Monday, May 14, 2018

A Regime of Heedless Extraction and the Hope for a Better Tomorrow

The Trump administration represents a regime of heedless extraction. 

His administration is heedlessly unleashing the extractive industries. I cannot understand the RISK-BLIND logic that drives decision-making to deregulate finance, big oil, nuclear, big ag, etc (even education under deVos) (see De-Regulating the Would-Be Masters of the Universe...)

There will be no hopeful tomorrow if we discount it so fully in our disregard for effects on biological and social environments. 

That said, I do hold out hope that the increasingly visible clash between nihilism and human survival will bring greater awareness regarding the precarity of our current conditions. Accordingly, I applaud Helvarg & McKibben: 
David Helvarg and Bill McKibben Trump Wants to Expand Oil Drilling to 90 Percent of Our Seas. We’re Marching on June 9 to Stop Him. The Nation,
summer beckons—and with it, the season’s first trip to the beach, which remains the number-one outdoor recreational activity for Americans of all classes and ideologies. It may be one of the last truly nonpartisan activities we do together. But thousands will come out of the water on June 9 for the first ever March for the Ocean—and that should be nonpartisan too.

True, the Trump administration has proposed expanding offshore oil drilling to more than 90 percent of our public seas while at the same time eliminating many of the safety measures on oil-rig blowout preventers and offshore operations that were put into effect after the BP/Deepwater Horizon disaster of eight years ago, which killed 11 oil workers and became one of our most protracted environmental nightmares.

But this proposed drilling has sparked widespread opposition from citizens and elected officials across the political spectrum—beach-state governors are almost unanimous in their opposition, whether they’re burned red by the sun or chilled blue by the early-season water. Equally unpopular is the Trump proposal to shrink marine sanctuaries and national marine monuments if they limit access to oil, even though these sites act as both great wilderness parks in the sea and biological reserves for the future in a changing ocean.
To repeat: "We’re Marching on June 9 to Stop Him."

I imagine that details will be forthcoming.


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