Friday, November 2, 2018

The Contagion of Homicidal Insanity: What is to be done?

I believe that emotion is contagious.

Today on my way to work I saw someone in a sports car driving 100 miles an hour, swerving wildly across 5 lanes of heavy traffic in what looked like a high speed car race out of a video game.

It was terrifying.

On the way home from work, some woman tried to run me down and then cut me off in her road rage. I saw her last week. That woman has the worst case of road rage I've ever seen. I pray she has no children.

Tonight while reading through headlines I see that hate crimes are rising in India (here).

Commentators at this blog have noted the increasing homicidal attacks against minority groups in the US as well.

Yesterday I read of a  toddler "fight club" enforced by day care workers at a St Louis nursery (here).

Whatever is afflicting the people involved in these crimes seems to be spreading. It is a contagion of anger and violence.

How can we inoculate against this rising tide of destructive violence that seems to be afflicting nations and individuals alike?

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