Sunday, September 29, 2013

Battling an Invisible Enemy

This post is a response to James’ comment in my post documenting a possible nuclear criticality at Fukushima Daiichi:

I agree James that the truth about Fukushima will never be revealed, unless the evidence becomes undeniable. There are too many vested interests involved for the truth to be told. Moreover, the global economy could not take the shock and the speculative class would lose their wealth.

We will live in the wake of the largest human-engineered environmental disaster ever. Yet, its impact will be denied. Undeniable truths will be trivialized.

The battles of the era of atmospheric testing reveal the depths of conspiracy and its institutionalization within regulatory agencies. 

Read about the 1956 BEAR report, the compromise document resulting from the battle between the geneticists and the Atomic Energy Commission

I know Fukushima is going to wreck unprecedented damage onto the human genome. I know the effects are going to be denied. What I cannot predict is the severity of first generation exposure effects.

The uncertainty of first gen exposure effects stems from many unknowns surrounding the level of exposure and our current health stature.

How much radiation has Fukushima actually spewed into the atmosphere, ground water, and ocean? 

I’ve described for over two years now ongoing atmospheric releases at the site. Optimal PredictionOptimal Prediction points out that CRIIRAD detected yet another spike of short-lived Iodine-131. 

How fast is the fuel inventory at the site going to disintegrate and/or be incinerated? How have the radionuclides been distributed geographically and how are they bio-accumulating and biomagnifying in the food chain, and in us?

What levels of exposure are likely to cause immunological and neurological failures, for adults, for men, for women, for children, for infants?

Perhaps the first generation exposed will merely sicken and die years earlier than they would have otherwise, the rising incidents of cancer, immunological, neurological disorders attributed by experts to diet, lifestyle, and genetics. Collapsing lifespans may be attributed to ‘unknown’ factors.

In this envisioned dystopic future, the concept of ‘environment’ will be used by experts only to denote social and lifestyle factors, such as diet, exercise, and stress. The many endocrine disruptors and geno-toxins in our environment will be disregarded and those who stress them will be labeled ‘alarmist.’ This will occur even while these insults to human health visibly degrade our personal health and genetic integrity.

Or, perhaps our genome has already been so compromised by environmental exposures that another jolt will produce non-summative effects. Read about genetic mosaicism 

Fukushima, Hanford, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and the next mega-radiation disaster may cause inevitable, albeit multi-generational, extinction and our leaders will deny it even as they take their last breath at an early death caused by radiation.

I also fear that events themselves will overwhelm denial. An alternative and more dystopic envisioned future entails UNDENIABLE evidence that radiation from Fukushima is sickening, maiming, and killing large numbers of people. This scenario could very well unfold if cooling efforts at the site fail (for any number of reasons) and/or if a large earthquake or site saturation cause massive structural failures.

Who can predict which scenario will prevail? How to prevent either from occurring?

I’m tired of fighting an enemy whose current invisibility is both intrinsic to the phenomenon and reinforced through propaganda at every opportunity.

I want to forget what is happening and I sometimes I do, briefly, until another terrifying event is documented via the webcam or another rain brought in by the jet stream produces inexplicable headaches, nose bleeds, stomach problems, coughs, and general malaise among all those surrounding me. Under those circumstances I risk personal and professional ridicule for naming the probable cause of inexplicable symptoms. 

My strength for this battle is ebbing.

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  1. Thanks Majia,
    My intention was not to discourage you, but to point out why the truth is being suppressed and why the struggle is so difficult, in my opinion. And maybe express my frustration in wasting 18 months trying to figure out how to tip the equation toward truth - with no success - and the heat goes on.... .

    One of the things about Fukushima that made me confused and angry about when I first started studying about it is that - I just couldn't believe that responsible people and especially the US government would stoop to lying about something so critical. And then I realized that they had been covering up on the safety of nuclear power for decades. You don't have to know much science or engineering to realize the design of these GE BWR reactors is awful. No engineer in their right mind would approve that design for operation.

    And yet, these have been operating, with government oversight, for 40 years. That means literally thousands of engineers have somehow ignored the serious design flaws. Our government simply has to have been complicit all these years.

    periodically I have to drive into Washington. Especially at night, you cannot help but marvel at the grandeur and history our country has created in such a short period of time. Since I was a child I believed in our country in that silly patriotic way. I still do. But the revelation of pure evil that exists - at the highest levels of our government - had taken me aback.

    Weez - the truth of Fukushima is recorded - right here in Majia's blog, and in a handful of other places like it. The problem is that the truth is only known to those who take the time to seek it out - the truth is not readily dispensed to the public.

    Of course we know history is manipulated: No doubt Americans have no idea the injustice and cruelty by which the Native Americans were rooted out. And it certainly doesn't appear in our US history books. Can you imagine how much humanity lost in that act?.

    But none of us lived through that one. This one is here now and yes Weez, it hurts.


  2. Hang in there, and take a break whenever you need to. Lots of people are catching on. And lots are COMMITTED to their head in the can't help them, don't worry about that which you cannot change.

    Aloha! Harvested nice pears (Five 5 gallon buckets) and 50 pounds of walnuts in the last day. I will dry one pear and test for rads, and post results.

  3. Thank you for your tireless efforts. The few I speak with about this topic, look at me silently either wish to discuss something else straight away or there is a silence. Where my heart can't go on to tell them more details of this endless nightmare.

    I checked this blog awhile back, where you mentioned that you were going to publish a book. I can't see a link for it. Whats the latest on its publication? All the best you and yours.

  4. My strength is ebbing too, Majia. In fact, ebbing strength is a radiation symptom. It's not just that the catastrophe keeps going on and on, with no end in sight... which would make anyone tire and want to give up. But it's a physical effect, too. Radiation never sleeps.

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  6. Change always seems to take forever, then it happens "overnight."

    You work is magnificent, Majia, and is a record of the truth that will, inevitably, emerge from the margins.


  7. god it really hurts...

  8. Thank you all for your comments. It brings me solace to read them here.

    Yes, it does really hurt, what we are doing to Earth (our Garden).

    I've been watching the Daiichi webcams and the last two days have looked bad. I viewed emissions coming from the common spent fuel pool and from behind unit 4 today.

    Yesterday I saw - and captured in a screen shot - the fog peppered throughout with red.

    I feel like I've aged 10 years in 2. Maybe I've aged a life time. How can such a catastrophe be denied?

    My book will be out in a couple of weeks. Academic books are pricey so please ask your local library to order if you would live to read it.

    Any profits I receive will go to an advocacy group for Fukushima children. Please post any suggestions (although be warned that profits on academic books are tiny)

    Majia Holmer Nadesan. Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk. Palgrave.

    I'll post on its contents and my arguments sometime soon.

  9. Dear Maija, I just became aware of your blog. I produce a weekly news magazine on nuclear issues, Nuclear Hotseat, and have since three months after the Fukushima disaster began. I'm also a survivor of Three Mile Island from one mile away. When your book is ready to come out, I would be honored to interview you about it. Other authors I've interviewed include Kristen Iversen (Full Body Burden), Cecile Pineda (Devil's Tango) and Kimberly Roberson (Silence Deafening... Fukushima Fallout, a Mother's Response). My website is: Contact me through Facebook or at:

    Be safe, be well,

  10. Hi, Thanks for the details about when your book will be published. I will be speaking with my local library to see if they can get it for the county. If not I shall purchase a copy when I have saved enough for it. I look to the actions of people such as Gandhi, Dr Martin Luther King, in how the affected change through struggle. Can the anti nuclear movement not follow in their lead/footsteps somehow, and not be co-opted by controlled opposition movements. I know a few who are working diligently. But its what keeps me up and night. It might already be happening and I'm just not seeing it? All the best you and yours.

  11. It's encouraging that you're getting tired of your madness and your conspiracy theories. It may be the first step towards health. Best hopes for a swift recovery!

    1. Yes, you are quite correct.

      I do detect that Majia is angry about the coverup of the worldwide health effects of the Fukushima disaster - and that has worn her down a bit.

      With the recent announcements of two new shuttered nuke plants in the US and more under fire, and Japan finally starting to admit some of the things documented here that they had previously denied - I think Majia will gain strength to continue the battle.


  12. Muchisimas gracias por estar con todos nosotros.
    Muchisimas gracias por dar claridad entre las tinieblas
    Muchisimas gracias por luchar por todos nosotros

    Desde espaƱa muchas gracias


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