Thursday, February 12, 2015

When Does a Series of Coincidences Become a Pattern?

I currently know three people with cancer. Two of those cancers started as breast cancer within the last year, although one evolved into nonHodkins Lymphoma. My third friend with cancer also has nonHodgkins Lymphoma and is not doing well at all, although s/he is only in his twenties.

All three of these people had an unexpected toxic reaction to chemotherapy within the last 2 weeks. They are all located in Arizona and southern California.

NonHodgkin Lymphoma is a cancer linked to environmental causes, including Chernobyl, as illustrated in this New York Times piece about a likely Chernobyl-induced case:

I cannot help but think about the coincidence in timing: all 3 of my friends with cancer had unexpected and severe (life-threatening) toxicity with their chemotherapy over the last two weeks.

On Feb 6 I noted at my blog that many of my students and I fell ill the morning of February 5 when it rained. Please see the details of that post here;

At the time I was convinced that Feb 5 rain was toxic with the increased emissions from Fukushima and, perhaps even, the Ukraining nuclear plant.

Might that toxic rain have weakened my cancer-stricken friends? Might similar rains have contributed to, or even caused, their suddenly appearing and very fast growing tumors?

I can never prove that Fukushima fallout is contributing to my friends' illness and destroying their capacity to heal, but in my heart I believe this is true, just as I believe that Fukushima's four years of non-stop contamination of the ocean is killing life in the Pacific Ocean.

I am not confused or befuddled or any of the conditions that afflict those unwilling to see what hell we are creating on Planet Earth.