Monday, August 1, 2016

Nuclear Folly

Fukushima Daiichi produced over 1,000 radioactive isotopes, according to TEPCO. Radioactive isotopes of Iodine (e.g., Iodine-131, Iodine-133, etc) are but a tiny fraction of the contaminants produced in a nuclear disaster.

Parents who think iodine jelly is going to protect their children from exposure and internalization of other radionuclides - such as radiocesium, radiostrontium, uranuim, etc. are deluded. However, delusion is no doubt the goal for nuclear proponents:
Takashi Sugimoto. August 1, 2016. Iodine jelly for infants to be stocked up for nuclear disasters. The Asahi Shimbun, August 1, 2016,
Tubes of stable iodine jelly for infants, which would prevent radioactive iodine from being absorbed into their systems, will be stockpiled for emergencies in municipalities near nuclear power plants around Japan.

The government will start distributing 300,000 doses of emergency iodine stock to the municipalities in a 30-kilometer radius from the nuclear plants for use in the event of major nuclear accidents, the Cabinet Office announced July 13.

There are about 115,000 infants under the age of 3 in those municipalities.
I could say more but don't want to launch into a heated rant....


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    1. I looked it up. Very strange video clip. Hard to know what to think....

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