Thursday, September 20, 2018

More Flooding Expected but Status of Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant Still Uncertain

Flooding in the Carolinas is expected to worsen but Duke is allegedly "started to return Brunswick nuclear power plant to service" today:
Flooding is expected to worsen as Florence passes through the Carolinas. (2018, Sep 20).  CNBC. AVailable
Duke Energy Corp started to return its Brunswick nuclear power plant in North Carolina to service on Thursday. The company shut both reactors at the 1,870-megawatt facility before Florence hit the coast near the plant in Southport, about 30 miles (48 km) south of Wilmington. One megawatt can power about 1,000 U.S. homes. As floodwaters continue to rise, concerns are growing about the environmental and health dangers lurking in the water. The flooding has caused 21 hog "lagoons," which store manure from pig farms, to overflow...
The above cited article, originally from Reuters but republished by CNBC, offers NO information about the state of the Brunswick nuclear power plant beyond what is cited above yet is the ONLY recent information I could find in a search on the web.

Notice how the article moves from nuclear power plants to contaminating pig manure with a turn to "environmental and health dangers lurking in the water" as if the former (nuclear power plants) posed no risks while the latter (pig farms) are the greater implied concern.

Those "lagoons" of pig manure are indeed an environmental disaster but nowhere near the scale of hazard posed by a flooded nuclear power plant.

The notification states the plant is surrounded by flooded roads, but no indication has been given whether outside water to the plant has been re-established and whether the plant has access to outside electricity (or is operating on backup generators).

The NRC has a responsibility to provide greater TRANSPARENCY.

People in the region should COMPLAIN and DEMAND greater disclosure of plant conditions by the NRC, particularly regarding external water and electricity to operations.
Mailing Address
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001
1-800-368-5642, 301-415-7000
TTD: 301-415-5575


  1. I pray those people are ok.
    I know what it is like, to be exposed, to high amounts of radionuclide poisons.
    My three friends from high school, who were badly effected.
    I think of people, within 200 mile of fukushima. I think they are a lot worse off than the people in chernobyls downwind-path.
    Makes me so sad. So many of my relatives and friends gone. My friends from the ukraine who got cancer. Whose children , have had such severe problems.
    People whose children were effected in Utah, Nevada, Arizona. In the west USA. SAME IN japan.
    What Extreme criminality and insanity, this whole thing is!

    Nuclear is the worst curse possible for these people, and so many more!

  2. This evil devil is a deep state war-mongering spook monster
    An hard-core agent for the war monkeys.

  3. The n and s koreans desparately want to reunite. Japan is a failing state. Abe really wants korean unity to fail. He is allied with fuko the clown. They are allied in a desparate death pack to remilitarize the sickeningly-failing japan. Will the world, allow these sick-dementing monkeys and the mic, to continue screwing over the korean people?

    The neocons in Trump’s cabinet also oppose Korean unity – odds are a united Korea would join the Russian-Chinese economic union. John Bolton must be shitting himself.

    PoS like bannon were always part of the trump plan . Dont let the cornpone nazi and nwo bs affect you. Pure counter intelligence
    -mind warped propaganda. The oligarchs will always try to maintain an order. They are nuclearists. The fake antinuklearists, that support the war mongering, pseudofacist racists trump/abe are not really antinuclear. They are fake vicious pawns, or manipulative psychopaths. Psychopaths like the creeps, they say they hate. Ultimate liars and hippocrits.
    The neocons are intrinsic to trump in spite of all the bullshit conspiracy fake facade and new-old antinew world bullshit . Do not fool yurself. The brand is different the plan is the same. The new plan calls for rearming, the absolutely degenerating and dying japan to prop it up at koreas expense.

    This is the way it is and has been from the beginning
    This evil devil is a deep state war-mongering spook monster
    An hard-core agent for the war monkeys
    It was nsa for years. Fake name bannon means white. The ultimate economic and political hitman!


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