Saturday, April 7, 2012


Imagine for a moment the rebirth of some of the great religious figures in history -- including (in alphabetical order) Buddha, Gaia, Jesus, and Mohammed -- 

Imagine if they were to be briefed on the status of life earth.

They would learn that humanity has unleashed energies it cannot control and these energies are now wrecking havoc upon all life on earth.

They would learn that one half of humanity is close to starvation and that children die of starvation every single day on earth, while others on the planet gorge.

They would learn that wars are waged using terrible weapons, for greed alone.

They would learn that our global leaders and our most powerful organizations are mostly self-serving and corrupt. These false prophets have assumed the mantle of emperors.

They would learn of vast ignorance in a time we call the "information age."

They would learn that most people on earth want to do good, but feel aimless, powerless and (sometimes even) hopeless.

Would they know what to do to help us find a path forward?

So many truths are encoded in our religious and philosophical texts and yet we seem so ineffectual in materializing them.

Our ideals so distant, our fall so great....

We actually know the way forward, we know how to halt the descent.

We must demand the realization of ideals that transcend our religions (love, charity, peace, altruism, goodness of spirit), couched with tolerance for differences in lifestyles and beliefs, but intolerance for self-serving arrogance, greed, and corruption...

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