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Look at the HEAT coming from Fukushima Daiichi

The heat is both REAL and METAPHORIC.

The real heat can be viewed in this video clip. See it in full screen if possible. I started at about 1:20

(hat tip: Elibi at Enenews posted the link from Enenews)

Majia here: Recent observations of radioactive heat at Daiichi I've made include steam erupting from the ground, steam emissions directly above unit 3, the common spent fuel pool, and steam above the dry cask storage area.

The rising heat has also been documented in spiking radiation levels in Fukushima City and Tokyo. These links are from Fukushima Diary and Ex-SKF. The data are based on Japanese government and Tepco derived data:




Majia here: Daiichi is clearly getting hotter as it produces more radiation.

These hotter temperatures are occurring in the immediate wake of Tepco's disclosures about the contaminated water problems and spent fuel pool cooling operations.

These disclosures of Tepco's failures of control at the plant have received considerable media attention in the mainstream press: 

Fackler, Martin (2013, April 29) Flow of Tainted Water Is Latest Crisis at Japan Nuclear Plant The New York Times, http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/30/world/asia/radioactive-water-imperils-fukushima-plant.html?nl=todaysheadlines&emc=edit_th_20130430&_r=0

[Excerpted] Two years after a triple meltdown that grew into the world’s second worst nuclear disaster, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is faced with a new crisis: a flood of highly radioactive wastewater that workers are struggling to contain.

Groundwater is pouring into the plant’s ravaged reactor buildings at a rate of almost 75 gallons a minute. It becomes highly contaminated there, before being pumped out to keep from swamping a critical cooling system. A small army of workers has struggled to contain the continuous flow of radioactive wastewater, relying on hulking gray and silver storage tanks sprawling over 42 acres of parking lots and lawns. The tanks hold the equivalent of 112 Olympic-size pools.[end]


Fukushima cleanup hit by significant setbacks. (2013, April 21) Wired. http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2013-04/21/fukushima-cleanup

Majia here: The mainstream press is paying attention.

The water leaking at the Daiichi plant is highly contaminated:

Kimura, S. (2013, April 6) 120 tons of contaminated water leaks at Fukushima nuclear plant. The Asahi Shimbun, http://ajw.asahi.com/article/0311disaster/fukushima/AJ201304060038

Majia here: Tepco has in the past fessed up to contaminated water 'spills.' However, this water was hot as Tepco estimated its rad level at "710 billion becquerels of radioactivity." No measurement of water of the volume of water containing 710 million becquerels was given in the article.

Tepco states that this water measuring 710 million becquerels (per liter?) was already filtered. The unfiltered water is twice as radioactive:

"The water had passed through a filtration system before leaking, and its radioactivity level was about half that of water that has yet to be filtered, according to TEPCO." [end]

Fukushima Diary tells us that Tepco has admitted the water "may" contain high amounts of plutonium:

The leaking reservoirs may contain 1,300 Bq/m3 of Pu-238 and 110 Bq/m3 of Cm-244
Posted by Mochizuki on April 28th, 2013 ·
[Excerpted] By April. 2013, Tepco has admitted 3 of 7 reservoirs are leaking the highly contaminated water into the environment at least.
From Tepco’s report of 4/26/2013, 1,300 Bq/m3 of Pu-238 and 110 Bq/m3 of Cm-244 may be in the leaking reservoirs. 

Majia here: Even Arnie Gundersen is now acknowledging plutonium contamination from Fukushima. See discussion here: http://enenews.com/gross-containment-failure-fukushima-reactors-plutonium-plant and here http://www.fairewinds.org/content/cant-win-change-rules

Tepco, the mainstream media, and a well-known nuclear engineer are telling us that vast amounts of contaminated water are leaking into the soil and will eventually contaminate the ocean.

Of course, we know that the ocean contamination is ongoing because Ken Buesseler of Woods Hole Oceanography Institute has told us so repeatedly.

See discussion of Fukushima and the ocean in Woodshole Magazine here http://www.whoi.edu/oceanus/viewArticle.do?id=166829

So, essentially well regarded scientists and the mainstream media agree that the Pacific ocean is imperiled and the problem appears without end or resolution.

The heat is up on Tepco and the Japanese government. That heat is even more pronounced after three documented cases of spent fuel pool cooling outages over the last two months that even the mainstream media couldn't ignore.

Majia's Blog: Fukushima Daiichi and the Rats

Apr 23, 2013 – Tepco announced that the spent fuel pool cooling at Daiichi will be out at unit 2 ... Reuters (2013, April 22) Fukushima nuclear cooling system offline for 3rd ... as very steamy and hot (i.e., radioactive) during the last outages.

Majia's Blog: What is Going on at Fukushima?

Apr 7, 2013 – Perhaps the spent fuel in the pools is becoming hot enough to ... as bad as two power-outages for spent fuel cooling in 3 weeks. ... Kimura, S. (2013, April 6) 120 tons of contaminated water leaks at Fukushima nuclear plant.
Majia here: The heat is on Daiichi and Tepco.

Yet it appears nothing is being done to quench the heat of this unbearable fire.

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