Monday, May 16, 2016

Earthquake Update

NHK is reporting that the depth was around 40 kilometers and the 5.6 rating is on the Japanese scale out of 7

NHK also reports that the closest nuclear power plant is Tokai. NHK says that all is fine there.

However, I reported approximately a week ago that NHK announced it would only report OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT comments on nuclear plant safety:
Whose Narrative of Events Will the Media Report? NHK Reports Government Version Alone for Nuclear Plant Conditions
Fukushima looks as if it were impacted by the jolt so I suspect that Tokai was even more so.

Tokai has a nuclear village where plutonium was processed in the past. Many reports surfaced about problems there after the 2011 earthquake:

Radioactive water leaks and a fire were reported in March 2011

Radioactive water leaked at Tokai in March 2012:

In December 2011, a fire broke out at Tokai:
Research reactor ceiling catches fire

Kyodo: Ceiling at Japan reactor catches fire — Burns 110 m² area in two hours — Just 100km from Fukushima

Strange IAEA "training" at Tokai in 2012:


  1. As a corporation TEPCO would probably rate a D or at best a C-. I am probably being a little optimistic. If TEPCO only dealt with something local and Japanese that would be just a Japanese problem. Fukushima and probably other Japanese reactors have become a world problem; yet since the world is told that Fukushima is under control there is no action being taken by anyone other than TEPCO which is not a very competent corporation. So a very serious global problem is in the hands of a rather negligent group and receives little or no international attention. This really is puzzling. Russia which really is not a problem receives a lot of attention and is viewed by the West as a great threat. Delusion of world wide scope. Donald Trump might want to bring up Fukushima and see what kind of response he got. How would Hilary respond. She wants to destroy Iran.

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    1. Excuse me trump is now the sweetheart of republicans and will grow more so as election approaches

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