Sunday, March 8, 2015

Amazing Video: Children of Doomsday

This stop-motion video is AMAZING and I highly recommend watching it:

Children of Doomsday:

ⓒMaya Fuji

Song: By Aya Hachisu

Beat: Road to Nowhere by DJ Krush

[excerpted] This is a video I made addressing the Fukushima nuclear melt down that is currently burdening the people of Japan. The power companies (TEPCO & Tohoku Electric) and the Japanese government have acted very irresponsibly regarding the matter, and still have not come up with a solution to the radiation leakage.
In addition, TEPCO and other Japanese power companies are planning to reopen power plants that are located on active fault lines. The world cannot afford another Fukushima meltdown, and it is important for us to support the world wide movement towards a nuclear free future because we are in a similar predicament here in California.

The Diablo Valley power plant is located on active fault lines, and we can easily find ourselves in the same situation as Fukushima if a major earthquake hits. This video is my voice supporting No Nukes Action.

Majia here: I don't know anything about the producer, other than she has produced a powerful and authentic tale.

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  1. Here is a nicely done article on nuclear power: "Don’t Boil Water … In a microwave!"


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