Friday, April 22, 2016

Excellent Analysis of US-Japan Nuclear Relations

Yuki Natsui. Axiomatizing the Atom: Implications for US-Japan Relations February 17, 2016 on, published previously by the author at:

日本語版 (A Japanese summary of this article is available at this link):「原子の公理化: 日米関係の裏の意味

MEANWHILE, the nuclear arms race is re-invigorated:

William Broad and David Sanger (April 16, 2016) . Race for Latest Class of Nuclear Arms Threatens to Revive Cold War. The New York Times,


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  1. Pure insanity. Worst than genocide. Same lies for 70 years. Over a billion casualties till now or more. Now all life teeters on the brink permanently changed.
    Stubborn killers and liars that are enbending and transfixed by there own deciept .

    Many people will not give up lies. What is worse is that it is all for nothing. People did not have to die like that from cancer before their time. We should not now. The pain, the suffering, the torture, the misery.

    Avarice, greed, blind and focused savagery. Nothing could be worse yet, the death wagon marches on. All we can do is observe and write about it. We feel powerless and despair. We can only transcribe and speak hoping more people may speak and perhaps act to rise up in harmony and sue for an end to the madness.


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