Thursday, August 29, 2019

If the grounds not cold, Everything is gonna burn....

I'm reminded of the song by the Pixies, "This Monkey's Going to Heaven," particularly this stanza:

The creature in the sky
Got sucked in a hole
Now there's a hole in the sky
And the ground's not cold
And if the ground's not cold
Everything is gonna burn
We'll all take turns, I'll get mine too


Timothy Puko (Aug. 29, 2019). Energy Companies Set to Get Reprieve on Methane Rules. The Wall Street Journal
Plan to end Obama-era regulations is likely to draw protests from environmental groups.
Methane is about 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide in trapping the earth’s heat, according to estimates used by the EPA. A natural-gas flare with a drilling rig in background, in Texas.


Rebecca Elliott of the Wall Street Journal has been chronicling the increase in natural gas "flaring" in Texas: from 407 million cubic feet of gas a day in her December 2018 article to 740 million in her recently July 2019 article:
Rebecca Elliott July 17, 2019 Texas Showdown Flares Up Over Natural-Gas Waste. The Wal Street Journal,
...As shale companies turned America into the world’s top oil producer, they unlocked massive quantities of natural gas as a byproduct and Texas has allowed them to freely burn off vast volumes as area pipelines fill up. The process is known as flaring....
In the region’s two largest oil basins, the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford, operators flared or vented—where gas is released without being burned—into the atmosphere an average of about 740 million cubic feet of gas a day during the first quarter, according to public data compiled by energy analytics firm Rystad Energy....equivalent to that of nearly five million cars driving for a day....

Rebecca Elliott (2018, December 27). In Booming Oil Field, Natural Gas Can Be Free. The Wall Street Journal,

One option for Permian operators with too much gas is to light it on fire, a practice known as flaring. Flaring levels reached record highs in the Permian last quarter, when companies burned an average of 407 million cubic feet a day, according to analysis of public data compiled by Rystad Energy, an energy consulting firm.... equivalent to the daily exhaust emitted by about 2.7 million cars, according to estimates from the World Bank and Environmental Protection Agency.

This is non-sustainable. It's not just that our energy infrastructures are non-sustainable. The way we operate within them is just as problematic:  
Suzanne Goldenberg (2013, November 20) Just 90 companies caused two-thirds of man-made global warming emissions. The Guardian, Exxon and BP among companies most responsible for climate change since dawn of industrial age, figures show

he climate crisis of the 21st century has been caused largely by just 90 companies, which between them produced nearly two-thirds of the greenhouse gas emissions generated since the dawning of the industrial age, new research suggests.
The companies range from investor-owned firms – household names such as Chevron, Exxon and BP – to state-owned and government-run firms.
The analysis, which was welcomed by the former vice-president Al Gore as a "crucial step forward" found that the vast majority of the firms were in the business of producing oil, gas or coal, found the analysis, which has been published in the journal Climatic Change.



  1. As you know or should know by now, the sun has an approximate cycle of eleven years during which it goes from a maxima to a minima of sun spots which are a measure of solar radiation. It also has longer cycles that extend over four hundred years and longer. Our last grand solar minimum, the Maunder minimum, occurred primarily in the 17th century. The planet experienced a great deal of cooling at that time. Now a number of astrophysicists say we are entering another grand solar minimum. If so then all the concern about warming seems very misguided. But fortunately we are dealing with an area where science can give us an accurate answer. However, it is not enough to say, "scientists say" since some scientists are happy to lie. In fact I suspect most of them. First rate scientists won't but they are fairly rare anyway.

    I suspect the articles you quote are 90% propaganda. It is easy to find oneself in a continuously negative state of doom. "Scientists say" has become the shibboleth of many who desire to influence the masses. There have been enormous amounts of data manipulation to create the illusion of global warming; and then the Obamas buy a home on the coast which will be under water soon? I believe Al Gore has a home on the Pacific Coast. Maybe only the India Ocean will rise.

    I remember the global cooling, next ice age, predicted in th 1970's. Scientists predicted it saying that first it would warm and then it would cool, the warming increasing snow which would reflect sunlight and so forth. Do you suppose?

    If CO2 is ineffective in causing global warming then lesser amounts of something more effective is also likely to be of negligible as well. You might ask someone at your university but that would simply make them uncomfortable as they will not wish to go against the grain.

    1. The new authoritarian neoliberalism model,  is worse than overt fascism.  The media is completely controlled as are all branches of government.

      America is so diseased now, it is beyond the point of no return. . No pretense of democracy exists.  it is diseased from  industrial poison and system collapse. People are deluding themselves if they think things can go on the way they are ...
      No reactors in america have supervision or oversight anymore, thanks to trump. They are independent feifdoms, like the ones in the Ukraine. Groups of technicians in the Ukraine were found clogging up the computers of a nuclear plant  with bitcoin manipulations and having drinking and parties with prostitutes in the past month. That is the way it is now in murika under trumpos neoliberal authoritarian deregulation and absolute ending of any pretense of supervion of any nuclear reactors in murika.
      Dangerous reactors on the verge of collapse, kept open by the capricious insanity, of the deregulation frenzy of this insane president..
      No reactors have
      real backup. 50 years old rusted, surplus  diesel generators that will not even crankup when they try to test them. Like the ones at palos verde, Besse, Waterford, Fermi  and Brunswick.  Power lines that would stave off meltdowns are now completely vulnerable to Storms. To earthquakes and outages like never before. All of used  used  fuel pools at the reactors in america cracked and over full of high level nuclear waste.

    2. All reactor supervision gone.  Deregulated and unsupervised like the ones in the Ukraine, Thanks to Trump.

      Each of the 97 dangerous nuclear reactors in america, is an  independent feifdom.
      Their owners are letting them fall apart . Many of  their owners are allowing , cheap underpaid contractors they use to run them, to run amock on drugs  while  playing on the outdated computer operating systems.
      Technicians irandomly dump radionuclides into the environment.

      Technicians and unsupervised corporation bring the dangerous old megadeath radionuclide monsters to the brink of meltdown, on a daily basis. Their control systems are inadquate arechaic and the technicians running them are incompetent. Their pumps and pipes reactor vessels, and containement corrosed, cloggled , embrittled and disintegrating

    3. The 97 reactors are are all embrittled. Many technicians are contractors who are allowed to go to work on drugs.

      Most reactors are on bodues of water making them vulnerable to the new ferocious breeds of storms , we now experience . Many are also on earthquake faults.
      All plans to reinforce the reactor,  to prevent  a fukushima multiple catastrophe , have been cancelled by This authoritarian regime and its insane neoliberal ideologocal-obsession of deregulating anything and everything to the point of unsanity, including nuclear reactors.

      All reactors on bodies of water  and or polluting aquifers. they are polluting and destroying the aurrounding areas.

      Palo verdes is contaminating the precious and severely depleted water supply, of the meager Phoenix aquifer with Cesium 137 plutonium, tritium etc.. Technicians find toilet paper clogging the cooling pipes of the palo verdes reactors by Phoenix. because the plant is run on and cooled by sewer water from Phoenix.

      The Palo verdes reactors are n the middle of a desert. The plant -coolant  water aupply is  sewer water from Phoenix. Has been and always will be because, phoenix is in a godforsaken low desert. Palo Verdea pipes are corroded. Palo Verdea backup generators have failed four times in the past 7 years.

      Technicians are caught high on drugs in nuclear reactors and nuclear submarines in america now.

      Even Hillary would not be so stupid. Hillary would not be abrogating arms treaties and explicitly bragging about building low-yeld nukes for a limited preemptive nuclear strike.
      Hillary would not be building, intermediate range nuke missiles to provoke the russians. Hillary would not be forcing the russians to build nuclear powered cruise missiles, like the one that caused a nuclear detonation recntly.

      I predicted a detonation in the world last year. It happened.

      There will be one or more nuclear melt-downs-explosions in the usa in the next 6 to 14 months because of the extreme dangers setup by this insane administration. Probably in Ohio, at fermi, palo verdes, in Florida, waterford, diablo, in carolina, waterford, wisconsin, illinois or new jersey. There will also be fuel fires.
      The nuclear catastrophes will eclipse climate change concerns .   Americans bodies are already saturated with radionuclides from massive radionucled pollution feom americium in smoke detectors, military shit, reactors, 70 years of open air uking uraniuum mining, nuclear accidents, nuke weapins production, nuke waste dumps, fracking.

      Major reactor accident severity has increased  significantly around the world in the past 30 years in since chernobyl . Fukushima was an example of nuclear industry-captured safety monitoring of a major nuclear plant that contributed to the worst nuclear catastrophe so far in History. Our insane politicians learned nothing. They do not care. People are more aware since fukushuma.  people have monitored nuclear releases from Norway and Russia  in europe that were probably from nuclear accidents since fukushima.
      Nuclear accidents on a grand scale are more likely now because of aged reactors and deregulation in places like the usa, ukraine and russia now.

      The largest nuclear wild fire in  history recently occured at INL. no one says anything about it. The death, quiickonset cancwr epudemics  and birth defects in the West, have just begun from that catastrophe You hear nothing about it.

      Again I will say.America is so diseased now, it is beyond the point of no return. . No pretense of democracy exists.  it is diseased from  industrial poison and system collapse. This is an ok article. People are deluding themselves if they think things can go on the way they are ...

    4. Hillary would not be completely deregulating the nuclear industry

    5. The emboldened cheap-ass nuclear opertors, will not even shut-down reactors in the face of Hurricanes and severe Flooding , as With Harvey and STP in 2017 when the Bay City Reactor's fences were breached  and the plant was completely flooded. The evil nuclear operators are deregulated now!
      They  keep the hiuge  reactor cores fissioning. They keep the reactors on in the face of Earthquakes,  They force the reactors to run and operators to stay When plants are completely flooded, with category 5 earthquakes approaching! That is what this insane idiot,  Trump has done and is doing in America now. It is only a matter of time!

  2. If, as seems likely now, we are on the verge of a lengthy cooling period, there will be food shortage around the world. A cooler planet will mean less precipitation. And the demand for heating will increase and therefore the need for fuel. This will be a bad time for green energy as with less solar irradiation there will be less electricity. Possibly the planet will also be cloudier. Who knows where the wind will blow.
    This informatin is readily available, presented by real scientists.

  3. Immanuel Velikovsky was convinced that humans beings had memories of very ancient global catastrophes. Probably he was thinking of Carl Jung's collective unconscious.
    The Toba supervolcanic eruption 75,000 years ago which led to a volcanic winter would certainly qualify. And IV says that the memory is now repressed.

    So how does a repressed memory function in the subconscious of a person?

  4. Why California May Go Nuclear

    "Last week, a California state legislator introduced an amendment to the state’s constitution that would classify nuclear energy as “renewable.” "

    You hear that a large power plant has been sabotaged. Will it matter to your whether it is nuclear or coal/gas? I am sure it will. And if it is a nuclear power plant you will be faced with the fact that it exists as a result of a belief that CO2 has endangered the planet. But if that was bad science, then look where bad science has landed you. You have been tricked into making the situation on this planet more dangerous in your endeavor to make it safer. This seems to me to be the case.

    When in doubt doing nothing may be your best option.

  5. Is the earth flat? Does the sun revolve around the earth? Does the earth need to be saved by human beings? Given global warming due to CO2 why were the first six months of this year so cool and wet; shouldn't the weather have been dry and hot? How can various months like this past July be the hottest on record with no temperatures in the plain states being 110 or hotter? In the 1930's there were temperatures of 118 in Nebraska. I believe it was 121 in South Dakota during that time period.

    Maybe the earth is flat and maybe the sun does revolve around the earth. I expect either the NYT or the WP to have an article sometime that insinuates as much. If this were declared on CNN would any of the viewers even notice? Does it really even matter if people believe things which are not true or should we regard truth as something of exaggerated value that causes some students to get worse grades than others but of no practical value?

    It seems the main product of education is a very burdensome debt; this leads to students wanting Bernie or Warren to become president and take that debt away -- 1.5 trillion dollars. And free health care as well.

    I still believe education is of great value, but am no longer convinced that America universities are providing it.

  6. Here is a climate conundrum: "The Medieval Warm Period (900 A.D. to 1300 A.D.)

    The Medieval Warm Period (MWP) was a time of warm climate from about 900 A.D. to 1300 A.D. when global temperatures were apparently somewhat warmer than at present. Its effects were evident in Europe where grain crops flourished, alpine tree lines rose, many new cities arose, and the population more than doubled. The Vikings took advantage of the climatic amelioration to colonize Greenland, and wine grapes were grown as far north as England where growing grapes is now not feasible and about 500 km north of present vineyards in France and Germany. Grapes are presently grown in Germany up to elevations of about 560 m, but from about 1100 A.D. to 1300 A.D., vineyards extended up to 780 m, implying temperatures warmer by about 1.0–1.4 °C (Oliver, 1973). Wheat and oats were grown around Trondheim, Norway, suggesting climates about 1 °C warmer than present (Fagan, 2000)."

    1. From zippy the pinhead, who thinks fluoroscopes have fluorine in them. Type on troll, beat your head against the wall.. This blog is dead. Many will be buying the author's books and dissertations. Alas, that so much of it is above your low-browed, pin-head. Perseverate away, demented old creep. The videos it copies and pastes are full of viruses and tracking software.
      Go write demented trumptroll on your forehead backwords and look in the mirror. Every radioactive dog will have it's day

    2. Get yourself some education, Buster.

  7. My little brothers life was ruined by nuclear, in this evil nuclear shithole-country! He was in my mothers womb, when they did the last of the open-air nuclear bomb explosions, so close by! My brother could not drive because, of his nuclear-induced infermities He was walking along the side of a road last week. He had been having such a terrible time in the weeks before it happened.He was murdered by a hit-and-run driver, in this evil ugly fascist nuclear, shithole country!

  8. Japan’s New Environmental Minister Calls for Closing Down All Nuclear Reactors to Prevent Another Disaster Like Fukushima

    “We will be doomed if we allow another nuclear accident to occur.”

    Ohio’s petitioners against nuclear power bailout are being followed by paid workers for pro nuclear group “Generation Now”
    MAGA Supporters Trumptrolls Pronukers
    Nuclear Bailout Group Paying People To Follow Referendum Petitioners Radio WOSU
    By ANDY CHOW 13 Sept 19, Generation Now, one of the well-funded groups in the fight over Ohio’s nuclear power plant bailout, is monitoring the referendum petition workers by putting their own people on the ground.
    Generation Now was behind the pro-HB6 ads that would play around the state before the legislation was approved and signed into law. Now, they’re shifting their focus to fighting a potential referendum have workers follow petitioners to educate the voters. …..
    Harold Chung, a referendum petition worker for Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts, called Dublin Police on September 10 to report that he was assaulted by one of Generation Now’s workers. Chung told police he tried to take a picture of the person who was following him, that person then slapped the phone out of his hand and shoved him.

    Generation Now is not disclosing its donors.

    The referendum group Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts says the pro-nuclear bailout groups are the ones lobbing what they call “ridiculous” claims, such as invoking fears through anti-Chinese government rhetoric.


    There was a major Earthquake in California That damaged Diablo Canyon Reactora and it is still opened!
    Major Flooding in the Midwest that affected several Reactors. TSA in Texas was kept Running, while it was flooded, with Harvey Bearing Down on it.
    Brunswick in Carolina was damaged By Maria. Bruswick continuees to Run!

    Fermi in Michigan is 56 years old. Fermi had several incidents. The Fermi nuclear Plant in Michigan, is long due to be shut-down down and Donald Trump, keeps it going! yada yada yada
    There will be one or more Nuclear Catastrophes in the United States as bad or Worse than Fukushima in the coming months, Thanks to Donald Trump!

    1. Reprinted with Permission

      Amazon Rainforest Protectors: Putting Their Lives on the Line
      Posted on September 14, 2019
      Brazil’s President vs the Amazon

      SBS Dateline (2019)

      Film Review

      This Australian documentary is about the indigenous Mundruku tribe and their efforta to stop illegal deforestation in the Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. Altogether the Amazon is home to 300 indigenous tribes. All are threatened by multinational mining, agricultural and logging interests. This film also looks at the big threat to their way of life posed by the election of right wing populist Jair Bolsonaro as president.

      The fillmmakers begin by interviewing the mayor of nearly Intaituba, a strong Bolsonaro supporter facing fines and corruption charges for illegally clearing forest to set up a cattle ranch. The mayor lobbies for international gold mining interests in addition to international and domestic agribusiness.

      Under Brazil’s former government, indigenous tribes could file claims to have their ancestral lands demarcated for protection from logging schemes. Bolsonaro who has transferred oversight of indigenous rights to the department of agriculture, has suspended the right of Brazil’s first peoples to make further claims.

      In response, Mundruku women from adjoining villages have installed their own signs demarcating their land.They are also organizing a resistance movement to confront illegal loggers. They do so despite numerous threats they have received from logging interests in the past.

      They’re not the first Amazon protectors to put their lives on the line. Hundreds of rainforest activists have been murdered (with impunity) in the decades-long battle to save the rainforest known as the lungs of the world.

  9. For those who believe the climate of the earth is warming (which would be a good thing!) here is a real eye opener:

    And for those devoted to PC, another one:

    1. This troll reminds you of the baby boomer that hangs out at King Sooper. It starts coversatikons with what it thinks arw sympathetic old people about Trump. It goes on about how Fuko is gonna clean-up the pharmaceutical Industry and keep the stock market Booming. Just a demented old-shit

  10. What difference does it make fool. There are 97 old beat up, reactors with no backup, safety regulation or supervisionin america now because of your buddy Trump. When one or more blows up in the next few months, we will be saturated with so much radionuclides from the open air testing, 3 mile, fukushima, and the nuclear waste that a tipping point will be surpassed and life will not be sustainable here anymore. The joceans will be completely dead too

    1. I have been hearing and reading the stuff you peddle for years . . . and we are still here and active. But why are you wasting the little precious time you have left beating a dead horse (no doubt from radiation)? My exaggeration meter is up pretty high on this one and also there is some hypocracy being detected. And by one of the nuclear saints? I would recommend that you crawl back under the rock you have and take a long nap.

  11. Could not have. Have only been posting here recently. Fist time in Ammerican History the Nuclear Industry has no oversight and Trump did it


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