Thursday, January 8, 2015

Award Winning Japanese Writer: "No Serious Examination of Who is to Blame" for Fukushima Accident

Full text of Murakami Interview: Award-winning writer Murakami reflects on role of literature today Jan 8 2015

[excerpted] With regard to the nuclear power plant problem, there has been no serious examination of who is to blame. Naturally there's a complicated web of guilty parties and victims, but if we leave things as they are, the conclusion is going to be: "The earthquake and tsunami were the culprits and the rest of us were just victims." Just like the war. That possibility worries me more than anything....


  1. You would never know Fukushima was a problem even on most alternative sites. They are writing about WWIII and the New World Order. Personally I think we are nearing the end of life on this planet. There are about 500 nuclear power plants around the planet and who knows which will go next--but we know almost for certain the some will. Perhaps already Ukraine has another Chernobyl lined up or two or three! We can not count on the pro-Nazi Kiev gov to be on top of things nuclear. Meanwhile a top research scientist at MIT has concluded that within ten years every other child will be born autistic due to glyphosate! So IT is coming from several directions. Oh, the scientist did say unless something "drastic" is done. I really can not imagine our ruling class doing anything drastic aside from war. Can you?

    1. Hi William
      Yes the MIT researcher is quite interesting. Already the propaganda campaign has been launched in force:


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