Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump Contacts Banking Insider for Treasury Secretary

It appears that Trump's brand of financial reform is to allow the biggest banks to run the show:

Trump team contacted JPMorgan's Dimon for Treasury role. Reuters, November 10, 2016, available


  1. Trump the antiglobalist . Trump the federal reserve reformer. Trump the big bank reformer. He's going to clean house so he can put in bigger crooks!

    So much for the other side of the coin. Meanwhile GM lays off 2000 employees, the minute trump is elected and wall street ralleys.

    He's already talking about beefing up the military arsenal, the nuclear arsenal and building more nuclear power plants.

    The trump whores on certain old ruined Fukushima sites and scientologist trumpee here must be jubilant. At least his neo-Nazi patriot-militia supporters will not start a civil war in the next month as they promised if he had had not won.

    Sounds like shrub Jr. On steroids. Pity america. The radioactive, democracy-free shithole of the world. The pollution and the deranged degradation of the us and world grows worse from american insanity. Talk about cutting-off your-nose to spite your face.

  2. I doubt that this is accurate. Too many of his close advisers know about Dimon. We need to wait on this.

  3. Trump Team Considering Rep. Jeb Hensarling as Treasury Secretary

    Wall Street Journal likely to be more accurate than CNN where the Dimon rumor arose.

  4. Jamie Dimon on a Trump team is a load of poppycock started by CNBC. I have a better chance of playing QB for the Patriots than Dimon as the next Treasury Sec.

  5. Hey dude. You might be wrong and trump will put some banker lobbyists and dbags into his cabinet. So what. Trump has to play by repub rules great extent.

    Do not forget the repubs did 9/11 and the patriot act. Trump will put in real asses no doubt. That is because he is not a libertarian or a green. He is a republican.

    I have Latino and black american friends who voted trump because they have been screwed so long by corporate democrats. I agree with them. Outside of the personal attacks of this campaign, trump is a playboy-rich guy, and a republican. Things will not not change so much with trump in office because his party is establishment.

    I applaud that tpp has been killed and hope under handed republicans do not come up with an even sicker under the table trade deal. Might as well get off the romanticized-persoanity cult bs and be real.

    Trump will put wall street cronies and corporate lobbyists in some positions. You sound like a trite cheerleader.

    Trump won! You simply alienate people with this kind of melodramatic posturing. Many more blacks and Latinos would have voted for trump, if some of you had not gone so far with the cult alt-right nonsense.

    The economy really sucks! The wheels are coming off. Painting kitchy, unrealistic scenarios only taints a persons credibility.

    I wish Trump would go after the bankers and federal reserve, but it ain't gonna happen.


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