Friday, August 19, 2016

TEPCO Reports Ice Wall Failure

TEPCO reports ice wall is failing, which is no surprise to anyone who has watched this debacle unfold:
Kohei Tomita. August 19, 2016. Panel: TEPCO’s ‘ice wall’ failing at Fukushima nuclear plant. The Asahi Shimbun, August 19, 2016

Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s “frozen wall of earth” has failed to prevent groundwater from entering the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, and the utility needs a new plan to address the problem, experts said.  An expert panel with the Nuclear Regulation Authority received a report from TEPCO on the current state of the project on Aug. 18. The experts said the ice wall project, almost in its fifth month, has shown little or no success. 
The implication is that very contaminated water is flowing into Pacific Ocean.

I've noticed that Fukushima looks extra foggy/steamy recently. I wonder whether some of the fog is produced by the failing ice wall?