Monday, September 25, 2017

Strongly Recommended Video/Article, Especially Relevant Today

This is an intriguing window into the logic of "civil defense" in a period of mass insanity:
Phil Edwards (2017, September 22). The rise and fall of the American fallout shelter. Vox

What happened to this piece of Cold War arcana? And would it have worked?
I wouldn't want to survive a nuclear war, even in the best equipped fallout shelter, because I would not want to die underground knowing the earth's surface life had been poisoned, with no hope for humanity returning to sustaining eco-systems.

Bioaccumulation of chemically toxic radionuclides from fallout in the aftermath of full-scale nuclear war would destroy viable human reproduction even if humans could somehow survive the expected nuclear winter and barren lands wrought by atomic destruction.

However, we may already have already crossed the rubicon on this one given rising rates of neurological and immunological disorders in children and adults. See my discussion here:


  1. Considering some of the major catastrophes which humans have survived, for example, the one 12,800 years ago when a chunk of comet devastated North America, we seem to have a strong desire as humans to survive and go on. Just visit a nursing home. Maybe we over rate having everything nice and just so. Maybe most human never guess the purpose of their existence unless they are tossed into chaos.

  2. I am a bit surprised that you have not yet given psychiatric drugs a review. That these powerful and very dangerous drugs are being given to children is a crime; and yet it goes on despite the contrary evidence. Like the nuclear industry the pharmaceuticals have so much power that they can not be stopped by mere mortals. Even for adults these drugs are almost a death sentence. We probably will never have an all out nuclear war but in our midst something almost as bad goes on daily without protest or much investigation. I guess Hollywood, the NFL, the death of free speech at UC Berkeley, the intellectual carnival of academia, and just humdrum life takes all our energies.

    1. don't get me started on psychiatric drugs and the pill pushers!

  3. No one will survive the glut of radionuclides from an exchange.
    Our rivers, groundwater, lakes contaminated with pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, pesticides, caffeine, nicotine, metals, nuclear isotopes. Far too many here in this industrial trash heap. Many come, wanting more. Driving themselves to crazy drugs in the ratrace , and cognitively-dissonant morrass.
    The creeps at the top, get the money for the toxic crazy drugs . Drugs ,people use in the socially- engineered chaos.

    I was reading about a small town in arkansa that had a sign saying "no ni@#gers allowed. The old time crackers in that town, wont pay their water bills, because they are white entitled founders of the community. The water sometimes comes out of the faucet, brown and sulfurous.

    City cant afford to treat the water. Only 300 in the town. 10 people over 55 with parkinsons.

    When things go real bad in the merican industrial inferno, it will not be like a little-war lord third world country. Not like liberia or el salvadore. It will be mass radioactive death and raging insanity. Might as well treat each other somewhat human. Racism far worse than nuclear or crazy drug water.

    1. Agreed. I see the potential for irreversible decline in the wake of the recent hurricanes, which blight the south as industrial decay blights the north and urban midwest.

      Rage is being elicited and orchestrated. Watch how its being directed toward divisive social issues, such as sexuality and race.

      I feel that "powers that be" were good students of edward bernays and his ilk.


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