Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tech Downgrades Humanity - According to Tech's "Time Well Spent" Founder

Tristan Harris, described as the "conscience" of the tech industry for his critique of how social media promotes narcissism, was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as stating:
"As we've been upgrading machines, we've been downgrading humanity" (cited in Morris, B. 2019, May 24, WSJ p. B4)

Mr. Harris reportedly wants tech to develop more understanding of impacts on the brain in order to develop "products that strengthen society instead of pulling it apart" (cited in Morris).

I guess the question is what counts as "strengthening" society rather than pulling it apart?

I am all for technology that optimizes individual and collective well-being and believe we have a long way to go in that direction but am also concerned about a tendency to label as dangerous any messaging that is regarded as "polarizing" (which implies that polarization unravels society).

The argument about filter bubbles, siloing, and polarization claims an unravelling of society as the effect of too much social media sharing and advocates increased (automated) censoring as the solution.

I doubt Mr. Harris is making that argument, but the idea that the problem with tech is "users" is gaining force, reinforcing the censorship solution frame, described by A. Rouvroy as algorithmic governmentality.

Wikileaks founder Julien Assange (2018) has decried this new algorithmic governmentality, arguing that “The future of humanity is the struggle between humans that control machines and machines that control humans. Between the democratization of communication and usurpation of communication by artificial intelligence.”

I like to keep Assange's quote front and center whenever the limits of social media get rehearsed.




    BY DAVID BRENNAN ON 5/14/19 AT 5:30 AM EDT
    "An Ohio school has been forced to close for the remainder of the academic year after enriched uranium was discovered inside. Neptunium 237—a byproduct of nuclear reaction and plutonium production—was also detected inside Zahn's Corner Middle School in the town of Piketon, about 80 miles east of Cincinnati, WLWT reported."

    1. Bo Jacobs
      The main problem with #Chernobyl on #HBO is the implication that the secrecy and denial was part of the Soviet system. There has never been a #nuclear disaster in any country in which the authorities did not lie to the public about the situation at the time of the incident.
      View details ·

  2. So yur saying its ok for billionairs and oligarchs and their minions to subvert the internet and, internet media into their own, various little propaganda-machines. How ethical. At the same time u will probly not stop dinasaur entities like facebook from doing their own subversions.

    1. Wood's Hole. Southern Fried Science are conservative, pronuclear "oceanographic"
      NGOs financed by the Pronuclear, Libertarian Think-Tank, "The CATo Institute." The CATO institute is heavily financed by the Mercers and Koch Brothers. . Buesseler and Cullen are pronuclear biased, hired-guns and fukushima denialists paid to obfuscate, minimize and cherry-pick. Same ilk as Lady Judge and George Monbiot

  3. "I guess the question is what counts as "strengthening" society rather than pulling it apart?"
    My three candidates would be intelligence, personality, and religion. Currently all three seem to be in a state of deterioration.

  4. The deep state and Bolsonaro were quite effective in using facebook to get Bolsnaro into power in Brazil

  5. Techne. Heidegger writes of techne in later essays. It's Greek. I do not have a GPS. I can read maps. It is foolish to ask the filling station attendant where some place is. If it were Nepal or Delhi, maybe. I do not possess a cell phone. I like the privacy of going out to a place only I know and not being followed. I do have a computer. I am probably spied on though I have no importance for anyone who spies. I avoid social media. I do have an email account though, Techne. Craftsmanship. I even have some debit cards but not a credit card. I have no debt. I like people, dogs, cats and plants especially trees.

    I do not sit on the edge of my seat awaiting the newest technology. I don't think technology is that important. It is the family that makes a society strong or weak. The relationships between men and women are the best gauge of the health of a society. America has been healthier and happier. That is not the fault of technology. I can think of some people dead and alive to blame. Not point mentioning names. Ideas and thoughts greatly affect people. Some ideas and the thoughts they spawn are really terrible.

    Julian Assange. The UK, Sweden and the USA really look despicable with their grand ideals and their poor abidance therein. In Sweden the real rape rate is very high because of the immigrants. But nothing is done about that. Nations are not moral. Don't expect it.

    1. KUNTSLER is a cheerleader for preppers. The United states could will crash soon, as the Soviet Union did.
      The Soviet Union was crashing, about the time Chernobyl occured.

      There arw 99 old reactors in America, that are beyond repair.
      Trump has gone out his way, to make sure to deregulate, all supervision of these old Fukushimas-in waiting, Trump and Perry are hungrily importing high level nuclear waste to be parked in America in
      shoddy containment.
      Trump and Perry have effevtively, ended supervsion of the Highlevel radionuclide waste by reactors and the stuff being dangerously, parked ouside in Idaho, California, Texas, New Mexico, Washington and by many nuclear reactors in America.

      There is significantly worse weather and more geological instability in the US now, than there was 20 years ago.

      Manyy more places have flood this year than last close and the ground there is saturated with watwr.
      Bay City Texas STP Reactors flooding again as Houston Floods Brazos River colorado river. Had two tropical storms in a row , then Harvey. Almost went then. South Texas is saturated with water again. Hurricanes and flooding could cause major problems for STP and comanchee reactor this summer. Duane arnol Iowa. Xcel Minnesota. Waterford Louisiana. It is going to be a hrrowing summer. Tremor activity has increased close in socal close to San Louis Obisbo and the Hundreds of tons of poorly stored Nuclear waste by San Diego.
      THE Ukraine, no matter what you hear, will never recover from Chernobyl. There was, a significant high level nuclear waste, disaster in Ukraine 4 yeras ago. Thw accident has been obsurred for the most part.

      Thw Ukraine has 17 old reactors, on the verge of melt-downs at any time. Japan is just Ruined, no hope in sight. The Japanese continue to open damaged reactors.

      As america gets crazy under trump and its economy declines, 2 or three nuclear reactors and highlevel waste sites will go up. America will be no prepper-paradise. America will be dead a man and woman-walking scenario, of radioactive hell. Everyyone will wish they were dead.

  6. James Kunstler had a hip replacement with a bad metal hip ball, that gave him syetemic, heavy metal poisoning. Happened about 5 years ago. It also caused heart toxicity. He had a bypass and then another open-heart surgery that ended up being a triple-bypass to correct the other one. All in all, I think he has lost about 60 IQ points. He repeats the same boring memes, over and over again. Same lame plays on words, idendity-politic memes(that he claims to detest so much) and hyperbole.
    He has repeated the transexuals selling nabisco a thousand times in the past 5 years. He has hammered the peak oil meme, for 40 years and never been right.
    Now demented donny is his hero.. Two birds of a feather.
    Mr. Know-It-All.
    Fukushima denialilist.
    Maybe things will come down hard. It will be because of Trump.
    Kunstler is a zionist jew. There will be no place to Hide Silly Jimmy when a nuke war starts or a few reactors go off Fukushima Style, Here.

  7. "I am all for technology that optimizes individual and collective well-being and believe we have a long way to go in that direction" . . . If you were running for state senator or perhaps for a national representative slot this would be nicely ambiguous and difficult to argue with. For example, an electric can opener, electric toothbrush, garbage disposal, but not all the electronics of most recent model cars.

    But personally I do not look to more technology which apparently you do to make my life better. What exactly do we need in the way of technology today? I also think there is loss when so much is mechanized. I just viewed a picture of women during WWII hand coloring posters. Now it would be done by a variety of technologies. Is that really a gain. And the women might be doing data entry which is hardly thrilling. Since we have bodies with hands perhaps we should use them skillfully rather than just touching keys endlessly. Meanwhile the bldgs that all this takes place in due to technological architecture are rather soul killing environments. There is something fine about the human touch.

    In the flood videos from Nebraska I observed the farm people were very integrated, mind with body, whereas the urban folks had minds that were not comfortable with themselves. In fact on the whole many Americans who are educated never really harmonize body and mind because the mental aspect unlike the body is filled with false opinions and fantasies.

    1. https://www.wiseinternational.org/nuclear-monitor/454/explosion-and-fire-during-loading-spent-fuel

      Nuclear Monitor Issue: #454
      (June 21, 1996)" Loading of spent nuclear fuel into dry storage containers was suspended at the nuclear plant in Point Beach (Wisconsin, US) following an explosion during a welding procedure 28 May.

      (454.4491) WISE Amsterdam - According to an initial report of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), initial report, an unidentified gas ignited inside a fully-loaded cask of nuclear waste containing 14 tons of spent fuel rods at 2:45 a.m. of the said date, causing an explosion. The explosion occurred just prior to the welding of the 9-inch thick cask lid that weighs about 4,400 pounds. The explosion inside the cask lifted the 2-ton lid, leaving it tipped at an angle with one edge 1 inch higher than normal. There were no injuries.

      The NRC has suspended further loading of nuclear waste casks until it can determine the cause of the accident and whether any spent fuel rods were damaged by the explosion. Each 18-foot high cask is loaded with 14 tons of radioactive waste, including 170 pounds of plutonium. Each loaded silo contains the equivalent radioactivity of 240 Hiroshima-type explosions. According to US guidelines, the waste must be kept in safe conditions for 10,000 years.

      The explosion confirms environmental groups' concerns that the VSC-24 dry cask storage system has not been sufficiently reviewed to protect public health and the environment. This radioactive waste storage explosion demonstrates the real threat to the Great Lakes ecosystem.

      Source: Little Zeros Watch (US), 31 May 1996
      Contact: Eleanor Roemer, Lake Michigan Federation, USA.
      Tel: +1-312-939-0838."

    2. microcarpa
      2010~2016 govt data:Malignant osteochondroma(bone cancer&etc)increased by 105.7% in #Fukushima,43.2 in #Tokyo,13.1 nationwide.

      Official measurement of γ-ray"1m-high" downplay effects to leg bones,particularly of #children w/high rate of cell division.

      &internal Sr90 ignored

  8. Speaking of technology how many persons realize that the river of science and technology flowing through the thirties and into the forties brought not only nuclear bombs and nuclear power but also automobiles with automatic transmissions! PowerGlide for example. Just suppose that in order to get PowerGlide we had to also accept nuclear items.

    To use an analogy Sex without pregnancy is a challenge. Science and technology without the occasional monster is also a big challenge. Which is why the desire for "technology that optimizes individual and collective well-being" is not such a simple thing. Our host wants the good stuff but not the bad stuff. This is an ancient dilemma. And I seriously doubt we can have good science and technology and not also end up with bad technology.

    For those drivers who like automatic transmissions and are not coordinated enough to use a clutch, their desire may have a not insignificant tie to nuclear power. Just consider that for a while. Not so crazy as you might think.

    1. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/05/16/russia-hires-us-lobbyist-for-its-state-owned-nuclear-business-rosatom-subsidiaries-tenam-tenex/

      Russia Hires US Lobbyist For Its State Owned Nuclear Business Rosatom & Subsidiaries Tenam, Tenex
      16 Thursday May 2019
      Posted by miningawareness in Uncategorized ≈ Leave a comment
      TagsDouglas Weaver, lobbyists, Network

      "Companies, nuclear energy, nuclear power, Putin, Rosatom, Russia, Russian Federation, sanctions, TENAM, TENEX, Trump, US Congress, Weaver
      Russia hires US lobbyist for its state-owned nuclear business, Rosatom, in order to address issues which include any sanctions of nuclear energy, trade or cooperation involving Russia.

      Two pages excerpted from the FARA registration form:

      Additional text excerpt from the FARA form: “Consultant, in exchange for Compensation as further explained in and subject to the terms of Section 4 of this Agreement, is being engaged to render the provision of government strategies, advice and lobbying (collectively “Services”) directed toward the United States Congress and Administration, and the US nuclear energy industry, on behalf of Tenam regarding the business of Tenam and its parent company, including, without limitation, relating to any sanctions or other restrictions in the area of atomic (nuclear) energy, trade or cooperation involving in any way the Russian Federation… Within five (5) business days after Tenam’s receipt of the Proof of Registration, if required, Tenam shall make an advance payment to Consultant for the Services in the amount of US $250,000.00. No later than thirty (30) days after making the aforementioned $250,000 payment, Tenam shall make an additional advance payment to Consultant for the Services in the amount of US $100,000. Such advance payments totaling US $350,000 shall be deemed to include all Consultant’s remuneration for the Services to be rendered through October 31, 2019."

    2. "The military is the linchpin, playing a pivotal role intensifying the climate crisis.

      Consider the basic facts. The US military is:

      + The single largest institutional consumer of fossil fuel in the world;

      + The most powerful global force securing oil and protecting oil infrastructure;

      + The leading director — along with the big bankers and fossil fuel giants — of the elites’ plans for dealing with the coming crisis. The military and big corporations are not in climate denial — they are in control — and plan to keep it that way as the climate deteriorates.

      + The war machine’s enormous consumption and strategic capture of fossil fuels and their behind-the-scenes management of the crisis hints at its true role: sponsor of big oil and co-creator of the climate crisis.

      The dominance of fossil fuels and the supremacy of the US empire rely not on victory in war or on market savvy or “value added” to the economy but on their political power. That power makes destructive and wasteful industries extremely profitable. The Oil Empire relies on massive public funding, carefully crafted exemptions to law and immunity from the economic, social and environmental damages they inflict.

      The military can only maintain the fiction that it protects our security by concealing its role as destroyer of the very things we really need to survive: a healthy environment and a democratic society. "


  9. cut, devour, desrtoy
    cut, devour, destroy

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    for his evocative illustrations to my profile of Willie Dixon, the Mingus of the blues: songwriter, bassist, producer, impresario, war resister, civil rights activist, a huge man who lived an even bigger life that still resonates.

    Never Satisfied: Willie Dixon Refused to Serve…Anything But the Blues

    The total US military budget has jumped from $736.4 billion to $989 billion since 2015. This increase has be accompanied by cuts in public spending for education, housing, environment, transportation, food programs, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

    2020 Elections: It’s Militarism and the Military Budget Stupid!

  10. So why then are things the way they are? Why isn't the world a better place, so that this blog would regularly be singing the praises of the human race and wonders of our lives?

    Or, why aren't things far worse? The religious have answers. The atheists and agnostics have theirs. None are entirely satisfactory.

  11. Until around 1965 American universities were largely controlled by the professors which makes sense. For a variety of reasons the power shifted to the administrations which was a real tragedy.

    So it is worth wondering just what happens to a university professor during the present regime. What guidelines are they required to follow and with what intellectual consequences?

    With the end of the Golden Age and the beginning of things like "publish or perish" universities became rather educationally adverse. That is why university graduates seem so lacking in knowledge and mental acuity. They have acquired an higher educational trance apparently. A kind of herd immunity to truth.

    To the observant society on the whole has gone through a period of degradation. Doctor are more like nurses. Specialists like doctors used to be. Have university professors become more like high school teachers? News casters and commentators come across like unabashed propagandists. And so on. The whole society might strike one as the Great Lie.

    Some appetizers for thought.

    1. Things are becoming chilling. Little afforable housing in america now. So many underwater,with student loans and mortgages. 59 percent or more of americans live pay check to paycheck

      The right wing fundamentalist evangelicals have been accusing Democrats of launching a ‘coup’ over and over again in the right wing news channels..

      BREAKING – The fight for America begins: Trump to invoke Insurrection Act that authorizes National Guard, military action inside U.S. borders

      Much more at Trump To Declare Insurrection Act, Arrest All Enemies, Deport 30 Million – Sinclair Broadcast Group Owners Promote Trump – Corporate Billionaires Controlled Fascist Future Of ‘State’ Propaganda Mass Media ‘News’ – – Only 1 Percent View Is Aired, Freedom, Democracy Lost | A Green Road Journal



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      Melinda Gates
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      0:32 / 0:50

      Order The Moment of Lift
      4:10 PM · May 17, 2019 · Twitter Ads Composer

      High Road to Corran
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      Commercials for yourself. Tacky. Help the homeless in Seattle.

      Jim Blackburn
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      Maybe you should lift up Seattle. Sounds like a mess.

      Ian Files
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      Seems like you could get a lot more done if you put your personal wealth to use

      Matt Wood
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      You've spent the last two decades screwing up public education

      Rusty Webb
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      Nice Tax shelter scheme

      Dan a
      Replying to
      This country needs a lot of work right now!

    3. Jeffrey St. Clair
      Someone send this to George Monbiot...

      Perspective | I oversaw the U.S. nuclear power industry. Now I think it should be banned.
      Jeffrey St. Clair Retweeted

      Jeff Sparrow

  12. http://news.trust.org/item/20190517094954-0nygd

    This is what bolsonaro is doing in brazil as well

    2016, I fled my native Liberia to avoid being arrested. My organization Green Advocates had recently filed a complaint before the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) against Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL), one of the world’s biggest palm oil producing companies, for attempting to clear more than 500,000 hectares of rainforest without the consent of the local communities who live on and protect those lands.

  13. A new kind of nuclear war

    1. More condescending nonsense from Nukepuke Jay Cullen

      Jay T. Cullen Jay T. Cullen
      May 16
      Can't make this up. Apparently #KISS is working with global #nuclear cartel to kill you with #Fukushima #sake. Uninformed suggest immeasurable levels or #radionuclides are worse for you than 20% alcohol which is one of the leading causes of preventable death globally #KISSarmy twitter.com/Liftingabuv/st…
      View details ·


      Ahired gun and Tool, like Lady Judge and George Monbiot. No integrity, ethics and little credibility . Highly paid by Nuclear interests to do their dirty work

  14. http://www.millionmaskmarch.com


    ANONYMOUS | Million Mask March HQ
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    Queen Christine, High Commissioner

    1. 100% PROOF Rothschild & Soros fund WikiLeaks.
    2. 100% PROOF Julian Assange is framed in the 9/11 attacks.
    3. 100% PROOF Julian Assange leaked the lover letter to General Sands.
    4. 100% PROOF US Homeland Security provided Julian Assange security & communications.
    5. 100% PROOF British Foreign & Commonwealth Office & Soros fund Julian Assange.
    6. 100% PROOF Ecuador's UK Ambassador worked on Julian Assange's UN case.
    7. 100% PROOF Flames hit Pentagon on 9/11 BEFORE the object.
    8. 100% PROOF Julian Assange was an orphan raised on a CIA child sex slave camp.
    9. 100% PROOF General Sands has the bullet that assassinated JFK.
    10. 100% PROOF WikiLeaks spirit cooking is tied to Hampstead cannibal kids.
    MARCH 2019 | General Sands Special
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    1. Tulsi Gabbards bizzare Speech Unleashe to Christians For Israel


    2. It is hard for me to be supportive of Israel knowing that they have come by their state through a variety of unethical manners. Massacres in which pregnant Palestinian women were murdered, infants and other children, as well as older adults were also murdered. Israel has worked the Holocaust for all it is worth in order to somehow hide their own actions which easily equal those of the SS and Gestapo. In fact the whole Israel story including novels and books like Exodus has been one long lie and deceit.

      However, it is a Fact that no politician in this nation can hope for success without at least making a gesture to AIPAC. But the USA's relationship is like an arranged marriage based solely on material considerations.

      In a trial in Canada some time ago the world's leading expert on the Holocaust admitted that there was no solid material evidence to back it up. The whole tale is based on witnesses alone.

  15. BOMBSHELL: Bayer discovers “black ops” division run by Monsanto


    This needs to be widely viewed!

  16. Christian Zionists. Usually evangelicals. Not great Christians. Ignorant people. They believe in a coming Third Dispensation when the Jews will turn to Jesus. That seems unlikely.

    1. The sacrificial scientists and technicians in The Manhattem Project and America’s continued nuclear weapons Manufacturing Program of 75 years

      "The Columbia Journalism Review notes 33,480 is the number of American nuclear workers compensated by a government program who have died. “The government has acknowledged 15,000 of those deaths were due to work-related illnesses,” the magazine writes. “The rest only had illnesses linked to their nuclear work and may have died of old age or unrelated causes."


      And that is the tip of the iceberg. Most if not all, of the original manhattan project, technicians died 20 or 40 years ahead of their time. Oppenheimer himself died of a hideous throat cancer, in the sixties. The nucleoape cheerleader, Feinman, from los alamos, died prematurely from cancer.
      The lowly chemical technicians charged with using glassware and ordinary chemicals, to separate the most dangerous-manmade , radionuclide substances in the universe,  died young of cancer, leukemia, lymphona , dyscratias, thyroid cancers, heart anomolies . Died young or on the job, so their Nucleoape monster Bosses, like Leo Szilard, Glen Seaborg, Oppenheimer, The Generals, could basque in the glory of the monsterous apocolypic, poisons they had created. 

    2. They died, toiling in their little chickenshit, laboroatories, with inadequate safeguards and protections. They died in Chicago, AT los Alamos, at Lawrence Livermore.

      Some died on-the-job from exposure, to the most poisonous-radioactive substances on earth. Most died from repeated exposure, to high level gamma-beta radionuclides: like californium, ruthenium, rkrypton, strontium 88-90, cesium 134-137, radioactive cobalts, iodine129 130 and 131, ytrium and many more These Man-Made,  radionuclides were the byproducts of fission mixed in with their "Precious". Precious being the plutonium these bloodthirsty bastard so coveted. 

      The sacrificial technicians, were trying to separate these radionuclides   from the plutonium .  The plutonium their bosses lusted after. Many died on the Job, but  we will never hear about that.

      All for the glory of the Generals and Nuclear physicists, who could care less about the biological effects of these apocolyptic poisons and  still do not. 

      Thomas edison Knew. Thomas  Edison's xray tube technician died from tumors all over his body, from playing with xrays. Edison also experimented with radium, Edison had a technician get sick from Radium exposure and got sick himself from it.

      Edison said "No one should play with radiation or radionuclides  they are incompatible with life,"  40 years before the ghouls unleashed their madness, at the University of Chicago.  There was a scientist in the 1920s who meticulously documented the mutagenicity of radioculides and radiation in fruitflies. He Showed that radiation induced mutations in a first generation of fruitflies of a particular strain,  caused the extinction of that strain, after 10 repeated strains were birthed from the mutated progener.

      The generals and nucleoape
      physicists thought and said "What has that got to do with me and my Lust for Glory and money"

      Later, the radioactive waste from that first-chickenshit, little graphite reactor had to go somewhere.  where did the poisonous apocolyptic-radioactive byproducts, glorified by the nucleoapes again-and-again in historical, propaganda-brainwashing docudramas,  go?
      No-one has bothered to pay attention to these inconvenient side-notes of history. The sacrificial technicians who delivered the plutonium of the bombs, or the Vicims of the criminally disposed radionuclide by-products later.

      Of all the disingenuous lies and bullshit, we have been fed by the Generals and politicians and scientists over the years this was the beginning. The radionuclide death was not sequesterd or buried safely, some where. Some of it was shipped to other places and God knows what those places are. Some was buried in a park in Chicago.
      Some of it was shipped to Lakeside Landfill, By Nuclear Subcontractor Mallincrodt Chemical, outside of St louis Mo,  where it is burning out of control, to this day. It is  poisoning the crap out of all the residents and their children in the vicinity!

      It has not gotten any better. Karen Silkwood knew.  The Victims of the Plutonium Fires at Rocky Flats, in suburban denver knew and know.
      People around WIPP know .  The nucleoapes and politicans will never safely sequester the radionuclide death because its is too expensive, and they don't care.

      All for the glory of the Grand American Nuclear Empire!

    3. https://nuclear-news.net/2019/05/21/ionising-radiation-as-a-cause-of-chronic-fatigue-syndrome/

    4. https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/05/21/venezuela-amnesty-international-in-service-of-empire/

      Amnesty Internatational otherwise known as Neocan-Torture international with full throated defense of Trump imperialism in Venezuela

    5. Counterintelligence fraud-Kevin Blanch attacks 85 yo Dr. Helen Caldicott. Dr Caldicott mobilized hundreds of thousands of young people to close reactors in America.

      Dr. Caldicott came out with a statement right after Fukushima, that it would be the worst Nuclear accident in history, and likely never be fixed.

      This liar says she did not say anything for 4 years after Fukushima occured. Counterintelligence trolls like this, make it hard to finish the arduous process of getting Aged reactors in the USA closed.

      Kevin Blanch AE

      https://www.gofundme.com/sdc76s https://youtu.be/yQ0Fq7Y4ARQ

      Please do not send this counterintelligence troll, or any of it's counterparts any money!

    6. What is at stake is, Trump and the neocons, using a tactical Nukes in Iran. Cheney and Rumsfield said they wanted to do that several times.

      Nancy Pelosi don't care.
      The south and midwest have flooded badly, for the 8th consecutive year.. Flooded around dangerous, cracked old,  Nuclear reactors.
      Nuclear Reactors  on rivers and on the coast. It is hurricane season!

      The ground around the nuclear reactors, is saturated.

      There was 4 feet of water in Houston again a couple of weeks ago. A few towns, taken out down river. A nuclear power plant flooded again. It is hurricane season. Same in Loisiana and Tennessee.
      Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer dont care.
      Joe Biden and his son made millions, off of installing the current crooked Nazi Regime in Ukraine. It was done with with the help of Victoria Nuland and Hillary Clinton..
      This is the fruit of it neoconimperialism in Ukraine. 5 old Russian Reactors ready to explode. That is because the Neo-Nazi Government there, refuses  to maintain them or get parts from russia. They use the wrong nuclear fuel in them, made by westinghouse in america under a sweatheart deal Joe Biden and, his son crafted.

      Trump is good buddies with Abe in Japan. Trump is doing nothing about Abe opening decrepit damaged old reactors in Japan, on fault lines. Trump is doing nothing about american importation of radioactive food from Japan.  Trump and Perry are importing megatons of  volatile-explosive high level reactor waste, enmasse to be parked outside, around the USA. 

      Trump and the republicans, are busily subsidizing old beat-up reactors that should have been closed, ages ago.
      Cuomo the democrat bailed out aging nukes in New York.
      The world connot afford another Fukushima or Chernobyl. Not in america. Not in Japan, Not in the Ukraine.
      Nobody cares.


    7. Vicious Cycle: The Pentagon Creates Tech Giants and Then Buys their Services



  17. We are working on our extinction on multiple levels, or so it seems:


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