Thursday, January 29, 2015

Brought to You by the Nuclear Complex....


Screenshots taken this morning. Source of elevated radiation levels unknown. Official response: None.

The government of radiation is predicated upon the idea that “low levels” of contamination produced by the nuclear-industrial-military complex pose relatively few, predictable risks to impacted human populations and ecologies. Consequently, using cost-benefit analyses of radiation risks and benefits, government agencies in nuclear nations allow routine contamination by radionuclides, although each nation sets official limits and deploys government bureaucracies to monitor and evaluate exposure levels.

The government of radiation relies on a flawed radiation-protection paradigm that is aligned with the interests and governing logics of the genocidal  nuclear complex.

RE:  Melted Fukushima fuel: “If the temperature continues to increase, you reach a point where the fuel pellets can melt . . . a lot of fission products will start to bubble out” (Cited in Shirouzu and Smith p. A12)

There are some radioactive elements that will get out there, but most people, it’s not going to be what we consider dangerous” Donald Bucklin Former Medical Director at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in Arizona, the Largest Nuclear Plant in the US (cited in Shirouzu and Smith 2011, Mar 17 p. A12.

The banality of evil....


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