Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Results

I voted GREEN. I have been alienated from the Democratic Party's neoliberal and neoconservative alignments, but I never anticipated Hillary Clinton would lose the election.

I'm hopeful Trump will de-escalate relations with Russia, but that is the only thing I'm hopeful about.

In addition to my concern about his willingness to eliminate financial regulation, I worry that Trump will be only too happy to allow heedless resource extraction and environmental pollution.

I worry about the rise in fascistic, xenophobic tendencies in the wake of this overwhelming Trump victory.

Will police violence rise in the wake of a Trump presidency given the lack of respect afforded by Trump to due process and habeas corpus?

I can only hope, as can we all, that Trump rises above his rhetoric.



  1. Globalism means enabling and subsidizing big nuclear power plant builders like ge, Westinghouse, Areva, Hitachi, Rosatom, Mitsubishi, Chinese national nuclear company to construct more nuclear power plants around the world. These companies build with little or no liability and big government help, negotiated by their sponsor governments.

    It also means companies like cameco, mining more uranium and polluting the crap out of the areas they exploit.

    Many nuclear power reactors around the world are are old and on the verge of meltdowns. Many in France were made with shoddy Japanese steel. Nuclear power export will probably go unabated with Donald Trump, as American companies vie to sell their death traps for profit.

    Who knows what will happen when another meltdown occurs.

  2. It is not easy to locate the real Trump in all the camouflage the media has clothed him in. Interestingly it was Hillary who used fascist slogans one of which was Stronger Together right out of Mussolini's Italy. I also recall Bill expressing a fondness for Italian fascism. I think Trump will busy himself with doing things like rebuilding the infra structure,etc. It will depend on who becomes AG as to the police. Probably someone like Guilliani. What is known about him? Trump is a quick study and will learn quickly what being President means. I think he will listen to the citizens so it will be up to them to speak their minds. I do not think he has like Obama an ideology that commands his behavior; and he is a builder doer rather than a lounger. I think things will be okay. In any case having a pedophile for president would have been too much.


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