Friday, November 2, 2012

San Onofre Nuclear Plant Costs Exceed $300 Million

Costs at ailing Calif. nuke plant top $300 million By MICHAEL R. BLOOD | Associated Press –

[Excerpted] (AP) — The long-running blackout at the troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant in California has cost at least $317 million, and it's not clear if the plant's troubled steam generators can ever be repaired and operated at full power, the plant's operator said.

Edison International, the parent of plant operator Southern California Edison, said in records filed with federal regulators that the tab for repairs and inspections through Sept. 30 had climbed to $96 million — double the amount reported at midyear.

With the plant out of service since January, replacement power costs jumped to $221 million over that period, up from $117 million at the end of June.

Just weeks after SCE announced a proposal to restart one reactor at the twin-domed plant and run it at reduced power, company officials Thursday again left open the possibility that the steam generators might eventually be scrapped....

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Majia here: Nuclear power is not cheap. It is not sustainable. It is NOT safe.

Enenews: Report: Wave took out 5 of 6 critical pumps that cool reactor at NJ’s Salem nuke plant — Still operating on emergency cooling — NRC yet to inform public — At 100% power when Sandy hit

Enenews: NRC: Spent fuel pool cooling lost at NJ’s Oyster Creek nuclear plant during Hurricane Sandy

Tritium release at Salem plant: "Power Outages May Last More Than a Week" 10/31/2012 p. A4. The Wall Street Journal: "Elsewhere, Public Service Enterprise Group said its Salem plant had problems with pumps due to the storm surge that forced operators to shut down the Unit 1 reactor Tue morning. A spokesman said the plant released steam with trace levels of radioactive tritium into the atmosphere to shed heat but at levels that should be 'no cause for concern by the public'.

Expert: “There’s another nuclear disaster” if operators aren’t able to connect temporary equipment in flooding

source for last article

U.S. nuclear energy safety questioned
"The United States is headed toward a major nuclear disaster unless the government closely monitors aging power plants, safety advocates and activists said...."
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