Sunday, November 18, 2012

Manipulation of Radiation Readings in Fukushima, and the US(?)

Paul Langley is discussing Greenpeace's findings on manipulation of municipal radiation detectors in Fukushima City. Langley offers his analysis as well. I recommend reading the entire post on "False Hope"

Here is an excerpt of work by Greenpeace that Langley quotes:

[Excerpted from Greenpeace] Between October 16 and 19, Greenpeace checked 40 monitoring posts throughout Fukushima city. For 75% of them, the radiation readings close to the posts were lower than readings for their immediate surroundings. Contamination levels within 25 metres of the posts were up to six times higher than at the posts themselves.

The authorities claim they do not intend these monitoring posts to be misleading, stating that they publish information about which areas around the posts have been decontaminated. However, for the people living in the areas and anyone passing by, they certainly give the impression that contamination levels are lower than what they may be just a few metres from the posts.

Not only that, the decontamination work remains patchy. The authorities have taken care of the low hanging fruit such as some public parks and school yards, but our teams found that many hotspots remain throughout the communities, and little is being done to clean them up.

[end quote]

Here is an excerpt of what Paul Langley argues:

[Excerpted from Langley] What is being practiced here by Japanese authorities is the same monitoring deception perfected carried out by the nuclear authorities since the 1940s.

Specifically in relation to Australia, Dr Roger Cross has placed in the public arena documents and testimony from the 1950s which prove that authorities deliberately suppressed high levels of nuclear fallout across Northern Australia – detected by a uranium prospector and a military radiation detection instrument repair and calibration facility – and denied by the government of the day.

Secrecy provisions were imposed and later the Minter of Supply admitted it would have cost him his job had the media not been controlled in the matter (Dr R Cross, Peter Butt, “Silent Storm” Of course, Cross’ work relies heavily on Australian National Archive and Royal Commission documentation, documentation which he presented to the public in the 21 century as a reminder.   
[end quote]

Majia here: Simply Information provides more evidence

I've posted previously about the radiation readings from Fukushima.

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Majia here: And if you think this sort of tampering doesn't occur in the US, read these posts and consider the possibilities:
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  1. Sunday, November 18, 2012
    Seattle Spiking to 300 CPM last week
    Since Higgins house and servers were wiped out by Sandy, his very valuable website showing beta and gamma realtime charts is no longer available.

    I wrote to him to ask for help on chart setup, it looks tricky, but he very likely has other priorites on his mind.

    At this link is a scatter chart of recent readings,

    Seattle spiking to 300 CPM last week!
    Anything about 100 CPM is cause for concern. At 100 CPM you have a significant increase in cancer if you stay in the 100 CPM zone for 1 year.

  2. Thanks for the information Stock

    I really miss Higgins' graphs.

    I am able to run gamma charts at the EPA's envirofacts but I cannot figure out how to run beta charts since they broke all the links to that function.

    I don't think it was accidental on the EPA's part.

    Alexander Higgins and developed a work around.

    I hope he gets his site running again.

    Beta levels were spiking at the time it went down.

    I did run a gamma chart recently for a locale in CA and the gamma levels were very high, unusually so.


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