Saturday, March 21, 2015

Finally! WHO Acknowledges Round-Up Carcinogenic Risk

Round-Up has been studied for decades and the documented health risks have been denied and or trivialized. Finally, a sea change:
Bunge, Jacob (2015, March 21). Health Agency Finds Risk in Herbicide. The Wall Street Journal, B3. [Excerpted] Glyphosate, the herbicide widely marketed by Monsanto Co and other companies, likely has the potential to cause cancer in humans, a World Health Organization agency said Friday.

Majia Here: Research conducted in Europe found severe long-term carcinogenic and reproductive effects from regular consumption of Round-Up ready agricultural products.

One study found complete reproductive failure in lab animals fed Round-Up within 5 generations, with significant tumors appearing in the first generation. Why has it taken so many years for an inter-governmental agency to admit risks and why are US agencies still silent?

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  1. From the time it was noted that DDT was dangerous until Congress passed a law banning it was about 30 years. It was 10 years after Silent Spring was published. And there is still hesitation regarding radiation. Then there are chemtrails as well. Just a few days ago I noticed here in Boulder County at Home Depot piles of Roundup! And this area is supposed to be extra sensitive to environmental things. But lies and deception play a very important role in American life--I can not even imagine an America without them. This should be emphasized to school children.


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