Saturday, June 20, 2015

Waning Again

Emissions are low again, after rising higher mid-week. I need to see if there is some sort of weekly pattern because it does seem emissions are usually lower toward the end of the week. Perhaps nitrogen injections on Wed or something keep them down Thur and Friday?

Despite wet streets visible on the Futaba cam, the units 1 and 2 look pretty quiet today, with most visible emissions coming from common spent fuel pool and unit 3:


  1. I wish there we're an international effort to do.something about flushing and nuclear waste. Here is an article about how republicans do not want to talk about nuclear waste from beyond nuclear. Republicans are beyond worthlessTwo early voting states are on opposite ends of the Yucca Mountain divide." South Carolina -- the third presidential primary after Iowa's caucus and New Hampshire's primary -- stores a large amount of irradiated nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste at its many commercial atomic reactors, as well as at the Savannah River Site nuclear weapons complex. The powers that be in South Carolina have long been in favor of dumping its radioactive wastes on Nevada --at the long-targeted Yucca Mountain site -- even though the Silver State already suffered the ravages of four decades of full-scale nuclear weapons testing (both atmospheric, and underground, which also often leaked into the biosphere; sub-critical nuclear weapons tests still take place in Nevada), and has not one single atomic reactor within its borders.

    But the Nevada caucus comes just days after the South Carolina primary in the presidential campaign. Republican presidential candidates are now trying to walk that tightrope, dangling above a mountain of radioactive waste 73 years high

  2. pink sky at night ....


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