Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nuclear Industry Profits Down in Japan

Hitachi shifts focus of nuclear business overseas by Tomoya Fujita Asahi Shimbun

[Excerpted] Hitachi Ltd. is set to acquire Britain's Horizon Nuclear Power, underscoring the company's shift of focus to the nuclear plant sector overseas....

 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.'s nuclear sector recorded a 60-billion yen drop in revenues in the fiscal year that ended in March. The sector had revenues of 310 billion yen in the previous fiscal year, and company officials expect revenues to fall a further 40 billion yen in the current fiscal year.

...At Toshiba Corp., an official said revenues in the nuclear sector have remained unchanged after the Fukushima nuclear accident. The official said this was due to revenue from Westinghouse Electric Co., which was acquired in 2006.

[Paraphrasing] Several countries have decided against plans to build new nuclear plants, including Lithuania, which rejected plans for Hitachi to build a plant, and Turkey, which rejected plans to build a boiling water nuclear plant with Toshiba.

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