Monday, February 10, 2014

White Specks of Radiation at Fukushima

NHK has a very interesting documentary (hat tip Enenews) on the contaminated water at the Daiichi site:

Fukushima Daiichi's Hidden Crisis:

[Majia's summary] A robot was sent into one of the reactor's outer containment vessels and the water was found to be highly radioactive there, indicating cracks in all levels of containment. What is particularly relevant is NHK's description of the white flecks in the water as caused by radiation:

What I find relevant is the periodic pixilation of the TBS cam by white dots that resemble static energy.

Are the white flashes in the water similar to the white pixilation episodically seen on the TBS cam?

There was a major 'pixilation' event right before dawn February 11
I've seen these events before. They are periodic, and are not sustained. Here are more screen shots from today:

It was frightening looking with day break:

The pink streaming upwards is NOT normal.

The event quickly subsided. You can see in the shot below that the pink is gone and clarity is increasing:

Clarity quickly improved.

I think it likely I witnessed surface manifestations of a sub-criticality, a critical chain that de-escalated, deriving either from the underground corium, or from the spent fuel pools.


  1. Iodine-131 levels are up, and we have had enhanced emissions since the end of January. Heavy rain and snow is soon to move into northern California.

  2. Very insightful observations and analysis Weez

    Yes, it makes sense that plasma might form at Daiichi as rainwater encounters very, very hot structures. Remember the 25 sieverts an hour vent tower?

    You are right about seeing interactions with other ions: White spots in plants would be from some disruption in the chlorophyll?

    Melanin would be disrupted in animals I suppose?

    Very depressing. I just keep thinking Freud was correct about madness and civilization.

  3. That pixellation is reminiscent of a CMOS camera subjected to over 10Sv/hr from 137Cs Gamma, as in the following article.
    The fact that it clears later could be telling.

    What are the reported values of Gamma-shine?

  4. I don't participate in watching the cams, simply because I have other things to focus on. that said, I agree that the many blatant videos show radiation out of control.


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