Thursday, April 25, 2013

TBS View Looks Bad Today

The TBS operator has zoomed back in today so that we can no longer view the steamy area, which I believe is the area where the dry cask storage facility is located.

Perhaps my comment at Enenews yesterday drew the wrong kind of attention.

I was commenting about the detection of Xenon gas in Japan. It was attributed formally to the nuclear testing in North Korea: Enenews: Xenon detected in Japan — Consistent with nuclear fission event — Could be from reactor or other atomic activity — N. Korea bomb test? here

I wrote: My bet is that the xenon came from Fukushima. Why?

1. Tepco has announced 3 power outages at spent fuel pools within last 5 weeks. It is highly unusual for them to acknowledge such a grave situation. These disclosures have accompanied others about the contaminated water 'problems.'

2. The webcam watchers, of which I am one, have noticed some very strange phenomena recently, which have been documented with screen shots and videos. Strange light flares have occurred repeatedly. Strange light has emanated from unit 3:

Moreover, On March 28 I witnessed a steam eruption from the ground

3. The TBS webcam has recently been expanded to offer a more panoramic view. This was no accident and I think the goal is to reveal (new/previously unsuspected) problems with the dry cask facilities, which appear to be steaming.

4. Fukushima remains the most pressing security problem facing humanity, Prof Koide told the Fukushima conference. I believe him.

5. Japanese industry and money is fleeing Japan in earnest now (e.g.,

6. The country seems to be gripped with war mania, which I take to be a displacement and distraction from the unspeakable, unmentionable crisis destroying the nation

Now, today, we no longer are able to see the area to the left of the left most crane:

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