Thursday, April 4, 2013

Oil Spill: Who Pays for Clean-Up?

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Exxon's Duck-Killing Pipeline Won't Pay Taxes To Oil Spill Cleanup Fund 
[excerpt] “the pipeline was carrying “low-quality Wabasca Heavy crude oil from Alberta.” This oil comes from the region of Alberta where the controversial tar sands are located. Heavy crude is strip mined or boiled loose from dense underground formations that often contain a large amount of bitumen. This oil is very thick and needs to be diluted with lighter fluids in order to flow through pipelines…A 1980 law ensures that diluted bitumen is not classified as oil, and companies transporting it in pipelines do not have to pay into the federal Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund.”

Video of the oil leak in a subidivision in Arkansas. This oil was supposed to go from Illinois to Texas.

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  1. Greg Palast reports that, a year before BP Horizon explosion, the exact same thing happened to a BP rig in the Caspian sea, for the same corner-cutting reasons. Also-the kicker-Manning's Wikileaks documents reveal that the US government knew about the Caspian explosion and helped cover it up, so that BP could explode again with impunity. Surprise Surprise.


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