Thursday, May 24, 2018

NEUROTOXIC Triclosan Was Pushed in my Kids' Elementary School

I recall when my son's class would be lined up before snack and lunch with the teacher spraying "hand sanitizer" with triclosan on their hands. The kids did not rinse their hands before eating.

At the time I was suspicious so I insisted that my son wash his hands with soap and water. The teacher and her assistant thought I was crazy but now years later my concerns are vindicated with research showing that triclosan is neurotoxic, particularly during pregnancy but who knows what long term effects  accrue for kids with chronic exposure:
Medina S. Jackson-Browne, George D. Papandonatos, Aimin Chen, Antonia M. Calafat, Kimberly Yolton, Bruce P. Lanphear, and Joseph M. Braun Identifying Vulnerable Periods of Neurotoxicity to Triclosan Exposure in Children Published 2 May 2018 | Research 
Exposure to triclosan, an endocrine disrupting chemical, may affect thyroid hormone homeostasis and adversely affect neurodevelopment. 
Using a longitudinal pregnancy and birth cohort, we investigated associations between triclosan exposures during different time windows, and cognitive test scores at 8 y of age in 198 children from the HOME Study 
We quantified triclosan in urine samples from mother–child pairs up to nine times between the second trimester of gestation and 8 y of age. The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-IV [i.e., Full-Scale Intelligence Quotient (IQ)] assessment was administered to HOME Study children at 8 y of age. We estimated covariate-adjusted triclosan–IQ associations at each visit. We also tested whether associations between triclosan concentrations and cognitive test scores varied among exposure at different time periods. 
Full-Scale IQ was not significantly associated with urinary triclosan concentrations during gestation or childhood but was significantly associated with a 10-fold increase in maternal urinary triclosan concentration at delivery [−4.5 points (95% CI: −7.0, −2.0)]. Perceptual Reasoning Index (PRI) scores were significantly decreased in association with urinary triclosan concentrations at delivery and at 2 y of age. Associations between repeated triclosan concentrations and cognitive test scores significantly varied among exposure at different time periods for Full-Scale IQ, PRI, Verbal Comprehension Index, and Working Memory (triclosan–visit interaction p≤0.04). 
Urinary triclosan concentrations at delivery, but not during mid to late pregnancy and childhood, were associated with significantly lower children’s cognitive test scores at 8 y of age in this cohort of U.S. children.
Once again, the public was duped by a reckless chemical industry.


  1. Tip of the iceberg halogenated hydrocabon, poisons. There are many. DDT decimated bird populations, in the 60s. Freon, teflon. List goes on. Those and radionuclides, are working in tandem because of their antoxidant free radical effects.

    Tricreaylphsphate is an organophosphase nerve poison, like sarin. It bonds covalently to nerve tissue and causes dementia, schizophrenia, parkinsons as it destroys the human midbrain. Same for chlorocarbons, radionuclides. People get hefty doses of tricresyl phosphate, every time they take a jet ride.

  2. Side note. One of the plastic garbage islands, in the pacific, is now 3 times the size of France.

  3. Fluorocrarn radicals antoxidativereate oxidation loads on cells is what is meant by antoxidative

  4. It was around 1940 that some scientists realized that DDT was very dangerous; twenty years later Silent Spring appeared--but only in 1970 did Congress ban the use of DDT. Thirty years from knowledge to a ban. Now we have had Roundup for some time. Finally a case is going ahead in court against Monsanto.

  5. ST GEORGE is demented from the lifetime of chlorinated hydrocarbons it has abosorbed. Also the radionuclides and plutonium from Rocky Flat Nuclear Facility

    1. You are such a wit, Anonymous. Or at least a half wit. How many Anons can Tweet from the head of a pin?

  6. Trump has Plenty of Accomplices in his Reckless Energy Policies
    by Harvey Wasserman
    May 24, 2018://

    Fuko the clown is part of the great destruction


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