Monday, December 29, 2014


Yesterday's emissions from Fukushima Daiichi were higher than ordinary, pink in color, and pixilated the cam view. Today emissions are, so far, less and radiation readings on Netc are down for the most part. TEPCO must have successfully, albeit temporarily, cooled the stewing melted fuel.

Meanwhile, other nuclear risks threaten us with radiation contamination. Michael of the Allegedly Apparent Blog found an interesting story on the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, which may indeed have suffered an accident as a result of substituting Russian reactor fuel with western reactor fuel:

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I spent an hour searching for information on the stricken Ukrainian nuclear plant yesterday. Later in the day I discovered that my computer's virus protection had suffered a significant error that required reinstalling the virus protection program.

It could be coincidental but I'm inclined to suspect that my search using "Zaporozhiya, December 28 2014, and radiation" in the Ukrainian language prompted some surveillance agent to investigate the computer of the searcher (that is, my computer), which entailed breaking through my computer security.

I don't possess classified information and I don't have access to state secrets but I am curious about matters that the powers-that-be would like to remain suppressed.

How much more contamination can Europe withstand? How will we survive an increasingly radioactive and chemically genotoxic environment?


  1. Hi Majia I hope your computer gets better soon. I got thrown into Twitter jail over and over since posting about Zapo. 1 note though, Zapo has multiple spellings but in English #Zaporizhia seems to work best, I was at first searching #Zaporozhia & didn't find anything, but found just a bit more tweets under #Zaporizhia. I remember you voicing concern about sky high rads in November & how this may be related & Enviroreporter noted about the November surge 'hard to believe this is being caused by Fuku alone'.. and who knows, as you note - it might still be surging as we speak - NETC monitors manipulated? Thank u for all u do.

  2. "Pushilin said that "currently the level of radiation is 14 times higher than the acceptable norm" in the area around the Zaporizhzhya plant and that the problem started November 28 "after an unsuccessful attempt to replace rods in the Russian-made third block (reactor) with the product of the American company Western house."

    This begs the question of what the "acceptable norm" is. Is this post-Chernobyl new normal?

  3. And there are fourteen more to go. I think we can assume that Ukraine will produce at least on good melt down and perhaps two or more. Instead of killing people in the East to please Obama, et al. they ought to have been taking care of their nation. This is the world the psychopaths have made.


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