Monday, April 15, 2013

Are These Two ODD Fukushima Daiichi Phenomena Related?

Strange phenomena captured on the TBS and Tepco webcams may be related, but time-stamping each event for confirmation may be a little tricky.

My interpretation is that they signify ongoing FISSION activity at Fukushima:

Event 1 was detected and posted by ChasAha at Enenews:

Screen capture below and better view posted by ChasAha at this dropbox link

ChasAha used the Fuku1live tape to find it
fuku1long (2x speed) 2013-04-15 20:00 hrs

Event 2 was detected by Elibi and posted at Enenews.

Elibi writes: Hi all. Was watching TBS on and off this morning. It was blue, highly pixellated and then it was pink,see below, and then blue again. This pink is a filter or what?
JST 18h38 2013 15 04

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  1. WideAwake posted a third 'flare' here: It is electric green


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