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Radiation Resilience is a Politicized Delusion of the Human Death Cult

In 2018 I published a chapter on radiation refugees and the rights of the exposed ( see here ).

This chapter followed up on my books addressing the dispossession of human rights occurring in the wake of nuclear emergencies (see here and here).

Academic writing about nuclear and radiation effects has a strange way of disappearing, emulating the radiation hidden by the limitations of our perceptions and our gate-keepers and opinion leaders.

The vast number of academic, journalist, and auto-biographical accounts of terrible nuclear/radiation effects on people, communities, and ecologies simply get pushed to the margins of popular and academic consciousness.

For the most part, its a dead end professionally for academics to study radiation compared to other research topics.

But the real dead end is for the people whose lives and communities are upended with expectation that they will simply adapt and be resilient in the face of the catastrophic events of a nuclear disaster.

In particular, the sufferings of indigenous and poor peoples are erased, despite the struggles of activists, journalists, and marginalized academics to remind us of uncapped uranium mines in indigenous territories and unsafe mining and refining conditions in operations that disproportionately employ economic and socially vulnerable populations.

The middle-class bourgeoisie impacted by radiation disasters also struggles to have their experiences and concerns recorded. Although better organized, this group also has their message of despair ignored, despite documented evidence of unusual, and terrible cancers, which are officially buried, ignored and/or denied, as evident in the Simi Valley case in California (see here).

Even the powerful can be excessively radiation-exposed as happened to US journalists and ambassadors to Japan during the 3/11 crisis.

The difference between the powerful and the powerless is that the latter group is stuck. 

They cannot flee excessively contaminated areas. They are forced by necessities to return to contaminated zones and be "resilient" (I'm really beginning to hate that word):
Jane Braxton Little (2019, January 16). Fukushima Residents Return Despite Radiation. Scientific American

Eight years after the nuclear meltdown, wary citizens are moving back to contaminated homesteads—some not by choice
There is a vast body of scientific literature exploring the effects of living in a radiation contaminated zones. Observers describe biological and social organizations that have lost the integrity of their structuring codes.

Biological and social codes that structure the material dances of interactivity that constitute us as biological life and as social organizations are precarious because they are continuously enacted anew.

Exogenous and endogenous shocks, such as those produced by ionizing radiation, can have unanticipated cascading effects. In biology, unanticipated and cascading effects from targeted radiation exposure are described as bystander effects.

In genetics, too much disorder leads to genomic instabilities that amplify disorder in the reproduction of proteins.

In society, too much disorder leads to anxiety, depression, and social conflict.

It is really obvious that our social organization should be organized to OPTIMIZE life but somehow human social organization is vested in an inescapable death cult.

Evidence for the empirical existence of that death cult can be found in the anthropological evidence that we are the only hominid to survive to the present period having witnessed and likely causing, the extinction of other hominids on the planet.

How do we escape the death cult when its so deeply coded into our social organization?


  1. I see devtoted antinuclear advocates like Majia, Karl Grossman, Herve Courtois, Sean Mcgee, Christina Macpherson , Chris Busby, Helen Caldicott on the internet. They are not payed. They are vilified and Harrassed

    I sometimes talk to and have met grassroots mothers and fathers , working together to keep hi level nuclear waste, stored illegally and unsafely out of our communities. They are not political. Some are republicans, though their views on people like Trump and Perry have changed, with what they are seeing and encountering. Same for democrats WITH people like Cuomo in New York and some of the corrupt democratic critters at local and star levels.

    There is no money in being antinuclear power. In america, France, Russia, Australia, Japan , anywhere. In places like France, america, Russia, Japan people have and can get thrown in jail for it.

    Anyone who does the right thing and tries to give honest, information about the ongoing tragedies of nuclear pollution, nuclear energy, nuclear weaponry in the world is ignored or marginalized.

    Ask Marco Kaltofen, the expert MIT civil engineer, who routinely analyzes the worst nuclear shit and contamination from all over the world for free!

    How many times have you seen Marco Kaltofen mentioned in any major media pieces?

    Infact they may send goons after ya. Lo level goons on the internet or corporate goons or worse in other places.

    Goons on the internet call grass roots- antinuclear activists and antinuclear groups like Public Citizen


    The very people who have done the most to help keep them and their children alive and not affliced with RADIONUCLIDE related illness.


    COMMUNISTS or pinkos or some other shit

    Same for these people

    Nuclear Energy Information Service

    Nuclear Watch of New Mexico and Texas

    Heal Utah

    Uranium watch

    People's Alliance for Clean Energy
    Physicians for Social Responsibility
    Pilgrim Watch
    Rocky Flats concerns

    Santa Fe antinuclear

    Wisconsin Pr

    The conspiracy-nut sensationalist-posers and trumptrolls, who say it don't matter any way cause an asteroid is gonna hit us in 2031

    They call all the antinuclear advocates that formed after Three mile island after Nixon put in the policy to build a thousand Fukushima reactors in the USA

    COMMUNISTS, WORTHLESS Pinkos, Worthlesss Social Justice Warriors

    While they shill for the worst pronuclear politicians with their deadly agendas or ask for money On GoFundme sites to rant bullshit on the internet

    1. I See. The unpaid grassroots and real antinuclear advocates working the hardest of any group on the internet to honestly get the message out.

      Majia is balanced and honest.

      Unpaid academics, engineers , scientists are very devoted. Working people, disabled, retired all work the internet and grassroots and yet are vilified by idiots and operatives.

      I had colon cancer in 2004 . I am bitter over nuclear.

      I grew up by  where the United States detonated 1000 nuclear bombs, on its own people. My town and the Navajo Nation is considered downwinder in the air streams that carried the fallout over south Utah

      The huge clouds of fallout were carried over St George and southern Utah , on to Colorado and the across the rest of the US.
      Huge amounts of fallout went over us and fell on us. We also had the largest nuclear waste piles in the world practically right in our towns The US government detonated 4 nuclear bombs a 150 miles or so from many of many of us, under the river that helps supply my town with water.
      There were dozens of nuclear waste piles draining into the Colorado and there are thousands of uranium mines still leaking into it The Crazy Bastards still wanna open a huge nuclear plant w unproven technology in Idaho for nuclear power .

      I have multiple classmates, friends and family who have been ruined or murdered by the devastating effects of the massive flood of radionuclide pollution dumped on us by the the government, the military industrial complex, and the corporate America.
      Some of them got rich from uranium and nuclear or some of them made a living by it Tha not help them when they died horrible deaths prematurely or otherwise from lung cancers, brain cancers , pancreatic cancers, leukemia, or when they had children born with cleft palates, club feet, autism, cerebral palsies, nonfamelial genetic diseases or had their children die in cancer wards.
      My high Scool graduating class was 150 .

      70 people from my class are dead from cancer , from uranium and nuclear related fatalities. No flashy magazines publish that
      nor do any nuclear blogs like beyond nuclear or greenpeace

    2. The Utah, Colorado, and northern Arizona are some of the Most popular tourist destinations in the world.

      Very little real information, was published about the Santa Susana meltdown by los Angeles.
      U can find plenty of information indicating many parts of Nevada and Utah might be radioactive hellhole, in newspaper  articles about downwinder compensation.

      You can find plenty of articles about southern Utah being a radioactive shithole , from  when California wanted nuclear waste  piles moved away from the Colorado river.

      My little brother has fragile x autism .  A genetic birth defect .  The doctor admits it probably occurred from him being born down wind from Nevada testing.  It is similar in its causation to down syndrome. It is a trisomy

      I saw a grandad 75 with brain cancer, a dad 50 with pancreatic cancer, a daughter age 30 breast cancer die in three years  of each other . The dad was taking care of the grandad .  The daughter was taking care of the dad when she was diagnosed. All in radioactive shitholeville. 3 generations of the same family wiped out.

      A mom 60  and daughter age 35 in my church group diagnosed with lung cancer died within 2 years of each other at 62 and 36.
      My church leader dead of lung cancer at age 62. Never smoked. My family doctor dead of lung cancer at age 55 . Never smoked.

      My family almost wiped out

      Multiple people in a small isolated towns with prostate cancer

      My mom dead of metastatic ovarian cancer that went to her brain at age 60!

      In America grass roots organizations like Public Citizen, Beyond Nuclear, Anti SONGs groups in California, have worked diligently to get nuclear waste moved and Nuclear power plants shut down!

      They are not political yet the fake-antinuclear things that are probably related to Or are hired through corporate, dark-money political groups or flat out government agents

      The United States is such an awful nuclearist shithole that they fund a three prong effort to keep Antinuclear Advocates and local grassroots people who don't want nuclear reactors and or nuclear waste in their towns!

    3. The United States is such an awful nuclearist shithole that they fund a three prong effort to keep Antinuclear Advocates and local grassroots people who don't want nuclear reactors an or nuclear waste in their towns down, Harrassed, threatened and denigrates

    4. The smug and ignorant, think they are enjoying Shadenfreude on the many in america. They are endangering themselves and others with such callousness.

      The concentrations of dangerous radionuclides in america are high eveyywhere and they are growing

      In drinking water. People ralleyed together, to send sixty thousand comments to the epa to get the epa, to not allow more radiation in drinking water.

      It was a proposed increased-allowance for radiation in drinking water, under Obama . it was one of the few good things that occurred.

      They did not change the standard because of the outpouring of concern. Now this evil buffoon is in power. There will be no standards soon. They are designating high level waste as Lo level. It will probably be in the water soon.

      They are deregulating nuclear. They are allowing hi level to be imported, while not dealing properly with our high level waste. They are storing it unsafely in flakey, Holtec casks.

      Now the buffoon is setting off a protracted, expensive nuclear-arms race.

    5. The only way nuclear has ended, is by people standing up and saying no nuclear.

      The nucleo apes have plenty of money to keep keep getting corrupt politicians to subsidize and piling money into this insanely dangerous and deadly scams and new reactors. Look at the trumpeter here.
      Bolnasaro in Brazil. The Russians. Omran. The French.

      Being uneconomical is not the sure way for nuclear to go away.

      The people have to say enough is enough and force their governments to stop subsidizing it.

      That is the way it has been in Europe in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, italy and the devils continue to push back.

      Australia and New Zealand are committed to no nuclear, yet Australian crooked politicians successfully getting nuclear waste from places like sellafield to be dumped there
      The slippery slope begins in Australia.

    6. The only way nuclear has ended in countries , is by people standing, up and saying no, to nuclear.

      That is the way it was in Germany and Austria after Fukushima.

      It has occurred when people say they do not want Fukushimas in their country. People say, They do not want the RADIONUCLIDE poisons, omnipresent in their country, killing their citizens and their children, with no appropriate way to sequester the thousands of tons of RADIONUCLIDE poisons generated.

      The nucleoapes have plenty of money, to keep keep getting corrupt politicians to subsidize and pile money into this massively-expensive, insanely-dangerous and deadly, extinction level death scam. The corrupt politicians, in their comfortable surroundings will keep funding old reactors and new reactors, as their palms are greased by criminal nucleoapes . Look at the trumpster here.
      Bolnasaro in Brazil. The Russians. Omran. The French.

      That nuclear power is uneconomical, is not even close to a sure way, for nuclear to go away. The crooked Nucleoapes in america, are using the money factor to justify keeping old reactors on the verge of failure opened.

      The crooked politicians are using the expense issue, to deregulate high level nuclear waste and call it non-lethal, not-dangerous.

      The crooked politicians allow unproven, dangerous reactors to go ahead, like the one in Idaho with multiple small reactors that generate as much waste as a regular reactor. Waste that is impossible to dispose of safely.

      The crooked politicians and nucleoapes will always have new and improved reactors on the back burner.

      The nucleopes and their corrupt politician-monkeys, will simply deregulate nuclear waste and say they have cheaper new improved reactors that make nuclear energy so much cheaper now. They will say the combined cost savings from deregulating hi level waste and calling it lo level and, the new improved reactors make the deadly game worthwhile now.

      They will say its too expensive to close 40 yo death-trap reactors. Trump this excuse has used every step of this playbook along the way.

      The people have to say enough is enough and force their governments to stop subsidizing it.

      That is the way it has been in Europe in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, italy and the devils continue to push back.

      Australia and New Zealand are committed to no nuclear, yet some of Australia's crooked politicians are successfully getting nuclear waste, from places like sellafield to be dumped in Australia now.
      The slippery slope begins in Australia.

    7. I hope they do not start moving more nuclear waste into Australia.

      According to mining awareness and other sources I know of, trump is allowing high level waste from Japan and others places to come in here.

      The fake antinuclear trumptrolls maintain that nuclear will eliminate itself in america because, it is so expensive and trump will starve it too death.

      In reality just the opposite is happening.

      Many of the grass roots people I know who are fighting Holtec, fighting to not have high level nuclear waste stored dangerously on concrete pad by their communities, or those fighting to get nuclear reactors in their communities closed, do not even pay attention to the internet. They do not know about sites like this. This is a very good site, by the way.

      Grass roots communities follow local newsletters . they follow status of local petititions, local nuclear court cases and the status of the case they are working on.

      I guess it does not really matter what the fakes , trolls and political operatives on the internet say except about nuclear or trump.
      It might however, affect people who want to learn new information about fukushima and the nuclear messes going on.

      We all agree Trump and Perry are frauds and crooks . We agree they are selling us down the sewer at this point. Especially on the nuclear waste issues in Texas, Hanford and San onofre.

      People I know who live in communities with rickety old 30 or 40 yo reactors, whose fuel pools are choked with high level waste rods, simply want the reactors Closed and trumps is not doing that.

      The concentrations of dangerous radionuclides in drinking water, IN america are unacceptably high all across the US. See EWG.

      People ralleyed together, to send sixty thousand comments to the epa under obama to get the epa, to not allow more radiation in drinking water IN 2015

      It was a proposed increased-allowance for radiation in drinking water, under Obama . it was one of the few good things that occurred.

      They did not change the standard because of the outpouring of concern. Now thAT Trump and Perry are in power, there will be no standards soon. They are designating high level waste as Low level. Hi level waste will probably be in the water soon as well as the unacceptable amounts of uranium, thorium and radium that exists in so much water across the United States.

      Trump and Perry are deregulating nuclear. They are allowing high level nuclear waste to be imported, while not dealing properly with our high level waste. They are storing high level waste in unsafe , flakey, Holtec casks all over the United States by reactors around the US, on pads outdoors in San Onofre, Texas, and New Mexico.

      Trump is also setting off a protracted, expensive, unnecessary nuclear-arms race.

      What a sad state America is in these days. Trump is deregulating nuclear here. The nuscale reactor is a dangerous boondoge for states with low power demands, lots of wind, geothermal, solar and hydroelectric potentials. Its all a money game with the crooks here. Marco kaltofen is coming back with high readings from socal after the Woolsey fires many areas at 100mS and above. Will be interesting to see composition. This shows Santa Susana was heavily contaminated. This is another major nuclear catastrophe.

      A major high level nuclear waste accident at San Onofre will be a double whammy for the 20 million people of southern California.
      There are reactor problems and fuel pool problems in several reactors, in america every week.

      There have been unprecedented numbers of hurricanes in america recently. Only a matter of time.

    8. If a half million people had not protested in Washington dc about nuclear power or, mara and I had not protested at Yucca mountain in 1983 , they would have continued the Nixon dream of a thousand fukushima reactors in america by the late 90 s. That is what that evil bastard, Nixon wanted . He wanted 1000 fukushima style nuclear built from 1970 to 1999. Luckily people rebeled and ,only a 100 nuclear reactors have been built.
      The country would be inundated with nuclear waste. 5 of the shitty reactors of the 400 built by 1983, would have blown up worse than fukushima by 19995 and later.
      We probably would not be alive, nor would our families or worse, if they had build all those gddamned shoddy nuclear reactors, with elevated fuel pools.
      Many of the shoddy reactors would be in earthquake zones and hurricane zones because that is how stupid the nucleo apes were then and, how stupid they continue to be.
      As it is there are 97 Shitty old nuclear reactors in America
      This country is inundated with uranium tailing now but there would have been ten times as much. There would be a hundred times more high and low level nuclear waste than there is. It is bad now!

      There would have been millions of tons of more high level and low level nuclear waste polluting the he'll out of America's aquifers and waterways.

      Multiple meltdowns and Multiple Fuel pool fires would have destroyed the USA. Massive amounts of high-level nuclear waste everywhere .some of it in the survivors food and water supply. . No reasonable plans for disposal like it is now, with a thousand time as much RADIONUCLIDE poison . Thanks to nuclear activists like Harvey Wasserman and Helen Caldicott and others , Nixon’s suicidal plans were not hatched

  2. We know from zoological studies that when a population of mammals becomes too large, one thing that may happen is the food supply will diminish to the point where the predatory mammals will starve the population down. This happens with wolves for example. It there any reason to treat humans differently? I have been coming across articles suggesting that due to weather anomalies the amount of grains available is diminishing. And frost is killing vegetables in Spain in normally frost free areas. We may well be headed towards a time of great food shortages!

    Should vast areas of the planet become starvation zones in the coming years we could see a really significant population declines. Should radiation and various chemicals create more and more distorted biological humans who can not take care of themselves, such as autism, then that would also take the population down. We could see a time ahead when the global population was perhaps less than a billion. And at least some zoologists would relate this to the wolf phenomenon.

    Cults have leaders and doctrines. I think the death cult you mention is simply a natural phenomenon which occurs through out nature when one species gets too large and dominant. I suppose we could imagine Satanists, followers of Alister Crowley, invoking death at secret ritual sites?

    You write: "It is really obvious that our social organization should be organized to OPTIMIZE life but somehow human social organization because or perhaps was from the beginning vested in an inescapable death cult." But society has been amazingly good at preventing death. So good that for decades some scientist and politicians having been crying that the world is over populated.

    Our distant ancestors were not at all happy when an asteroid impacted the planet or when a super volcano erupted and blotted out the sunlight. Or during the onset of ice ages. They prayed to the gods which was certainly therapeutic as it acknowledged that humans could not control nature. After all the whole galaxy to some extent is involved in our terrestrial life. Most life controls us and not the other way around.

    1. Here is why I believe starvation on a global scale lurks in our future:
      "Cause of the Little Ice Age and Climate Change by Don J. Easterbrook"

      I strongly suspect that greenhouses are going to get built in Europe in the near future that will be protected from hail of a size not seen before, and possibly powered by nuclear energy. It will take an enormous amount of electricity to heat these things. Now would be the time to invest in those businesses as they will be also built in the USA.

    2. You are a distorted thing that cannot take care of itself. You think that building extinction weapons is rational? What a nut

    3. Didn't know that green houses need to be powered Mr nutcase, much less with nuclear reactors. Maybe you can go over there to Europe and live off the irradiated greenhouse food.

      When there is a problem you can go outside with a rag, in yur Mr. Greenjeans overalls to wipeup the plutonium and cobalt 60, when the nucular reactor has trouble.

      U can also go throw some more plutonium in the reactor, when it runs low on plutonium because, everyone knows what a self-sufficient manly thing u are

    4. Unless the temperatures are fairly moderate and there is plenty of sunlight, the greenhouses will get too cold to grow anything; hence, the need for electricity.

      Your problem is that you have been burble-ized and live in an intellectual shell of temporal provincialism. The current extended now is very rare. Humans are still primarily hunter gathers, for the time being in an unusual condition of abundance. If the global cooling is long term there will be vast numbers of starving people. The big worries will be very different from what they are now, e.g. whether to buy Gillette razor blades anymore. It will be one's next meal or how to stay warm. You will not care whether there are nuclear power plants or coal plants so long as the electricity keeps coming. Well, I can always count on you for an unexpected sort of curious response.
      When you are shivering and rather hungry, remember me. I estimate about ten years from now.

  3. "Cult" implies a collective purpose or goal. Maybe Freud's "death instinct" is more apropos. Maybe it's no more than ordinary stupidity on a collective level. This would be my explanation since there is no evidence of purposeful collective environmental adaptation. "ENENews" was a very nice site, but like the Fukushima catastrophe, it has failed to galvanize public attention and slipped into the memory hole, as the nuclear arms race continues with fresh enthusiasm. The nuclear lobby/military is a cult, however, and they seem hell bent.

    1. People need to quit playing games on the internet and get off their butts in America, before it is too late.

    2. Fake society. Fake, poisoned-food. Fake clean water that is really radioactive water. Fake doctors that, blame the victim. Fake antinuclear. Fake prosperity. Fake morality ethics while good Christians allowinnocent people to get bombed into oblivian and live on the profits. Corrupt politicians that fake democracy. Fake media. That is corporate media. Fake people that care more about shopping than their children or other people

    3. Fake industrial strength air

    4. The original death cult:

    5. good point Jadan about death impulse (as opposed to cult); although, the organization of the nuclearists is rather formalized through shared models and protocols.

  4. And yet, Anonymous, there is a hardly a single person living in the Democratic Republic of Congo that would not enthusiastically change places with you. And count himself or herself one of the happiest persons in the world!


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