Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm still able to post

People are losing access to their blogs after posting about the radiation event near Carlsbad New Mexico.

The latest news on the event:

Breaking: 13 WIPP employees exposed to radiation 02/26/2014 04:26:01 PM MST

CARLSBAD -- Thirteen employees of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant were exposed to radiation, according to test results taken the day a radiation leak was detected at the nuclear waste repository. [end]

SEE also Enenews here. 

I advise careful monitoring of this situation.


  1. Yikes! It is a sad day, when a title of an article has to state this. It is good to see that you have not (yet??) been affected.

    Quote: "New tests show plutonium reached millions of times normal levels at WIPP site — Concern air filters at plant may not have worked — Gov’t accused of lying about radiation leak (VIDEO)"

    quoted from:

    No shirt, Shelock!

    Have we been that far from the unvarnished truth concerning Japan's ongoing Mega-Disaster?

    My respect for those harmed from the earthquake, tsunami, fires and nuclear holocaust both directly and indirectly. We know the holocaust cloak agencies wear now ("holocaust cloak"; ref: The Princess Bride)

    Quote: " Buttercup: We'll never survive.

    Westley: Nonsense. You're only saying that because no one ever has. "

    quoted from:

  2. Here is what I am getting when I try ENEnews: Error establishing a database connection. This NM incident must be worse than we thought. Have done an informal study here in Boulder County and found no one who had heard of Carlsbad. Even at Vitamin Cottage--no awareness even of current radiation problems. But then in Louisville no one is objecting to fluoride either. So much for education and an upper middle income. The price is evidently to be deaf and stupid about what is going on.

    1. Try searching for enenews utilizing
      If you are not able to directly connect to enenews, use the "View by Ixquick Proxy" feature from the search results.
      That worked for me when i was denied direct access to Bobby1's Blog. The catch was that i could not add any replies to articles.
      Do try first.


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