Thursday, December 19, 2013

Assistance Needed Decoding Webcam Phenomena

The 'spider-webs' are back at Daiichi, visible on the TEPCO webcam. Visibility has been nil on the TBS cam because of the rain.

The spider-web phenomenon does seem to coincide with rain, but its not clear whether the spider webs are simply camera artifacts produced by refracted light.

I really don't know what to think after having watched them for two days straight. I had a friend look at the webcam today and he thought some of the spider-webs were from raindrops on the lens but he was convinced this glowing, pulsing blob was not a lens effect:

I really don't know what to think.

And then there was the red drop:

There was also this (below) at the base of the large white crane:

I really don't know what to think. These images are strange but I don't know if they indicate a sudden worsening of conditions.

I do know that TEPCO has been reporting steadily rising radiation levels in ground and sea water for the last 3 months. The levels have skyrocketed, in some cases by thousands of times. That has me worried, especially with the rising radiation levels being detected in the US.

What also has me worried is that the webcam discussion thread has been down for most of the last two days. I hope the outage stems from a technical snafu rather than resulting from a deliberate-take down.

Feedback would be appreciated.

Here are video clips from 12/19 taken by Lsmiaka

Here are videos posted by Horse–18-5.avi–18-6.avi

Here are screen shots from Tue-Wed Please see my slideshow here

UPDATE: Dec 20 at 4:42 AM as time-stamped by Enenews, Mungo reported seeing many emergency vehicles headed in the direction of Daiichi on the Tomioka cam. See comment here.

Today, December 21 at 12:04 A.M. the two cams are up and the views appear uneventful. Let us hope that these views are authentic and real time.


  1. I noticed similar "jiggling" during the day of the "blobs" (presumably precipitation), less the lights.
    Mind you, i only looked for a few minutes today.
    What bothers me, is not knowing where the light to be possibly refracted is coming from. One would think it would have to be within 180 degrees of the field of view.
    I wonder how any precipitation is cleared from the immediate field of view.

    Webcam comments still down. :(

  2. I thought maybe my computer was having a malfunction, i.e. the webcam comments not accessible.

  3. Majia, I was looking around to try to get some clues about the spider effects that show up at times. I myself have watched live at times. It is astounding. The closest I can figure is that it may be a noble gas being released and excited by an energy source. Think of the plasma lamps created originally by Tesla. On this web page there is a brief explanation. This seems like quite a logical explanation to me...

    1. This makes sense Lorena. Thank you all for your input.

      Fukushima webcam thread at Enenews is only available today after logging in. Could this still be 'only' a technical snafu?

  4. Thanks for good articles and your continuous study. At one time I thought this situation would elicit a real response from the International Community, but I can see now that I was mistaken. Are we dealing with a species' death wish? Today's news makes it sound like we are just one rather small step from major catastrophe. After all these centuries when people waited expectantly for the end of the world . . . maybe their ghosts or spirits are now eagerly peering into our world to see it happen? Most of the people I come in contact with are not interested. I have noticed that gov. and scientist are not eager to make information available that the layperson can use to make sense of seiverts and the like. I would like to see someone make a good animated that would point out the difference between the old idea of radiation just striking the body to the more biological idea of breathing in hot particles or drinking or eating them. I have never trusted that dental x-rays were fine like some time in the sun. Etc. With Fukushima we have but several of the many badly designed nuclear power plants made by GE. It is such a wonderful example of how money triumphs over all. What a shame that the many great opportunities offer human kind after WWII were passed by. I did discover recently that spirulena given to the children around Chernobyl made a very significant difference. But still one million persons were killed; and this is far, far worse and not even over yet. At least we knew about Chernobyl and things of a practical nature were done. But Daiichi is just getting underway. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you for your comment John. I share your thoughts and your fears that Daiichi is indeed just getting underway.

  5. Hello Majia. I post on enenews as OldBroad. I'm wondering if someone who is experienced with celestial telescopes may have some input on the spider webs. Just a thought.