Saturday, February 14, 2015

TEPCO Cam 4 Problems

The TEPCO cam 4 at Fukushima has been having odd black-out problems. What is odd is the way that some pixels remain active while others go dark, as illustrated by these 3 screenshots taken February 12 2015, around 7:40 AM (TEPCO time stamp)

Can you see there are some active pixels (I don't know the jargon sorry) in the dark screenshot above? In addition to the blue spot in the right corner, there are hints of pixels of color in the location of the large white crane.

The image resolved and then it blacked out again partially, as illustrated in this third screenshot:

Either the cam is breaking down from cummulative radiation exposure, or there are episodes of atmospheric contamination so intense that electronics, even located at a distance, are affected.

I don't pretend to know the answer. Perhaps both factors are operative. I am simply documenting my observations and reflections.


  1. Majia,

    Most of the time when the connection drops I suspect that network traffic at TEPCO is heavy. When TEPCO isn’t working the cam feeds have no problem, work mornings when the big cranes move seems to give me the most connection problems. Some mornings get so bad I get tired of restarting and quit recording for an hour or so and do file backups. Afternoons showing little activity have few connection problems. Night shift work sometimes causes me restart fits. VLC recovers better than Media player but will still lose connection if timed out too long. The time lapse feeds probably don’t get restarted except by schedule so they have much missing time. I notice that storms also cause connection problems. I wonder if the color bar distortions are cam or connection related. An infection on my network caused connection problems until all my pc’s were cleaned. On the win 8, had to reduce programs that connect often like mail and cloud drive updates. As far as radiation effects on the cams, I notice pixel dropouts, little white dots that appear randomly, lasting a single frame, increase when emissions are high. Had maybe 3x as many when the r1 roof was off.

    I attended four funerals last year, one already this year, and another family member is in the final stages of cancer. I share your concerns that disease and death are the effects we will see from Fukushima radiation.


  2. Greetings and salutations Horse.
    Needed to express my condolences for those losses, and reach out (first with an "air-hug") and attempt to help, where possible. I hate it when good people are made to suffer.

    Anyway, some previous negative computing experiences others have had might offer clues to what you can do to minimize computing problems for you in the future.

    Please see

    I apologize for how long-winded i was. Take some time and review all info there, if you like. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is an excellent resource too!

    If you have a spare laptop or desktop, it might be an idea to remove the WiFi card & telephone modem & install a linux operating system on it. (such as linuxMint: ) It seems best to install whilst the internet is disconnected.

    I know it sounds intimidating, yet it is functionally similar to Windows. You may find that your bandwidth usage goes down. Even old 'puter hardware works well if dust bunnies cleaned out first.

    Don't tell me any identifying details please. Loose lips sink ships, and friendships & relationships, of course, Mister Horse. I have no need to know, yet a need to assist where possible. :)

    Speaking of cameras ...

    Quote: "The title picture for this post was taken from a camera phone at the Helmholtz Research Center in Munich being bathed in 10 Sieverts per hour of Gamma radiation from the decay of Cesium-137."

    Have you seen Ontological's Sky series of photos?

  3. Hi Stock, Respect the work you do with NukePro and on Enenews. When 311 changed the world I knew to stay indoors, out of the rain and snow and found Enenews looking for more info. Lurking there for two years I got to know the group pretty well but they don’t know me and I don’t have a blog. I’m only a yearling when it comes to blogging. I don’t type very fast and don’t have the quick retorts. My inexperience led some to label me a trolljan horse so I backed off, mostly stick to the webcam forum and hope I contribute to the discussion there. I was motivated by the Enenews group, you included, to help get the word out and started blogging on an environmental issues forum. Truth is my only agenda. Truth is the objective. The truth of our existence in the Universe.

    My background is in electronics and computers. I quit working for corporations ‘cause of the psycho’s in charge. Now I provide technical services for small business and home users. Less money but less stress and I can drop any client that turns out to be a jerk. Linux is better than windows for many things but most people still use windows. Cleaning windows is my bread and butter. The average user will get infected just looking for a fix in the maze of protection programs online. BleepingComputer has a tool called combofix that I’ve learned to use to get rid of the nasty infections haunting the net. No scanner will help against a new threat in the wild, it takes them a month or so to find it and plug the hole. I keep my data on separate drives so I can reload a system drive quickly and easily if need be.

    Going on four years now and the radiation damage will become more noticeable. I visit Onto’s site and respect the way he tries to get the word out. Some people will learn from words, others need a picture. Majia’s blog may appeal to intellectuals, whereas Radchick presents a format for the facebook crowd. Radiation is invisible to our senses and its damage delayed so people have been easily deceived. No amount of ionizing radiation is safe. I’m getting closer to retiring but still want to contribute before I go.


    1. Good to hear from you Horse

      What do you think about the recent plant conditions and the failing tepco 4 cam?


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