Friday, January 25, 2019

NRC "Guts a Critical Safety Regulation, Recklessly Disregarding the Critical Lessons of the Fukushima Disaster"

See the Union of Concerned Scientists' statement on the decision by the NRC to gut post-Fukushima safety rules here:

Senator Tom Carper issued a statement challenging this decision here:

Carper releases statement on Nuclear Regulatory Commission post-Fukushima rule (2019, Jan 24). Middletown Transcript. Available


  1. Nuclear is good! We need nuclear! It is good that government subsidizes nuclear. The Price-Anderson act
    Is Good

    All other government is bad. All government regulation is bad. Please leave reactors alone. Please leave nuclear people alone! They are a superior breed!

    1. Oh yeah, it don't matter if their are reactors in dangerous earthquake zones and hurricane zones anyway . That's cause a meteorite or a asteroid is gonna hit the earth, in maybe 5 years, or, maybe make that 8 years.

      No one will fer sure maybe hit, in 10 to 13 years like in 2031 or 2035 or somethin.

      If everything is a radioactive hell a meoteor, will put us out of our misery at some time in the future. I'm sure of it! Or maybe partially, put us out of our misery . Not sure

      Actually the meteor will be made of antireactor-radiation-protecting, antiraradion and a few deserving white people will be saved. No liberals or darkie lovers. Will be saved though.

    2. Thanks for this article majia!

    3. How Trump plans to Gut NEPA a 50 year old environmental law


    5. microcarpa
      Jan27,2015:Mysterious dome shaped cloud with rings of flash light,on the #Fukushima Dai-ichi Unit3 live cam.
      Still pic magnified by a #Japanese image analyst caputes an explosion look-alike��..
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      ★ その「垂直柱」は「層化球状ドーム」の爆発的な出現の際にも、「ドーム」の左下などに見ることができるようです。
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  2. Don Quixote used to be a progressive, liberal, Democrat until he did some serious research and found the dark side of the Democrat Party. It would take too long to go into all the details, so suffice it to say that probably the most prominent Democrat president was an ardent admirer of Mussolini and respected Hitler.
    I might add that the Democrat President Wilson showed the film Birth of a Nation in the White House which was a romanticized presentation of the KKK. And Wilson is credited with a revival of the Klan. A group that LBJ was a member of. I could go on as a friend of Don Quixote, but after a long ride today in search of windmills, I am out of energy. I will end by saying this, if the House were to follow its own rules, Nancy Pelosi would soon be expelled from the House. But we know that rules and laws only apply to the peasants.

    1. Duoploy sucks. So what's your point troll
      More propaganda. let the nukular reactors blowup and fuel pools catch fire. Troll don't care. Trolll don't care about nothing except gibberish and propaganda

      Duopoloy don't care especially the repuuklikans and bozos with stock in reactors and nukes


    3. Don Quixote and I wish to educate people who seem to have missed out on American history among many other things.

      Now Don Quixote recommends the following for you edification, assuming of course that you do not hold a prejudice against being edified: 'Secret Weapon' for Grand Solar Minimum / Infrastructure Failing

      Includes some nuclear power news, Hopi Indian farming, the intelligence of seeds, and so forth!

    4. Nuclear troll says he needs muscular reactors to power greenhouses. The Mining awareness article really got to the nuclear troll

    5. You are neglecting your koan, and it shows. You might try humbug instead and keep focused on that as you go about your daily routine. Humbug is an excellent koan. I am keeping a close eye on you, Anonymous; and I think you are ripe for a satori soon!

    6. Go snort some cebil seeds and iodine129
      Troll that will give u a real satoric rush!


    Nuclear reactors on San Andreas fault and in hurricane alley . no problem says trump and republicans!

    The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry Fukushima Chernobyl Mayak Three Mile Island Atomic Testing Radiation Isotope

    Nuclear Regulatory Commission votes 3-2 to weaken nuclear power safety rules
    Posted by Christina MacPherson
    Republicans at U.S. nuclear regulator pass stripped down safety rule, CNBC , JAN 24 2019
    Timothy Gardner WASHINGTON, Jan 24 (Reuters) – Republicans on the U.S. nuclear power regulator approved a stripped down safety rule on Thursday that removes the need for nuclear plants to take extra measures based on recent science to protect against hazards such as floods and earthquakes.The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, a board of three Republicans and two Democrats, approved the rule on a 3-2 vote along party lines. Dissents are rare on the NRC and the two Democrats strongly disagreed with the approval.
    They said the Republican decision could allow plants to avoid protections against risks of natural disasters that have become apparent with science methods that have evolved since most plants were built about 40 years ago. …….

    Commissioner Jeff Baran, a Democrat, said NRC staff had included the extra safety measures in the draft after years of work, but Republicans had jettisoned them.

    “Instead of requiring nuclear power plants to be prepared for the actual flooding and earthquake hazards that could occur at their sites, the NRC will allow them to be prepared only for the old out-of-date hazards typically calculated decades ago when the science of seismology and hydrology was far less advanced than it is today.”

    NRC Chairman Kristine Svinicki, a Republican, said after the vote that the commission’s work since 2011 has resulted in “tangible safety improvements at every U.S. nuclear power plant.” ……..

    A nuclear power safety advocate said new information showed that plants may experience bigger floods and earthquakes than they are now required to withstand, and that it is possible the commission will not require nuclear plants that face greater hazards to make upgrades.

    “Nuclear plants must be protected against the most severe natural disasters they could face today – not those estimated 40 years ago,” when many plants were built, Edwin Lyman, acting director of the Nuclear Safety Project at the Union of Concerned Scientists, said. (Reporting by Timothy Gardner Editing by Susan Thomas)

  4. One reason a frontal attack on nuclear activity does not work is that there is a great deal of corruption in the Federal Gov. which is why I strongly recommend Sidney Powell's LICENSED TO LIE. For some time we have lacked a decent DOJ and FBI. What about other departments? My hunch is that these are also in bad condition.

    The AEC is rarely mentioned here. It was dissolved before many of you here were born. Who is Kristine Svinicki?

    Who is controlling what happens in the USA? Elected officials? The super wealthy? George Soros? The Rothchilds? Trolls or at least the super trolls. John Galt? The President? Shumer and Pelosi? The Mexican Drug Cartels? Queen Elizabeth? God? No one? Random events? Allah? Perhaps no one is the best answer.

    1. good comment

    2. Its all about the partnerships of the nuclear cartel and their government- corporate, military industrial complex, billionaire matrix

      It is true, as long as there is a nuclear duopoly in power in places like america, as there are in the places like Japan and Korea or places where there is a flat out authoritarian nuclearist strongman in power, those countries nuclear regulatory agencies will be captured by the nuclear cartels in those countries.

      There was a frontal confrontation on nuclear in the USA, in the late 1970 s where 10 s of thousands of Americans protested and formed grass roots organizations after 3 mile island. The resounding impact stopped Nixon's insane plan to build a 1000 reactors in America by 1999. It also caused strong grass roots action against Reagan'insane star wars initiative in the 80 s.. Frontal confrontations by antinuclear advocates have been highly successful in closing down nuclear reactors and beginning the phase out of nuclear in multiple European countries. Conservative Austria is a notable example. It is OCCURING in Germany, italy, Austria and Spain post fukushima. Grass roots antinuclear advocates that evolved in the 70s and 80 are primarily responsible for those events, especially in Germany and Austria.

      There will always be people that are antinuclear because nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons are insane.

      Multiple countries are taking activist stands against nuclear weapons because the democratic will of their people.
      That is the only way it will change. Otherwise probusiness and promilitarist elements will keep subsidizing nuclear power. Those powerful interests will keep promoting nuclear weapon production. Nuclear weapon production and nuclear energy are quite often interchangeable. You know that majia.

      The point is , that at this late stage in human history and post fukushima, people like trump are getting a pass and even gleefully accelerating this madness

      People like Bernie Sanders, jill stein, tulsi gabbard have confronted nuclear in America .
      Multipartisan groups in Germany have forced nuclear former nuclear-engineer, Merkel to abandon nuclear in Germany though is could change if fascists like trump, Bolnasaro, obran, Abe siezed power.
      Because of the power of the greens in Austria, the rightwing government is forced to be resolutely antinuclear.
      Switzerland has abandoned its plans for nuclear, post fukushima.
      I know the undemocratic fascist troll is pronuclear and does not think people have the right to be antinuclear or democratically push antinuclear. To it antinuclear are rabblerousers.

    3. Dr Chris Busby

      Einstein, politics, physicists-nuclear physicists, and reality

    4. If they phase out nuclear no need for captured NRC. The reason the AEC ended was. Because of direct democracy. But majia would not know that she was not antinuclear then

    5. Cordin to the troll ain't no way to stop nucular .  Governments is just always too corrupt!
      Just rollover and let Trumpty, Bolton and pompi start ww3 cause it's inuvutuble, like the asteroid

      Nothin wrong with nukular first strikes acordin ta majia and Willy cause govt and government agencies is just so corrupt!
      Thers nuthin u can do about it!
      Theres nuthin u can do about Trumptys insane push to deregulate nukular .  Obamy allowed it so trumpty should do it more!

      There's. Nuthin wrong with turnin Texas and new mexico
      Into outdoor high level nuclear, waste dumps and havin Good Hair  Perry personally makin
      Money off it.

      It was in the stars!

      There's nuthin wrong with trumpty declarin high level nucular waste, low level cause some other corrupt politician or the nrc woulda done it anyway and trump should go with it .


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