Saturday, October 12, 2013

Could Spiking Fukushima Rads Be Caused by Nuclear Criticalities, Rather than Spilt Radioactive Water?

Over the last two days there have been new reports by TEPCO of spiking rad levels at Fukushima. TEPCO is blaming contaminated water spills and injection of chemicals around unit 2.

I think perhaps another criticality or fire occurred, based on my observations of the TEPCO and TBS cams. 

October 7, PURE WATER posted this video of a large light behind units 3 and 4 (I watched it live in my office)

Later that day I commented at Enenews about the ‘big light’ visible behind units 3 and 4. I noted that the July 5 2013 criticality/fire (substantiated by Iodine-131 and Xenon detections) was also marked by the presence of a burning light in this same location.

I suggested if rad levels spike again we can presume that this big light is in some fashion correlated with probable criticalities. (my comment

Here is a screen shot from the Ju1y 5 2013 event