Monday, May 30, 2016

Link on Atomic Vets

Clyde Haberman. Veterans of Atomic Test Blasts: No Warning, and Late Amends. The New York Times, May 29, 2016,

Required to sign a secrecy oath, atomic veterans were experimental subjects for studying the effects of atomic fallout....


 Here is a link to the US Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments: 


  1. That is the worst war crime ever! Tortuous first degree murder too! Watch Mulholland falls some time with nick nolte

    1. This is one of those facts they failed to tell us in grade school or even in university. It is not nice or PC to talk about this level of human degradation. It is nothing new. Just the technology.

  2. "Nuclear America: Special Report"
    This a good summary survey though at the beginning they play up Chernobyl and play down Fukushima. It is all too clear that nuclear power is just too much responsibility for people. It will never be safe. Human error will always be present as well as avarice. America is quite likely to produce the next major nuclear disaster. And in a sense "they" just don't care--it is like drinking and driving.

  3. All information about nuclear power and bombs has been a maze of lies and deception for 70 years

  4. Even a lot of supposed antinukes cannot get it straight


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