Monday, December 8, 2014

Japan's LDP Pursues MOX FUEL AGENDA while Unit 3 Continues to Contaminate the Atmosphere Daily

Typical emissions from Unit 3 this morning. Screenshot time stamp is Dec 9 00:38 2014

Remember that Unit 3 was running MOX fuel. TEPCO also reported that Unit 4 stored MOX fuel, although it wasn't specified whether the fuel had been used or not. The MOX fuel from unit 3, and most probably from Unit 4 as well, is continuously contaminating the atmosphere, every day, 24 hours a day.

While catching up on Japan's news, I saw that Abe's LDP remains committed to MOX fuel and has centered it in its energy policy:
J-Power to apply for screening of uncompleted MOX nuclear plant in Aomori (2014, Nov 7). Japan Times,
Electric Power Development Co. plans to apply by the end of the year for safety screening of the Oma nuclear power plant under construction in Aomori Prefecture, sources said Thursday. The planned move by the electricity wholesaler known as J-Power would be the first such application for a reactor being built in the country. 
Before it becomes operational, the one-reactor plant must pass Nuclear Regulation Authority screening based on a set of new safety requirements adopted following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear crisis....
The Oma plant, located on the northern tip of Honshu, would be the world’s first reactor to run solely on plutonium-uranium mixed oxide (MOX) fuel. It is expected to play a major part in Japan’s fuel recycling policy, as MOX fuel is produced from uranium and plutonium extracted by reprocessing used uranium fuel.
I'll report more on this later but for now let it suffice to say that Japan's hawks will surely accelerate the extinction of the Japanese people.

Meanwhile, in Japan Netc reported radiation levels look pretty normal (i.e., green), although there are a few elevated detections.

More elevated detections found in CA and Southwest, probably residual effects from November's emissions in Japan OR from a more local nuclear power plant, such as Diablo Canyon in CA and Palo Verde in western AZ:

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  1. Quote of majia: "Not one person has asked what they can do to change the situation."

    Perhaps they innately believe that there is nothing they can do.

    Professor, tell them when appropriate, that even the lowliest of laborers can make a difference. I am living witness to that fact.

    Pat yourself on the back, or listen to me cheer you on! Good work!! You prove that one person can make a difference, and that is by doing it!!! I know; "get back to work" ...


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