress to harrass the anti-BDS members of congress . Trumps regime made flood and disaster victims pledge fealty to Israel before they could get FEMA funds

    9. Taxation without representation taxing the middle class to death while ending all taxation of Billionairs, Corporations and the top 10 percent.

    Trump eliminated federal tax breaks for middle class and other small-time property owners, at a time when property taxes are at an all time high in america and middle class-working people are struggling to survive.

    10. More taxation without representation Trump and its cronies have actively deregulated the nuclear and chemical poisoning industries, at the publics expense. They insure higher medical expenses and bailout expenses for industry at taxpayer expense.

    11. More military spening on useless nuclear weapons that poison its citizenry pf america

  14. 12. Illegal subsidization of nuclear power plants on the brink of meltdowns.

    13. Much increased subsidization of the petroleum industries and petrochemical industries.

    14. Subsidization of huge monopolistic Agricultural and GMO companies through NAFTA and international tarrifs that hurt small farmers and help large Agricultural monopoplies.

    15. The Arrest of Julian Assange and tergeting of journalists by this lying fasicist president.

    16. The targeting of elected Cogresswomen for violence from Trumps fascist followers.

    17. The calling of violence against people of differing political opinions, teachers, women, people of different ethnic groups, disabled people, poor people, refugee children and calling for violence against them by this garbage mouthed lying fascist jerk and its violent followers.

    18. The weekly mass shootings by violent white supremacists that are openly given thumbs up by this violent, lying, openly racist garbage mouthed thing tjat is posing as a president

    19. Failure to insure and secure Voting integrity and Democratic Electikn Process.
    -More corporate and dark money in politics
    -Lack of voting intergrity in easily manipulated corporate electronic voting machines
    -More Gerrymandering
    -More purging and restrictions on who can vote with selective id laws

    20. Reinstitution of a Federal Death Penalty

    21. Several laws restricting citizens from sueing the federal government and corporations for federal and corporate malfeasance

  15. Failed Nuclear Plants Are Always Someone Elses Fault

    Lawyer: Ex-SCANA officials ‘whitewashed,’ lied about defects at failed nuclear plant

    JOHN MONK | THE STATE | 10:10 am EST March 5, 2019

    "COLUMBIA — SCANA executives deliberately lied to investors about the future of a doomed nuclear construction project, a lawyer representing former SCANA shareholders argued in court Monday.

    “The bottom line is they (SCANA executives) lied to everyone, and they did it intentionally,” attorney John Browne told U.S. Judge Margaret Seymour.

    The cost was tremendous, said Brown, whose lawsuit argues shareholders lost some $2.7 billion in stock value when the company’s stock price plummeted."


    Trump is laying the ground for a nuclear arms race in the Gulf

    Trump's mismanagement of the nuclear issue in the Middle East is damaging the international nonproliferation regime.

    Luciano Zaccara by Luciano Zaccara
    15 Aug 2019 GMT+3
    "Over the past three months since the Trump administration imposed severe sanctions on Iran, which have significantly curbed its oil exports and exacerbated its economic crisis, tensions in the Gulf have escalated. Commercial vessels have been attacked, oil tankers seized and drones shot down."

  17. Russias Flying Chernobyl

    Pluto Missile from hell

    "Nuclear Powered cruise Missile flies at 15 db liteally Fryimg chickens in yer back yard as it lbobs hydrogen bombs" is their braggadacio"

    You can Bet fer sure that Tumpholio wants one those Pluto Missiles!

  18. Jeff Bezos was raised with a silver spoon. It is the ultimate insider spook psychopath. Think how many people the.creeap has screwed over. Young Slave contract workers with multiple back injuries in its distriblution centers. Think about all the pollution. The Scumbag Pronuclear Cia ass. We all subsidized the chiseler because it pays no taxes.
    This scumbags background, is as Sketchy as Obama or Steve Bannons. Probably a pile of lies. Like a goddamned test-tube CIA spook.


    “Bezos was born Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen on January 12, 1964, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the son of Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen and Chicago, Illinois, native Ted Jorgensen. At the time of his birth, his mother was a 17-year-old high school student, and his father was a bike shop owner. After Jacklyn divorced Ted, she married Cuban immigrant Miguel “Mike” Bezos in April 1968. Shortly after the wedding, Mike adopted four-year-old Jorgensen, whose surname was then changed to Bezos. The family moved to Houston, Texas, where Mike worked as an engineer for Exxon after he received a degree from the University of New Mexico.Bezos attended River Oaks Elementary School in Houston from fourth to sixth grade.

    Bezos is the maternal grandson of Lawrence Preston Gise, a regional director of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) in Albuquerque.


    Church Rock, America’s Forgotten Nuclear Disaster, Is Still Poisoning Navajo Lands 40 Years Later. " Residents say they’ve been ignored even as they struggle with contaminated water and worry about having children. By Samuel Gilbert; photos by Ramsay de Give, Aug 12 2019,
    Early in the summer of 1979, Larry King, an underground surveyor at the United Nuclear Corporation’s Church Rock Uranium mine in New Mexico, began noticing something unusual when looking at the south side of the tailings dam. That massive earthen wall was responsible for holding back thousands of tons of toxic water and waste produced by the mine and the nearby mill that extracted uranium from raw ore. And as King saw, there were “fist-sized cracks” developing in that wall. He measured them, reported them to his supervisors, and didn’t think anything more of it.
    A few weeks later, at 5:30 a.m. on July 16, 1979, the dam failed, releasing 1,100 tons of uranium waste and 94 million gallons of radioactive water into the Rio Puerco and through Navajo lands, a toxic flood that had devastating consequences on the surrounding area.

    “The water, filled with acids from the milling process, twisted a metal culvert in the Puerco,” according to Judy Pasternak’s book Yellow Dirt: A Poisoned Land and the Betrayal of the Navajos. “Sheep keeled over and died, and crops curdled along the banks. The surge of radiation was detected as far away as Sanders, Arizona, fifty miles downstream.” According to a Nuclear Regulatory Commission report, radioactivity levels in the Puerco near the breached dam were 7,000 times that of what is allowed in drinking water."

    For many residents, the spill has come to embody the broader toxic legacy of the uranium industry on the indigenous lands of the West."


    Those folks, The Navajos were triple nuked along Pueblos, Paiutes, Apaches, Utes, Havasupai
    They were triple nuked From Church Rock and over uranium mills in that area in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah and on the Navajo Nation. . Hundreds to thousands of uranium mines draining into the rivers and streams.
    My dad took me to the Halchita mill on the Navajo Nation as an 11 years old kid and the Happy Jack Mine In white canyon , buy what is now Lake Powell that had some of the highest percentage uranoum in yhe World.
    I knew a girld who grewup by the happy Jack mine and had Skin Cancer in her twenties.
    I had leukemia when I was 7 years old.

    Every major town in that area on the Colorad p plateau has a nuclear dump.
    Even affluent Durango.

    All of us grom that area were Down wind from hundreds of open air nuclear blasts detonated in Nevada in the Fifties and early Sixties!
    There were five nuclear blasts underground under the Headwaters Colorado river from project rulison and project gasbuggy to in 1969 and 1970. There were 3 more nuclear blasts underground just north of Church Rock New Mexico in the 1970s.

    The USA covers and lies for Japan , Russia. France etc. Japan the Europeans Russia, cover and lie for the USA. The USA nuked most of its own people. Indigenous and westerners the worst.
    The nuclear cabal has always been a cult of secrecy & deception–from the effects of open air testing on the downwinders in NV & Utah to French testing in Polynesia to the size & potency of Israel’s nuke arsenal. None of these countries should be believed about anything


    Radiation Damages Stem Cells Critically Involved in Healing

    Ionizing radiation may damage stem cells ‘critically involved in wound healing’

    August 16, 2019
    In situ damage to skin-derived mesenchymal stem cells during neoadjuvant or adjuvant radiotherapy appeared to have a significant effect on the pathogenesis of slow or nonhealing radiation wounds, according to study findings published in Stem Cells Translational Medicine.

    “Although effective in the treatment of solid tumors, radiotherapy produces a number of off-target effects in the overlying skin,” Alex K. Wong, MD, reconstructive surgeon in the division of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Keck School of Medicine of USC, and colleagues wrote. “These changes result in skin that responds poorly to wounding by trauma or surgery, predisposing to the development of chronic wounds.”

    Current wound care regimens for patients treated with ionizing radiation for solid tumors have demonstrated limited effectiveness.

    For this reason, Wong and colleagues sought to evaluate genome-wide differential expression between skin-derived mesenchymal stem cells (SMSCs) isolated from irradiated skin and SMSCs from nonirradiated skin.

    Investigators found that SMSCs isolated from irradiated human skin showed a characteristic phenotype associated with substantial derangements of cellular function.

    “Importantly, these radiated SMSCs exhibit both a significant impairment in capacity for differentiation and altered paracrine signaling, affecting cells known to be critically involved in wound healing,” the researchers wrote.

  21. #8 in Trumps 21 destruction civil liberties should be proBDS not anti BDS

  22. Yes, I agree, lots of mutations in the 19th century (that's the 1800's) due to radiation, probably from atomic fallout and nuclear power plants. Deplorable. A big secret.

  23. The health problems are not from people living longer as the lying little sack of crud , nazitroll implys. Pure psychopathic nazi-eugenics hogwash.

    Therw is from 75 years of radionuclide exposures that has grown exponentially in america. There was radionuclide exposure in the 19th century. That is because of the high radionuclide content of fossil fuels. Especially then. Just spewed into the atmosphere by burning. Pretty sure the troll is quite deranded and demented by th type of obutuse rediculous arguments it makes. It is definitely of the weak person variety it castigates.Radionuclides are intense heavy metals like lead. Much more destructive than fuoride which is bad. 100 million households in america have been tested and have radiam and lead in their faucet water. Cult and paid operative bs propaganda from the troll. it probably believes half of it. up is down , down is up, left is right, white is black in their evil little murderous and genocidal world of psychpathic deciepts and lies.
    Now watch the filthy little radionuclide induced brain-damaged trolls head explode. It and all of its progeny should be sterilized from radiation damage to its genome from being in boulder by rocky flats and from being downwinders from the hundreds of nuke explosions the us govt did on its own people. Lying nasty, little psychotic troll like its buddy the evil, demented stupid clown fuko.

  24. Radioactive cloud above Romania, following the military nuclear accident in Russia. It is recommended to avoid leaving the house and opening the windows.

    It is recommended from Sunday 18.08.2019 and until Monday 19.08.2019 in the evening, do not leave the house too much and especially avoid starting on the road. It is also recommended to keep the windows closed because during this time the Romanian territory will be crossed by radioactive clouds coming from Russia.
    Unfortunately, in Romania the authorized institutions do not inform the citizens about these increases of the radioactivity indices and it is likely that this time they will not be announced.
    In the picture, the map of the European Commission with the real-time monitoring of radioactivity, as it was shown around 3 pm. It should be mentioned that during the morning, on the same map, the region of Romania was only white.
    Link to map of real-time monitoring of environmental radioactivity:

    Short URL :

    Posted by Florin Dobrescu on August 18 2019.

  25. The most powerful centers of neo-fascist power in America are sucking america dry: The Petroleum industry . The Nuclear Industry

    The Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, huge corporations, Wall Street, The MIC, Pharmaceutical industry, The rediculously awful and parasitic Medical Care in america where you can do better going to mexico.
    I saw some fascists blaming the Bad Reactors in Calicornia and shitty nuclear waste there on the sate of California, for spending so much money on illegal immigrant and poor peoples health care there.
    I thought, what a flipin joke these fascists are.

    The federal government Built the reactors in california and created the nuclear waste crisis at the old Naval station at San Onofre, by San Diego. The federal government subsidized all the reactor building in America and passed the Price Anderson act to absolve responsibility.. The fascist american government builds all the nuclear weapons. The nuclear weapons that are poisoning the shit out of america by making more radionuclide poison.
    The federal government is the only one with the know-how and resources to deal with the nuclear messes in america . The stupid, evil-clown steps in. He makes the nuclear a thousand times worse. He restarts a horrible nuclear arms race
    Half of california runs to mexico every weekend to get affordable medical, dental care and medication.
    The so-called. Silicon Valley masters of the universe are rarely the targets of anti-fascist protests.

    The easiest and least powerful targets are chosen instead. That because we are all addicted to their bullshit and also it is all most of us can do. Especially the young people.

    There is grave danger in america now. The threats of nuclear meltdowns are very real now, since fukushima. The oldest and worst reactors in the world in america are buoyed by this fascist, imbecile president. There was just a major nuclear event in russia from this imbeciles, strong reinitiation of a useless nuclear arms race.
    The average young person in america has to pay most of their measley income in rent. The Nuclear Mic jobs do nothing for them. Corporate america and the imbecile clown are sucking america dry while fostering violence and insanity.

    What is left of The middle class is getting totally screwed by the new fascism of the stupidevil clowns pupeteers through transference of the tax burden to working class and middle by no propert tax write offs as rents and property taxes go astronomically high. The pupeteers now pay no taxes.

    There has to be an existential and even spritual awakening to save america and propbably the world now. Agnostics, Religious People, NeW agers, atheists need to coalesce to save humanity and life, with the common belief that we and our children are worth saving. A manifest across america, is probably the only thing left in these dark, demented-polluted times.

    1. Forget about the rapture freaks. They want Jesus to come down on a mushroom cloud and take them to heaven after they did their part in destroying the earth.

      They still support a pedophile's beard in the White House. The exact opposite of what Christ represents.


    1986 Cameroon Lake Disaster

    "1986: Hundreds gassed in Cameroon lake disaster
    At least 1,200 people are feared dead in Cameroon, West Africa, after a cloud of lethal gas escaped from a volcanic lake.
    The tragedy happened at Lake Nyos, about 200 miles (322 km) northwest of the capital, Yaoundé, during the night.
    Most of the victims died in their sleep.
    The gas killed all living things within a 15-mile (25km) radius of the lake, and the area is still highly contaminated."

  27. There is a tipping point. As there was with this lake. A bubble of carbon dioxide gas erupted from the lake. killed all people. What makes americans think clouds of radionuclides will not do it?
    The equivalent of a few hundred or thousand bombs. w
    Cvonstant clouds of the worst radionuclides.
    Our bodies radionuclide and chemical burdens are high. Our organs, our stem cells our immune systems are damaged. Americans are stupid zombies in dullard deathmarch fantasy-land.

  28. The gas was sulphurous. Thwre have also been eruptions of massive carbon dioxide bubbles, from lakes in africa that have wiped out local populations in africa.

  29. Indigenous Native American Prophecy

  30. Shingles and other neurological diseases are caused by, for one thing, organophosphate nerve gas poison pesticides that has been aerial sprayed over So Ca, and all of the Southern US for decades. It is also used by farmers. It causes every neurological disease you can think of, ADHD, autism, alzheimers, and all 8 different herpes virius's including shingles and organophosphate induced delay polyneuropathy.

    1. Ggood points. Organophosphates are very chemically reactive. They bond irreversibly to nerve tissue. I know of a small agricultural town town where the water has organophosphates 621 times the cdc limits. They have an icidemce of parkinsons disease of 1 in 50.
      Radionuclides are the most deadly and potent toxins in the world by far


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