Thursday, September 6, 2018

Earthquake in Japan: Is Another Nuclear Disaster Pending?

A 6.7 earthquake shook Hokkaido Japan Thursday, producing catastrophic effects including loss of life.

The Tomari nuclear power plant has lost energy and is running cooling operations for spent fuel at the site using back up diesel generators. Thankfully the reactors were not running so a Fukushima-style reactor meltdown is not going to happen, although the risks for spent fuel burning remain if cooling is interrupted:
7 die, 30 missing after intensity-7 earthquake strikes Hokkaido (2018, September 6)  THE ASAHI SHIMBUN

Officials of Hokkaido Electric Power and the Nuclear Regulation Authority said the quake also severed all outside power sources to the Tomari nuclear power plant in Tomari, Hokkaido. But all three reactors were not operating at the time. 
Six emergency diesel generators were being used to cool spent nuclear fuel stored in a pool at the plant. Officials said the plant had enough fuel to operate the diesel generator for at least seven days. Officials said no other problems were found at the Tomari nuclear plant, and radiation levels were normal.
Nuclear is too risky for an active planet such as ours!


  1. Microcarpa reports on Twitter

    Sep.6,2018'13:26 JST) #Japan NRC reports all the external power for #Tomari #nuclear PL has been restored..
    However, after shocks continue and the cause of the loss of external PW is unknown yet.

    #Hokkaido #北海道地震 #脱原発 #Fukushima

    1. We are all living On the Beach now. Too stupid to acknowledge it


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