Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Global Extinction Event and Our Collective Human Future

We may be irreparably frying our DNA, our human heritage:

American Heart Association (May 3, 2019). Prolonged exposure to low-dose radiation may increase the risk of hypertension, a known cause of heart disease and stroke Science Daily, https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/05/190503080554.htm
A long-term study of Russian nuclear plant workers suggests that prolonged low-dose radiation exposure increases the risk of hypertension. This study is the first to associate an increased risk of hypertension to low doses of ionizing radiation among a large group of workers who were chronically exposed over many years. The higher the cumulative dose of radiation, the greater the risk, the study showed….

… The researchers evaluated the workers' health records up to 2013. More than 8,400 workers (38 percent of the group) were diagnosed with hypertension, as defined in this study as a systolic blood pressure reading of ?140 mm Hg, and a diastolic reading ? 90 mm Hg. Hypertension incidence was found to be significantly associated with the cumulative dose.

To put it in perspective, the hypertension incidence among the workers in the study was higher than that among Japanese survivors of the atomic bomb at the end of World War II, but lower than the risk estimated for clean-up workers following the Chernobyl nuclear accident....

We know that ionizing radiation shreds DNA but what about the less energetic frequencies, such those used by the soon-to-be-ubiquitous 5G network?

The accumulating evidence on biological effects of non-ionizing radiation is very concerning, yet the 5G network is being represented as the salvation of human civilization.

I am out of hope for the kind of risk thinking needed to save ourselves.

Those of you who still have hope that we can make it through this global extinction event, as outlined in today's New York Times, SHARE YOUR IDEAS for change please!


  1. Can we point to something that created human beings? I don't think random events works very well. Or accidents. At this time we do not even know what the universe is made of. Very tiny non particles. Energy. Etc. But whatever it was we should point our finger at IT to take responsibility for the up coming global extinction.

    What if IT is the whole cosmos that put us into production? We might be just one example of a smart creature living on a planet some where. So if we go extinct? Not a big deal.

    IT is responsible for putting radioactive material on the planet and for creating scientists who were curious and business men who saw a way to make money. To blame this on anyone would be unfair unless human beings really have a free will. No one knows for sure about that.

    One can see now easily why believing in an all powerful God came about.
    Looking back through the aeons of human habitations, and the catastrophes they have survived leads me to think that some will survive. An article recently told about a diver who ought to have died when his air hose broke . . . but he did not for reasons that had not previously been known. We do not currently know enough to know what it would take to wipe us out--well, of course a large enough asteroid.

    So . . . Frankly I shy away from these NYT articles because they are written usually not by dedicated scientists but by journalists.
    Catastrophism rather than gradualism strikes me as the more likely theory. How many catastrophes of global dimensions have there been in the last one hundred thousand years?

    1. Twighlight of the cockroaches Japanese Anime

      Insects like cockroaches go through a life cycle in months,  where humans live sixty years. When a mutation occurs, even in  cockroach larvae, it destroys that family of cockroaches in 5 to 8 generations in accordance with Wertilckis and Busbys, law of destructivle nuclear-mutation. Insects exposed to high-levels of high-level radionuclides like those released at chernobyl and fukushima experience high mutation rates from internal and external exposures. Cesium 137, Cobalt 60 , and Strontium 90 are mutagenic, and teratogenic below 100 billionths of a gram. They are lethal in boluses above 100 billionths of a gram. There are millions of tons of high-level, intermediate level, and high level radionuclide-waste all over the world now. Multiple radionuclide go into the environment from Nuclear-medical facilities, reactors, nuclear submarines, mining, fracking, nuclear weapons manufacturing and storage, and using depleted uranium weapons. Rare-earth mining also creates radionuclide waste.

      I saw this silly article distilled from quora on a fluff-site .......

      And you may ask yourself, What haven’t I done? That is when even a small scale nuclear war occurs, another tohoku 9.0 earthquake hits, a meteorite stikes, there is a carrington event or any nuclear war. It is when a dozen or so, of the 400 rickety-shit old reactors from around the world, that should have never been built go off. They go off w hundreds tons of st90, cs137, co60, uranium, plutonium, yada yada.....
      stored next to them. Highlevel radionuclides, MOX and zirconium will burn relentlessy into the atmosphere in a northern hemisphere already soaked, with manmade and extracted radionuclides.
      Such a chain of certain events, will finish off the northern hemisphere and the rest of the world a few months later.

      The angry sky will be Black and red and dark with a green glow.

    2. Insects will go first as they did at 3 mile island . People reported no flies within 5 to 10 miles of the 3 mile island meltdown, for months after it occured.

      One serious mutation in an insect population gets them quickly. If there is fallout and radionuclide, from bombs or reactor accidents, nuclear mutations come massively and quickly in insect population,  as  it occured  with the blue butterfly extinctions, recorded around fukushima, and in northern japan after Fukushima.

      That is because  insect and cockroach life cycles are short. Insects  and cockroaches depend on laying lots of eggs to keep their strains going, which magnifies the detructive mutation phenomenon, even more.

      In cockroach time,  the destructive-genetic mutations,  from nuclear would destroy them in few months, to a year.

      Extinction of local populations, would occur, after the nests and progeny went though a few, to 5 or six generations of destructive-nuclear induced, genetic-mutation, from dna and chromosone breaks, induced by radionuclides and radiation.

      Entomologists were irradiating mosquitos and releasing the genetically-nonviable, flawed progeny into the environment in places like s america and Africa,  til recently.  The malaria-mosquito exterminators, were creating genetically defective mosquitos,  to try to kill off mosquito strains in Africa and s America, that are malaria carriers.  It was working in many areas. Such drone-mutant strategies are still employed in some areas, with genetically modified insects.

      Once radionucleides do their dirty-work, no amount of genetic engineering can restore a species or sub-group. The nucleoapes, generals and wingnuts would probably want you to believe diferently.  They would say that Marvel Comix Dr. X is developing nuclear resistant cockroaches and other such nonsense.  It is the same far-out science fantasy-brain-washing memes, they have used for 70 years.

      This dumn mentalfloss fluffpiece-article stinks of propaganda and bullshit.
      No doubt,  A feelgood article in the face of the ultimate human insanity going on now, as crazy Trump is poised to use tactical nukes on iran as Dick Cheney wanted to do in 2005 . Such an attack will surely lead to larger scale war, massive  depleted uranium usage and larger nuclear detonations.

    3. Recently THE INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST, TIM SHORROCK WROTE A PIECE FOR THE NATION, That exposes Trump and his neocon buddies, true intentions in N Korea. Tim has been in DC for 20 years. He was raised in Japan and S Korea.


      Fluff-nuclear feel good articles, implying that any life on earth can exist, as we flood the world with radionuclides are all part of the game.

      The  beautiful and bittersweet, Japanese Anime' "Twighlight of The Cockroaches," is all at once, Sad
      ironic, and allegorical in the face of Fukushima. In the face of the fact that the death rate from cancer and everything else in Japan are now  10 times higher  in Japan, than before fukushima.

      Any nuclear war, will probaly set off rickety reactors and fuel pools,  in the northern hemisphere, fukushima-style.

      Each reactor and fuel pool containing the fallout and, radionuclide equivalent of 10 thousand nuclear bombs.

      Life support on earth destroyed,
      when the hundreds of tons of nuclear waste dumped into the arctic, starts bubbling up from the depths. When massive nuclear-armed nuclear submarines and other nuclear-powered vessels, have core meltdowns in the middle of the oceans, from emf flashes and nuclear events, adding to the final nuclear inferno.
      The human genome destroyed, all animal and insect genomes destroyed.

      No one wants to talk about these things. The propagandists, the fluffs, the generals, the fools want you to accept the cutesy meme  that cockroaches can survive a nuclear war or any dna based life will.

      This comment will probably be censored as people do not like dissidents and truth-tellers

    4. If this guy baits or attacks or bilittles or insults u should do something majia or u r a coward and a hippocrit and part of the criminality and psychopathy going on now. the entire mediasphere is captured by rightwing propaganda and corporate distortioons from the murdochs and sinclairs in local papers and medias and fox to the control of the internet by the mercers and kochs . from corporate hacks cnn etc. On tv the radiowaves from rush to bubba to twitter bots and trolls .
      its not even close to ahuxleyan totalitarianism anymore . its is hard core orwellian. there is little or no freespeech and cowards like u allow them to abuse dissidenst and allow them to broadcast their hate freely. u enable it tll there will be nothing but hate and fear soon as it came close to w georgre w bush and was in nuclear hell mccarthyite murica

    5. Woman Like Caldicott know how to save this planet

      The women are more aware of the risks of this nuclear insanity because they bare rear children and they know of the risks of a child damaged by radiation or have experienced it.
      I helped take care of a cild born in Ukraine that was developmentally delayed. It has been extremely hard and painful. I know a hundred people from Ukraine and several in Japan.
      The other person from Ukraines i am close too, has a son that had brain tumors as an infant in Ukraine. He no has migraines, and seizures and anger problems.

      People from the usa, who live by nuclear sites or reactors or are downwinders know of such victims as those i have mentioned

      It is usually gleened over, or not talked about. One guy i knew, had a cousin, I knew who was developmentally delayed .

    6. Curt I will call him, was born and grew up by a plutonium site. Curt died of kidney damage. Kidney damage, that was Probably from the mutagenic or teratogenic effects of the radionuclides that caused him to be developmentally delayed too.

      After curts death i asked scott, his cousin, what he thought about kurts physical problems, including internal organ damage at birth. Scott said ignorantly "Oh someone probly dropped curt on his head," as if that family was ashamed of curts obvious birth defects because, lord knows they could not have been from the plutonium. The same plutonium that probably killed curts brother and dad, from cancer.

      Think Kate Brown when it comes to how much smarted women are about nuclear pollution and risks. Think about her recent book on Chernobyl.

      Think Helen Caldicott. Think Joy. Think Christina Macpherson at Nuclear-news.net. Think the great Toxicologist Janet Sherman MD who worked with Goffman.
      Many of them think in terms of the children, sustainability, the future. They are the most outspoken and devoted antinuclear advocates!

      A Trumpist was telling me recently, that we need centralized fossil fuel and nuclear grids, because women are afraid of electricity.

      My sister in law, is from a family of women engineers.
      She is a mechanchial engineer, her sister is a civil engineer. Her other sister is an electrical engineer.
      I worked at a mine, where 1 out of the five electricians was a woman.

      There are probably a lot of women elecricians, in Alaska and, women that do some electrical repair, or are electricians.

      There are many women electrical engineers, in California.

    7. My grandma and granpa lived in a town with small hydropower generation in their community. It was in Kansas in the 20s, 30s, and 40s. My grandma knww more about electricity than a lotta men I know.


      Small electrical generation was extensive in The US till the greedguts, gulpers and flimflammers destroyed it.
      LOW VOLTAGE, SAFE, NON-POLLUTING electrical grids for all!
      There is the technology, know-how, solar technology, light emitting diode technology, storage tech , power switching tech, power regulating tech, and much more to extend small networks of renewable energy across every community in america now. Everyone would have the electrician skills and, could be more self sufficient and live more sustainably.

      Small electric generators , are extensivley mounted, in the huge water pipe mains, of Portland Oregon to generate large amounts of electricity. Partially concieved by a woman engineer.

      Putting an end to ecxpensive nuclear weapons and missiles will go a long way.
      The brave Veterans, sailing to put an end to the nuclear madness and nuclear weapon madness probably make the Magaites and DNC warmongers weep

      Veterans for peace:::::

      Most nuclear reactors in the south and south-east United States, supply electicity to Monsanto and Dow Chemical's pesticide fractioning towers.

      They supply petroleum fractioning towers and chemical plants, using nuclear reactors to make electricity to make plastic, the worst pesicides, and hair spray. Thia is so ironic, as there are cheaper ways to make electricity, to make such polluting garbage!

      The reactors, do not supply electricity for residential or infrastructure yet, operators refuse to shut them down, when major flooding or hurricanes are occuring.

      Thomas edison's best friend, died from the effects of radiation, with tumors all over his body.

      Thomas edison was pissing around with radium and almost died from it.
      He realized how insane nuclear and anything related to it was, years before nuclear power and nuclear bombs.

      Thomas edison saw the future of elecricity in wind, water, and solar long before the nucleoapes came to be and began whole-heartedly began the destruction of of all life on earth, the destruction of the human genome and certain apocolypse. He was the first hardcore antinuke.

      The greedgut-billionaire and oligarchs do not want to hear these stories. They want to continue with the centralized-nuclear and fossil fuel, gods of death.
      They will not allow the people or press or grassroots environmental people, to
      talk about practical science and truth Same for the the sold out corrupt sellouts of the DNC-corporate duopoly like Pelosi and Biden.

    8. There are millions upon millions of homeless ameriicans and americans imprisoned in the american gulags for petty crimes now. They could be mobilized, with the rest of america to craete a sustainable society and build massive amounts of renewable infrastructute i have alluded to here to save america and the world instead of spending trillions on nuclear macinations of death. These points i have made, directly address the statement in Majias blog post.

      "Those of you who still have hope that we can make it through this global extinction event, as outlined in today's New York Times, SHARE YOUR IDEAS for change please!

      I rarely see much in the way of points made to address the nuclear and environmental catastrophe extinction-event, we are in, here

    9. I have directly addressed the point of this blog majia.If this guy attacks, baits or belittles or insults , u should do something or say something majia as u nail others for truth and sincerity. ur enabling it and impeding opposite viewpoints. only hate and fear soon be allowed in any media in america at the rate things are going.
      It came close to george w bush and was in nuclear hell mccarthyite murica
      u r a coward and a hippocrit with little integrity and part of the criminality and psychopathy going on now. if u censor and do enable hate
      The entire mediasphere is captured by rightwing propaganda and corporate distortioons from the murdochs and sinclairs in local papers and medias and fox to the control of the internet by the mercers and kochs . from corporate hacks cnn etc. On tv the radiowaves from rush to bubba to twitter bots and trolls .
      its not even close to ahuxleyan totalitarianism anymore . its is hard core orwellian. there is little or no freespeech and cowards like u allow them to abuse dissidents and allow them to broadcast their hate freely without at least saying something

    10. There are a lot of bots that are not even alive. Or half alive with a puppet administratorr that chimes in when it gets too exposed. Artificial intelligence bots administered by ccorporate groups, like i360 or cambridge analytica. Deep pocket pronuclear oligarch and mic pacs.They simply say the same things over and over sometimes rephrased to make it look good. Hammer on the same meme themes No specifics. Few thinking capabilities or technical specifics. Seems to be tied to a philosophy database and rightwing political propaganda database. Probably administered by cmbridge analyitca

  2. Gobekli Tepe Ancient Pillar Warns of Multiple Comet Impacts in Past & Future


  3. The threat posed by technology and science to the human species is only the latest in a very long series of threats and calamities. As human beings we are well acquainted with disasters of all sorts. We expect them and regularly celebrate them in movies and novels. Armageddon. The end of the world. In our personal lives our anxieties target future dire events like a car accident or cancer. Nuclear radiation is as good as any thing to exercise our anxiety and fears on.

    Without some universal threat of disaster we would be less human, mentally deficient and life would be less dramatic and interesting. We need not gather on a hill to await the End as some religious groups have done periodically. We can just donate time and energy privately or among our associates to some favorite end times catastrophe. Personally I find a large asteroid both convincing and something about which something practical can be done as opposed to the Anti Christ's arrival. But each to his own.

    1. There is no need for nuclear bombs or missiles. Nuclear reactors and waste are frying our dna amongst other things. There is the technology and means to get rid of nuclear power and live sustainably with cheaper energy. Nuclear war is based on lose-lose and the destuction of the planet and all life on the planet.

      I pereonally knew the son of a renowned-nuclear physicist. My friends dad, the nuclear physicist worked at los alamos with the likes of oppenheimer and fermi and feinman in the forties and fifties

      The Nuclear physicist realized what they had unleashed with radionuclides flooding the earth, nuclear power and nuclear weapons . He committed suicide in the early seventies in middle age. It scarred my friend, the nuclear physicists son, for life snd he committed suicide too, im middle age.
      It is as edison pointed out there are sane and cheap alternatives.

    2. Better to be slapped by the truth than kissed by a lie. -- ?

  4. NASA: Prepare to Be Hit by an Asteroid in your Lifetime


  5. This is the same meme used by the counterintelligence-operatives that brought enenews down in the end. They said having nuclear weapons and missiles do not matter, because an asteroid will hit us soon anyway. Nuclear arming Japan does not matter, because an asteroid is going to hit us soon. Cleaning up handford properly doesnt matter. Just put some putty on top of it. An asteroid will hit soon. Reopening uranium mining doesnt matter. Tritium and other radionucleides are hormetic and there is hormesis and we can survive a nuclear war so dont worry. Hi levele nuclear waste is not volatile after 2 years the code said and plutonium is not pyrogenic and its ok to park the nuclear waste anywhere.
    Lets Use slave labor to cleanup hanford. Its ok for trump and perry to complletely destroy nevada and pile waste in an unstable earquake ridden mountain there. Dont matter an asteroids gonna hit anyway. Its ok to throw away all nuclear treaties and build first strike weapons. Its ok to keep old reacors open that generate thousands upon thousands of tons of nuclear waste and are ready to explode. Its ok to spend trillions builing more nuclear weapons. A building process that generate thousands of tons of new nuclear waste and irradiates the workers. Not one cents on this guys asteroid killer that would take a few 10s of millions while trillions are spent on firststrike nuclear weapons, depleted uranium weapons, making wars so millions of more refugees poor in with unpresadented poverty and homelessness.
    Trump supports abe and him shipping radioactive food all over the world. 100 billion apent on intelligence and mass surveilance. This guy is a phony. To it the makers of fukushima or us nuclear arms makers or holtec are just businessmen tring to make money as it said earlier. It posts here to spread bs meme like the counterintelligence phonies at enenews that brought it down did

    1. In fascist duopoly murica, this is the way they treat the worst downwinder victims who had 1000 open air nuclear bombs detonated on the. Their reservations turned into nuclear waste dumps like the navajo, the apaches of new mexico, the lakota of n and south dakota, the cherokee with 100 thoisand tons of nuclear wasre. The utes. The shashone and paiutes of nevada and oregon and idaho.
      "A RACIAL SLUR": The US House of Representatives was scheduled to pass two pro-tribal bills on Wednesday. Then President Trump tweeted about it and both were pulled from consideration.
      11:07 AM - 8 May 2019
      indianz.com indianz.com
      Replying to @indianz
      “We needed significant Republican support to get these bills approved today, and apparently the president tweeting a racial slur was compelling enough to give them cold feet," Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Arizona) said this afternoon.
      View conversation ·
      indianz.com indianz.com
      Replying to @indianz
      “It’s my intention to move both of these bills forward soon, and we’re currently evaluating our options for other avenues to passage." The two bills are:
      View conversation ·
      indianz.com indianz.com
      Replying to @indianz
      * H.R.312, Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Reservation Reaffirmation Act. The bill confirms that the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe's reservation is in trust and can't be challenged in court. A similar law was enacted for another tribe in 2014--Supreme Court later upheld it as constitutional.
      View conversation ·
      indianz.com indianz.com
      Replying to @indianz
      * H.R.375, a bill confirming that all tribes, regardless of date of federal recognition, can restore their homelands through land-into-trust process. The bill is a "clean" fix to Supreme Court's Carcieri decision from 2009, which created uncertainty for newly recognized tribes.
      View conversation ·
      indianz.com indianz.com
      Replying to @RepRaulGrijalva
      "I stand with my friends Bill Keating and Tom Cole in supporting Indian Country, and I have no intention of letting the president’s gutter commentary derail the people’s business,” Grijalva said @RepRaulGrijalva of the sponsors, Democrat and Republican, of the two bills.
      View conversation ·
      indianz.com indianz.com
      Replying to @indianz
      Earlier today, Trump tweeted this: "Republicans shouldn’t vote for H.R. 312, a special interest casino Bill, backed by Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren. It is unfair and doesn’t treat Native Americans equally!" #RacialSlur

    2. In one lifetime it is hell fire and brimstone, in this one fire from the sky and nuclear radiation . . . caught between two damnations. Woe is us. Still there are a few bright spots for those who have eyes to see.

      Well, say your prayers and keep a low profile.

    3. There are a lot of bots that are not even alive. Or half alive with a puppet administratorr that chimes in when it gets too exposed. Artificial intelligence bots administered by ccorporate groups, like i360 or cambridge analytica. Deep pocket pronuclear oligarch and mic pacs.They simply say the same things over and over sometimes rephrased to make it look good. Hammer on the same meme themes No specifics. Few thinking capabilities or technical specifics. Seems to be tied to a philosophy database and rightwing political propaganda database. Probably administered by cmbridge analyitca

    4. If you wanna read a hysterical Twitter Tweet, Read this one from Brain-dead, jackass, Pronuke-shill at #fukushima on twitter. Be sure and read the pdf he put up that tells the the truth about what a sellout and nincompoop he is
      and hits the nail on the head. ha ha ha

      Jay T. Cullen

      This is a great #Fukushima comment on one of my @FukushimaInFORM project @YouTube videos. It starts by stating that #zooplankton are the ocean's smallest creatures and ends with James Cameron building an armed bunker in #NewZealand to escape ionizing radiation :) pic.twitter.com/eVOiLBVSA3

      View photo ·

    5. Wood's Hole. Southern Fried Science are conservative, pronuclear "oceanographic"
      NGOs financed by the Pronuclear, Libertarian Think-Tank, "The CATo Institute." The CATO institute is heavily financed by the Mercwrs and Koch Brothers. . Buesseler and Cullen are pronuclear biased, hired-guns and fukushima denialists paid to obfuscate, minimize and cherry-pick. Same ilk as Lady Judge and George Monbiot

  6. Here is another worry. The combination of harmful agents make each of them more lethal. "How To 5G Proof YOUR HOUSE!!! This Is Next Level EMF PROTECTION!"


    At some point we will have to face the fact that technology is dangerous and becoming increasingly so . . .

    1. ever accidentally put metal in a microwave? that 5G will vibrate and activate and sparkoff, bioccumulated radionuclies and metals in your blood and body inthe same way! mega free radicals and tissue damage.
      como pendejo the asses of technology are
      like tetraethyl lead in gasoline. 1 mililiter of tetraethyl lead, will give u instant irreversable, alzeimers disease!

      tetrethyl lead caused inner city violence in sixties 70s 80s. Hi blood levels of lead in inner city kids, was from tetraethyl lead, not lead paint . i know i helped do a retrospective study on it. they lie. they lie they lie more


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