Friday, September 1, 2017

Hurricane Harvey's Impact Still Unfolding, Yet Forbes Ready to Call a Win for Nuclear Power

The story line is "The Little Engine that Could" (see here) and the narrative has been VERY TIGHTLY managed for the South Texas Nuclear Power Plant, which is still at risk from ongoing flooding.

Despite ongoing risks and NO REPORTED DETAILS about the site conditions, Forbes is calling the situation a win for nuclear power.

Notice there are NO new news updates and that FORBES is leading the charge on nuclear energy, a form of energy that has been proven to be disastrously dangerous and expensive:

Hurricane Harvey VERY EMPHATICALLY MAKES THE CASE AGAINST nuclear power, rather than for it. Please see my books: Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk and Crisis Communications, Liberal Democracy and Ecological Sustainability.

Nuclear power is incredibly vulnerable to flooding. Back-up generators routinely flood, as illustrated in Fukushima and more recently in the disastrous situation at the Arkema chemical plant.

At nuclear sites, loss of power impedes ability to shut-down reactors and cool reactor fuel, leading to meltdowns and melt-throughs. At Fukushima, TEPCO still cannot find the majority of reactor fuel from units 1-3. Many different phenomena can lead to sustained loss of power, ranging from damage to grid caused by explosions, cyber-crime, solar activity, flooding, strong winds, etc.

Nuclear plants' spent fuel pools are particularly vulnerable and hazardous. Spent fuel pools are out in the open and radionuclides released from them can exceed hazards posed by a reactor meltdown:

Committee on the Safety and Security of Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage, National Research Council, “Safety and Security of Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage,” (2006). Washington, DC: National Academies Press.

Nuclear is inherently prone to CRISIS. What economic incentive drives Forbes to run such propaganda?



  2. One of the main functions of the nuke plant in Texas , is to supply ethylene plants there, that are close to it. Ethylene is extremely explosive. Ethylene is also the main precursor to all the polyethylene baggies, water-bottles, coke bottles, milk bottles, etc. Etc. Plastic products, that are clogging up waterways and oceans around the world.

    No doubt some of the commentators at enenews will continue to denounce Beyond Nuclear,,, Greenpeace, Helen Caldicott as "New World Order Trolls,". They call and infer "New World Order Troll" to so many, based on some of their views on climate change. They also do it to those who are aplalled by the racism, ecogenocide based on skin color, put forth by Trump. Jeez what awful people, those groups and people must be.


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