Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gina McCarthy and the Failed Radnet System

Gina McCarthy is the new nominee to run the EPA.

I'm wondering how she could have been nominated given the EPA Inspector General report that found Radnet to have been operating very poorly during the Fukushima events in March-April 2011.

She failed in her responsibility for overseeing the private contractor that runs Radnet.

Here are the recommendations for reform found in the EPA Inspector General report:
We recommend that the Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation establish and enforce expectations for RadNet operations readiness. 

We recommend improved planning and management of parts availability, monitoring of filter replacement and operators, and monitoring of the installation of the remaining RadNet monitors. 

Further, we recommend that the Assistant Administrator, in conjunction with the Assistant Administrator for Administration and Resources Management, hold contractors accountable by establishing milestones, using incentives and disincentives, requiring contracting officers and contracting officers’ representatives to formally evaluate RadNet contractors annually, and ensure that the Agency’s Management Audit Tracking System is accurate and current. The Agency concurred with the recommendations except for developing metrics for evaluating frequency of filter changes and completing contractor performance evaluations, which is considered unresolved. The Agency also proposed revised language, which we incorporated where appropriate...

Majia here: The report clearly implies that there was little to no oversight of the Radnet by its appointed administrator, who happened to be Gina McCarthy. No oversight existed at all in very important quality control areas, like filter changes.



Incompetence is practically designed into the system.

No doubt Gina has a comfy relationship with RadNet, which just happens to specialize in radiation-based diagnostic imaging. See page 5 on their annual report here.

Cancer screening using radiation-based imaging is no doubt one major source of business for Radnet.

The more people suspected of cancer, the more people who get referred for diagnostic imaging.

The more people who get cancer, the better the financial returns for Radnet.

The higher the radiation standards, the more cancers that will occur.

Gina McCarthy raised the Protective Action Guidelines WAY high and Obama signed off on them.

If Gina McCarthy is approved for head of the EPA, I am confident she will RAISE ALL STANDARDS FOR RADIATION EXPOSURE.

Someone should investigate her exact relationship to Radnet. Is she an investor in the company indirectly through her financial fund holdings? See a rather vague financial disclosure here

Whether she is a dope or a devil ultimately does not change the situation, which is that someone friendly with the radiation-industry with a track record of incompetence is being recommended to head the EPA and the media expert her nomination to be confirmed by the Republicans.

This is metaphorically and materially sickening.



  1. fantastic indictment. thank you. xoxoxo

  2. The system should be completely overhauled. Radiation monitoring should be set-up and maintained at fire stations across the USA. Firemen could be trained how to maintain and report the data.

  3. Great idea to have the firemen maintain and report data.

    It really should be investigated.

  4. Great article. Thanks for your continuing good work. Have you seen this:
    BTW, are you sure and EPA's RadNet are related?

  5. You were able to exhaust the topic! Great and very interesting article thank you! :)


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