Thursday, May 2, 2019

Chernobyl Cancer Rates Revised Upwards

It seems that the nuclear god of death prefers female sacrifices:
Chernobyl Cancer Rates Revised Upwards (2019, May 1). Retrieved from

UNSCEAR report. It notes that ‘the total number of cases of thyroid cancer registered in the period 1991−2015 in males and females, who were under 18 in 1986 (for the whole of Belarus and Ukraine, and for the four most contaminated oblasts of the Russian Federation), approached 20,000. This number is almost three times higher than the number of thyroid cancer cases registered in the same cohort in the period 1991−2005’.
So it’s going up significantly- with females especially at risk. UNSCEAR says ‘on average, the registered numbers of thyroid cancer for females were about four times higher than for males’.
Find the full UNSCEAR report here:


  1. Once upon a time it was deaths from very predatory animals which have since gone extinct. Unfortunately the life time of radioactive materials is known and is of great duration. And radiation caused illness is hard to avoid in some areas. Part of being human seems to entail living with dangerous things. Saber tooth tigers, Ebola, radiation, etc. For all our vaunted intelligence we can't seem to evade danger. We did not have to develop large amounts of radioactive material. But we did. Still if using a nuclear devise will allow us to move a large asteroid a little off course it could literally save the planet. And do not kid yourself, there are lots of them out there and ready to strike some time.

    1. They will not even talk about fukushima. There maybe devices to move asteroids. Dont hear no politicians or generals talkin bout developing a special nuclear device or rocket, for an asteroid willy.

      They are quickly tearing up all nuclear arms treaties though.
      They are talking explicitly about using new tactical nuclear bombs on iran. They are explicitly talking about making new missiles and nuclear bombs. They are explicitly talking about using the many more hydrogen bombs they are making, since they tore up arms treaties on china and russia little willy. Bombs that cannot be used on asteroids.

      All hail the nuclear death god!

      The massive numbers of nuclear bombs trump and the generals are making for war are tactical and new-intermediate first strike nuclear weapons. They are also making huge hydrogen bombs with plutonium triggers and tritium.

      Boy oh boy, let me tell you willy, there are trillions bein made offa makin all those new bombs of nuclear-human-death!
      Massive amounts of further radioactivley and rafdionuclides to further pollute the shit out of the earth. To further flood us with more highlevel and other radionuclide waste with 10s of thousands and millions of tons of radionuclide-death!


      No politicians or, yur neocon buddies, or generals, or nucleoape scientists or billiOnairs or fabulously wealthy military contractors talking TO knockout asteroids in space willy.

      No nukes or spaceships to destroy asteroids willy. Its all for small tactical nukes for iran. Those small tactical nukes, will not do anything to an asteroid willy. . They do not and will not even talk about fukushima willy . you know that silly.

      They are building thousands of small tactictal nukes to use on countries like iran in first strike and intermediates too, because most human men, are evil-warmonging nucleoapes that worship the nuclear god of death and greed,

      They are using nuclear death on us right now, by digging up uranium for more bombs they would use for apocolypse not asteroids...Millions of tons of uranium waste and intermediate nuclear waste killing people and destroying the genome, to make more bombs. All hail the phallic Nuclear God Of Death as willy and the fakos and the generals and billionairs dance aroud THE PHALLIC IDOL OF NUCLEAR DEATH in a trance of bloodlust , GREED, death destruction and murder of the human race!

      They are tearing up arms treaties so they can make more bombs to kill humans. They are making more plutonium and tritium in reactors and spewing megatons-of more highly radioactive shit in the-process into the environment. They are destroying the human genome and all genomes!
      They are killing the workers making the shit in the process!
      They are spewing it into the environement intheprocess so our food air water and soil is inundated with it! It is poisoning us all and our children and giving everyone cancer! They are makin more plutonium and tritium Makin and mega polluting the shit out of everything with the worst radionuclides and the slower ones too.

    2. Call your congressman today, before he uses a small tactical nuclear weapon on Iran. Before he illegally invades venezuela and, sends six million columbian indiginous and black refugees in venezuela from columbian-rightwing death squads, streaming to our border! There will also be venezuelan indiginous refugees going to our our border en-masse, to avoid fascist death squads and gangs.

      Like the millions who have come from honduras and guatemala for 35 years, to escape the fascists put into power there, that have killed 100s of thousand of innocents and indiginous.

      There are millions of homeless in america now. That is because there is no affordable housing, in murica. There are millions in jail for petty crimes and, all he wants to do is frack .

      All he wants to do is open more uranium mines. To tear-up nuclear arms treaties.

      He and his neocon fascist buddies, that put him into power are building mega times, more worthless polluting nuclear bombs …

      With fukushima going fullbore, they are in a frenzy of subsidizing more nuclear power. Of subsidizing old-dangerous reactors that should be shut down, in the face of increasing hurricanes and earthquakes

      Perry, trump and their cronies at holtec et al, are importing high level nuclear waste, from france and japan to store outdoors in Texas and New Mexico. They are creating massive amounts of more wsste here. What the hell, its the perfect growth industry for the casino bankrupsy king and criminal, right?

      Trump is encouraging a fukushima event in the USA, by completely deregulating nuclear reactor-supervision. Trump and the neocon, corporate demons and mic are nucleoape monsters that worship the nuclear god of death! They lie about it. Bolton contributed a million dollars to Trumps compaign to ensure a place in his administration. Now Bolton and Pompeo are beating American women from CodePink up at the Venezuelan embassy. They are plotting to use tactical nukes in Iran.
      They support the fascist right’winh Abe in japan and his nuclear-secrets laws.. With Trump, they are tearing up all the nuclear arms treaties, we have fought hard for all these years! They support nuclear arming japan. They support, allowing Abe to open more eartquake damaged reactors, which will cause more fukushimas . They encourage Abe to send radioactive food to the world.
      Time to standup. Time to call your congressperson.

      reblogged with permission from counterpunch 300 words left

    3. MAY 3, 2019 counterpunch
      Trump vs. Congress and Our Constitution
      by RALPH NADER

      Drawing by Nathaniel St. Clair
      Donald Trump is the most impeachable president in American history. Many Democrats, however, are running away from the word “impeachment” for tactical political reasons. Some Democrats say they have a sworn duty under the Constitution to present articles of impeachment for a vote in the House of Representatives, regardless of the refusal by the Republican controlled Senate to hold a trial.

      Interestingly, when Republicans in the House impeached President Bill Clinton in 1998, he was more popular in polls than Donald Trump is now. The Republican controlled Senate, however, failed to get the two-thirds vote needed to remove President Clinton from office. Clinton’s offenses – lying under oath and obstruction of justice pale in comparison to the many mega offenses of Trump.

      The six major House Committees are investigating issues ranging from his tax returns and business dealings to the documented serial obstructions of justice documented in the Mueller Report. As these investigations move well beyond what is already on the public record and more Americans learn their contents, there will be more than enough to substantiate numerous articles of impeachment. Plus a new one of Trump’s own creation— the wholesale, broadside obstruction of all these Congressional investigations, defying subpoenas for sworn testimony and documents, amounting to a gigantic contempt of Congress – itself an impeachable offense.

      Trump is trying to bar key witnesses from testifying. He is suing his own accounting firm and Deutsche Bank to shield his sordid business relationships and potential tax violations.

    4. The trump administration is literally poisoning us to death!

      More from Nader "The House Democrats can strengthen their case with the American people by connecting impeachable offenses with actions that endanger the lives, health, and economic well-being of adults and children.

      For starters, Trump and his henchmen have brazenly, openly, and defiantly refused to faithfully execute the laws of the land as required in Article 2, section 3 of the Constitution. By not enforcing the law, he has opened the floodgates for deadly emissions from various industries that are getting into the lungs of millions of Americans. By allowing more pollution into water, air, food, and workplaces of the American people by immobilizing, if not firing the federal cops on the corporate crime beat, pulling back on existing enforcement, eliminating critical safeguards on the books, and cutting enforcement budgets, he has jeopardized the health of millions of Americans. This is a gift to the lethal coal industry, the reckless drug industry, the chemical pesticide companies, the oil, gas and nuclear industries and all those extractive companies licking their chops to plunder more of our beautiful public lands such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and our national forests.

      Physicians have pleaded with the Trumpsters to protect the vulnerable infants and children from toxics and micro-particulates in the air and water. “Hell no,” cry his craven gangsters who were chosen to run our health and safety agencies preciselybecause they want to run them into the ground.

      For the first time ever, life expectancy in the United States is declining. This lawlessness is way beyond what should be excused by “prosecutorial discretion.” Trump’s defiant wholesale repeal of the rule of law begs for impeachment.

      Trump’s impeachable brew is deep, hot, and deadly."

    5. We are now an orwellian-1984 totalitarian, nuclear state where there is only drudgery..and more radionuclides and bombs. At least in the huxleyian totalitarian nuclear state, there was an illusion of fun.

      OUR health and our childrens health-mentation, is being destroyed, by the insane worship of this nuclear god of death.

      Everyone will be demented and damaged-useless eaters soon. That is from the massive radionuclide, heavy metal and chemical pollution.
      The rich gulpers and their bastard progeny will all be damaged-demented incapacitants, too.

      What good to have a totalitarian slave system? Evil, insane monkeys!
      Impeach this fascist asshole now!
      Impeach it, even if the senate will not convict.
      Hopefully the repuklicans will impeach the next democrap. Let them impeach the shit out of each othere till this
      rotten shitwagon’s wheels fall off. At least there will not be as much time to make war.

  2. Anonymous, you need an auditor. Someone you can talk to in person. Perhaps you could pay a homeless person by the hour. No one is going to read these comments of yours as they are too long and soud like the ravings of a madman. Have you ever read Notes From The Underground? If not I think you will find the character good company. Best of luck.

  3. On reflection, Anonymous, I think you are a kind of reincarnation of Jack Kerouac . . . you have the Beatnik style. Now if you could work in a bit of rhyme as well as reason maybe you would be Alan Ginsberg-ish. The Beatniks were a funny lot and the forerunners of the hippies of whom you may be one or a Flower Child?

    " I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,
    dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix,
    angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night,. . ."
    Actually a pretty good poem from the mid 1950's; and you can see that nothing has changed. Well, San Francisco was a lot cleaner back then and really a great city as cities go. Eisenhower was president, and you would probably have liked him. He had a fine military smile. "I like Ike." was the slogan for the '56 election. In general America was an easier place to live in then. Yes, much easier. You might consider moving back there on your next metempsychosis.

    1. Opinions are like orifices. everyone has plenty willy. u r kinda like an orifice. woman hater. kill all the disabled children. perhaps worse than one. a mean extremist and propagandist to be sure. radionuclide dementia from plutonium from rocky flats is certainly taking its toll. i like majias-nuclear god of death statement. most antinucs love it and get it.

      oh yeah all women are afraid of electricity you say little willy-nilly.
      when u cannot even change a lightbulb. the philosophy queen
      I reckon more people read nader and nadesan and caldficott thhan u would like. they see garbage memes filled with lies pronuke nonsense, misogyny, racism from u and laugh

      ha ha ha

      My sister in law, is from  family of women engineers.
      She is a mechanchial,  her sister is a civil engineer. Her  other sister is an electrical engineer.
      I worked at a mine, where 1 out of the five electricians was a woman.

      There are probably a lot of women elecricians in alaska and women that do some electrical repair, or are electricians.

      There are many women electrical engineers, here in california.

      Most nuclear reactors in the  south and  south-east, supply electicity to Monsanto and Dow Chemical's pesticide fractioning  towers.

      The supply petroleum fractioning  towers and chemical plants used to make  plastic or, hair spray.

      They donts supply electricity for residential or infrastructure yet, operators refuse to shut them down when major flooding or hurricanes are occuring.

      Thomas edisons best friend died from the effects of radiation, with tumors all over his body.

      Thomas edison was pissing around with radium and almost died from it.
      He realized how insane nuclear and anything related to it was, years before nuclear power and nuclear bombs.

      Thomas edison saw the future of elecricity in wind, water, and solar long before the nucleoapes came to be and began whole-heartedly began the destruction of of all life on earth, the destruction of the human genome and certain apocolypse. He was the first hardcore antinuke.

      My grandma and granpa did small hydropower generation in their community.

      it was extensive in The US then till the greedguts, gulpers and flimflammers destroyed it.

      There is the technology, know-how, solar technology, light emitting diode, power switching,  and much more to extend small networks of renewable energy across every community in america now. Everyone would have electrician skills and could be more self sufficient and live more sustainably.

      a pronuc misogyist and resident gestapo troll meanie would post such nonsense

      Read this about the brave Veterans sailing to put an end to the nuclear madness and nuclear weapon madness and cry little willy nilly fascist philosophy queen

    2. Veterans for peace:::::

  4. Small electric generators , are extensivley mounted, in the huge water pipe mains, of Portland Oregon to generate large amounts of electricity. Partially concieved by a woman engineer. Little willynilly the philosophy queen or, its hero jp will not talk about it though. Not manly enough. They are too busy dreaming up ugly-negative odes to the greedgut-billionair and oligarch centralized- nuclear and fossil fuel, gods of death, to talk about practical science and truth.

    1. Causes of the Ice Age and Nova, the Greatest Secret of the United States

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  6. In a by gone age, Anonymous, you would have been a great one for the Devil, for Satan. It does not take much effort to see you preaching hell fire sermons to dazed persons in revival tents. You see whatever threatens human beings needs to be given a simple name, with simple attributes. In any case the same fervor is present in you as it was in those preachers across the land that sough the salvation of their congregations whom they assaulted with eternal damnation. And you like the preachers wish to save mankind from the nuclear that like Satan wants to steal their very lives . . . but since the soul is immortal, it is beyond the nuclear reach. So what, Anonymous, about the soul? Would you save the body and let the soul perish? So it would seem. Your nuclear pales when compared with Satan. Your scope is very restricted and leaves out the vital core. Perhaps with age you will become an Evangelical. Perhaps your grandparents or great grand parents were religious fanatics so that fanaticism run in your blood. Have you deprived yourself of sanctifying grace? Hallelujah!

  7. "It seems that the nuclear god of death prefers female sacrifices."
    "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." The Thanatos Syndrome. Yes, it's misogyny all the way up. Which is why Jews have a daily prayer thanking God that they are not born women. Adam precedes Eve. Though Adam had a woman in him concentrated in a rib apparently.

    1. There are a lot of bots that are not even alive. Or half alive with a puppet administratorr that chimes in when it gets too exposed. Artificial intelligence bots administered by ccorporate groups, like i360 or cambridge analytica. Deep pocket pronuclear oligarch and mic pacs.They simply say the same things over and over sometimes rephrased to make it look good. Hammer on the same meme themes No specifics. Few thinking capabilities or technical specifics. Seems to be tied to a philosophy database and rightwing political propaganda database. Probably administered by cmbridge analyitca


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