Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last Days

Over the last few week five important events have transpired:

1. Japan passed a state secrets law that is so repressive that Japan's ordinarily complacent media have launched a major offensive, as illustrated by this Japan Times editorial:

Government without oversight Dec 6, 2013

[Excerpted] People have the right to know what their government is doing. Ensuring this right is the foundation of democracy. The state secrets bill, which the Abe administration Thursday rammed through the Upper House Special Committee on National Security for enactment, undermines this foundation because it blocks citizens’ access to an extremely large amount of government-held information. This also means that lawmakers’ access to important information held by bureaucracy will be blocked.

Citizens and lawmakers should be aware that the bill will greatly change the nature of Japanese politics because it will severely limit the powers of people’s representatives and the Diet itself despite the fact that Article 41 of the Constitution says, “The Diet shall be the highest organ of state power, and shall be the sole lawmaking organ of the State.” Japan’s democracy is now in a deep crisis. [end]

Majia here: Transparency of information and free speech are critical components of democracy that are being assaulted with state secrets legislation. The US previously dis-established free expression and habeas corpus with the Patriot Act and NDAA (e.g., see here.)

2. The second major event to occur over the last few days is record atmospheric and ground-water contamination levels reported at Fukushima Daiichi: 
Radiation 36,000 times permissible level found in water at Fukushima plant. The Mainichi Dec 3, 2013

[TEPCO said that on] ...Dec. 2 that it has detected radioactive materials that topped 36,000 times the permissible level in underground water extracted in the area. According to plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), strontium-90 and other radioactive substances that emit beta rays were detected at a level of 1.1 million becquerels per liter in underground water pumped up from an observatory well on Nov. 28....The amount of detected radioactive materials hit the highest level since Nov. 25, which marked 910,000 becquerels per liter of underground water. The national allowable emission level for strontium-90, a typical radioactive isotope that emits beta rays, is less than 30 becquerels per liter of water. [end]

"Record outdoor radiation level detected at Fukushima plant"
[Excerpted] ...The reading of 25 sieverts per hour was taken on steel piping near an exhaust stack for the No. 1 and No. 2 reactors, TEPCO said. The utility earlier said high radiation levels of at least 10 sieverts per hour were found on the piping.... A TEPCO official said radioactive materials derived from melted fuel likely entered the piping during venting soon after the accident occurred in March 2011 and have remained there. [end] 

Majia here: So the news is that radiation levels are rising and areas of the Daiichi site are now completely off limits for humans and machines with sensitive electronics.

3. The third major event to occur is the shut down of the TBS camera sometime either late Dec 8 or early December 9 in Japan. The shut-down of the TBS cam is particularly alarming given the significant levels of emissions visible over the last couple of weeks. Emissions have been coupled with very strange and inexplicable light phenomena, all of which I've documented recently in my blog posts.

For example, see a strange light phenomenon here.

Emissions can be clearly seen coming from unit 2 here.

Heavy emissions overall from the plant can be seen here.

What looks like a 'fire' can be seen here, in the exact same location as I've seen cranes deposit what appear to be fuel rods (note that the video has been enhanced. Explanation of enhancement and additional non-enhanced shots can be viewed here.)

The strange and disconcerting events on the TBS cam correlate with spiking radiation levels in the US (see an example here and see Radnet levels here).

4. The fourth major event concerns a de facto increase in permissible exposure levels. Japan is changing the way it monitors air contamination in inhabited zones near the Fukushima Daiichi site. Air monitoring using aircraft is going to be halted. Instead, citizens are going to be provided individual dosimeters. The problem with this substitution is that the dosimeters, according to The Asahi Shimbun, are at least 7 times less sensitive than the helicopter sampling technique. So, essentially, the dosimeters could increase the allowable level of exposure by at least 7 times. These exposure measures do not address internal exposure at all.

Lower radiation readings proposed to speed return of Fukushima evacuees Nov 9, 2013, The Asahi Shimbun,

The Nuclear Regulation Authority has drafted a proposal to accelerate the return home of Fukushima nuclear disaster evacuees by using radiation readings that tend to be lower than the ones now officially used. The NRA wants residents to take radiation measurements with dosimeters instead of relying on the current government system of determining levels through aircraft monitoring….[end]

Majia here: The US also increased its de facto exposure levels for radionuclides during radiation emergencies. We simply haven't been informed that we are in a radiation emergency, probably because that is conveniently classified a 'national security' concern:

Caldicott, Helen (2013) Obama Approves Raising Permissible Levels of Nuclear Radiation in Drinking Water. Civilian Cancer Deaths Expected to Skyrocket', Global Research,

PEER (2013, April 14) Obama Approves Raising Permissible Levels of Nuclear Radiation in Drinking Water. Civilian Cancer Deaths Expected to Skyrocket:Rollback in Nuclear Radiation Cleanup by Global Research News

Majia here: The powers that be have decided for us that panic is a greater risk than radiation poisoning. That decision is being made in a manner that is not transparent, nor democratic.
5. Mass Adverse Mortality Events constitute the last major event. Many forms of Pacific coast fauna are experiencing huge adverse mortality events.The anomalies are adding up and the die-offs are unprecedented in my lifetime.

I don't know how anyone can ignore the constellation of events that has recently converged:

1. Repressive state secrets laws

2. Rising radiation levels at the site

3. Increased censorship of webcam data during a period of documented emissions and strange phenomena

4. De facto loosening of exposure guidelines in Japan and US

5. Mass Pacific coast adverse mortality events

This convergence of events is worrisome.


Introduction to Majia's Blog and Index of Posts Here 
October 2013 Interview with James Fetzer about my book, Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk (Palgrave, 2013)

PowerPoint of data examining reports of conditions at the plant and evidence of criticalities, which can be seen here  or here


  1. Agreed, protect you and yours as best you can.

  2. This is my best effort at elucidating the fact that Fukushima was a nuclear explosion of sorts, AND that we were heavily dosed. I think its an important point. I think that knowledge could sway some "swing voters" in the nuclear debate.

    Fukushima WAS a Nuclear Explosion, Here Is The Proof
    The only way that the tens of tons of uranium and plutonium shown by US EPA air samples could occur was if the explosion came from within the reactor vessel, and/or spent fuel pool. So clearly the explosion was a nuclear type of explosion from within. Nuclear promoters have long stated that nuclear plants can't blow up in a nuclear explosion. We know this to be a lie. In fact Chicago's own Argonne National Lab has video from back in the day when it was "cool" to perform open air tests to blow up reactors to prove the nuclear chain reaction can blow up the reactors. The special type of Nuclear Explosion is called a "prompt moderated criticality".

  3. Hi Majia,
    I see now that your book is published, you are blogging a bit more. I sure miss your posts on a variety of topics.

    Of course we knew that it would come to this. If anything it is happening more slowly than I thought it would, for which I am thankful. I'm consciously trying to be happy with every single day we have left. If it is many, that is great. If it is few, then so be it.

    The mass mortality events will continue of course; slowly climbing the food chain. Will they take mankind? If not this nuke disaster, then surely the next one won't be far behind.

    Over the weekend i happened across a copy of the book "Hiroshima" by John Hersey. It is a short book about a few people's lives in the midst and the direct aftermath of the first atomic bomb, published a year after the event. It's a quick read to remind you that human suffering on a mass scale plus government cover up plus massive misinformation plus lifetime lingering problems from radioactivity have been with us since the birth of the nuclear age. There was no help for the majority of those unlucky folks, and there will be none for those unlucky ones now.

    At first I was upset, angry even with the way things have unfolded after Fukushima. Now I accept that it is the way it always has been and the way it is now. People are no more, or no less ruthless today than they always have been. We may think we are civilized, but we are not.

    And, in the end, earth will live on without us. It was here three Billion years before us, and will be here three billion more after us - pristine again after a mere few hundred thousand years. And on it will be all the makings of us, of our civilization - all of the molecules that make up every memory, every bauble, and every nuclear reactor. The building blocks will remain, and perhaps as before they will recombine as before and man will be smarter then.

    Stock - those who studied knew that #3 ejected nuclear material from the core right from the start. Whether it was a pressure breach/steam flash or a nuke explosion is not really important to me - perhaps it is to many.

    The important thing is that it ejected a significant amount of nuclear core into the air. How much and where did it go? your guess is probably better than mine.

    Enjoy the holidays,

  4. Record beta levels indicate strontium levels in well near Unit 2 have tripled since Nov. 4.

    "The 10th, TEPCO announced radioactive materials that emit beta radiation, such as strontium-90 from water in the observation well located on the sea side of the Units 1 and 2 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has been 1.5 million becquerels per liter detected. Date of collection is the 9th. In this well, there is on the rise the concentration of radioactive material, about three times the water was collected in November 4 of (the 540,000 becquerels), highest ever value is 1-4 Unit sea side well.: (Japanese)

  5. Here's an interesting fact that has a double meaning -

    Article 41 of the Constitution says, “The Diet shall be the highest organ of state power, and shall be the sole lawmaking organ of the State.”

    The passage of this Secrets Bill shows how this "organ" is the one that is used to ram the Public up the backside until it sees light at the other end. This is the same "organ" that is stroked by the corporations and nuclear industry.

  6. As for the video, the aperture setting is on automatic and the camera is having difficulty maintaining a stable setting. That is why you are seeing light apparently flickering.
    As for Obama Japan does not heed an idiot. In every event from toxic oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico to the radiation from Fukashima the US government will raise the levels to hid the threat from the American Sheeple. It is no different than the Japanese government telling the people that smiling and drinking beer will reduce the effects of radiation.
    Transparency in government has never ever existed because we allowed political criminals to continue their deception for so many decades. Follow the money and witness the crimes. Japan is dead some realize this but most do not. The financial elite caused the tsunami and they placed the Stuxnet virus in reactor core #3 control systems. The only way to stop thrse things from happening again is to remove the criminal Elite all 10 thousand of them. That way we may save 6.5 billion mostly innocent lives.
    What does "diet" mean in the blog?

  7. We are in the generation of the Fig Tree n all Bible Prophecy will take place in this generation. The only famine in these last days of this age is not for food but for Fathers Word taught chapter by chapter verse by verse Pastor Murray over at ShepherdsChapel has been teaching the Bible chapter by chapter verse by verse for well over 50 years. Visit n give a listen if you have eyes to see n ears to hear to your Fathers Word for He has Told us All Things.

    1. In light of what is revealed within that collection of Love letters from our closest Living relative to His children, I think the title of this blog post very fitting.

      Jer 17:5

      For you, Anonymous (every day is a good day):
      Jer 17:7

      It is time to take names; we will "kick dragon" soon enough!

  8. In my experience, people don't care. I'm laughed at when I bring these things up. They don't believe it and think I'm going insane. They've been SO conditioned over their lifetime to think that if there is a problem, CNN will interrupt with "BREAKING NEWS". When that doesn't happen, there is no problem. When people start dropping dead on the west coast, then we'll see what happens. But, for now, to 99% of the people I know, there is absolutely no problem.

  9. Please go to illuminatiMATRIX.wordpress (add a .com). Read page 73 for the latest info. on Fukushima, ... and the Madrid Bombing which occurred just 7 years to the day before Fukushima. The London Bombing, the World Trade Center attack, the London Olympics, the Sandy Hook Massacre, ... everything hinges around Fukushima. This site is free, ... decades in the making, ... and 8 years in writing. Over 1 million words, original charts, and original works of art. After page 73, see page 19, scroll down half way or so to the Foundation Stone under the Dome of the Rock. And if still inclined to understand Fukushima and what's really transpiring, ... go to page 1 and begin to have everything you were ever taught about this 3D illusory reality is put to the test. Thank you to Majia for allowing this comment, and all the best. Things are completely bizarre and this other blog has been set up as an explanation of what's transpiring. Time is of the essence as most anyone can see.

  10. I forgot to mention in the comment just above, that the Foundation Stone under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, is the shape of the 11 Western States. It was built my the followers of Muhammad in the year 690 AD. This is over 1,300 years ago, and it matches the coastline of the 11 states perfectly, ... the USA/Canadian border is exactly as it should be, ... the southern borders of California, Arizona, and New Mexico are a perfect match. Even the small jogs in the southern border of New Mexico are where they should be. If this seems weird, ... the topography is almost totally identical to the 11 states. Keeping this in mind, the radioatactive wave coming to the west coast in the water, in the air and in the sea life is all part of what the Foundation Stone was designed to fulfill. So if you're still reading after page 19 of the other site, then please proceed to page 1, ... but be warned this is very mind-blowing stuff, ... but extremely revealing.

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