Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reposting a Comment to Consider

Atomfritz made this comment in response to blogger Ex-SKF's article titled, "Telephone Game of Fukushima Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool"

Atomfritz said...

    It's not having a plan.
    It's a thing that is just unplannable.

    If there are any problems with SFP 4 drying out (which can be caused by numerous things, not only cracking/leaking, not necessarily crashing of SFP 4), then the common spent fuel storage will be no longer accessible for "carbon-based robots".
    (Maybe except of the kamikaze version. But, are these still available nowadays? And, if still some kamikaze are available, are there enough of them to manage such a situation?).

    So, any serious problem with SFP 4 with its 1300+ spent fuel assemblies will result in the common spent fuel storage pool burning off, too.

    This would in turn result in more than 7600 spent fuel assemblies burn off in open air, more than 20 (twenty) reactor cores.

    If such happens, this in comparison would dwarf Chernobyl to a marginal incident.
    A such accident would be just UNMANAGEABLE.
    So it would be quite pointless to attempt planning in advance, I guess.

    It would mean the end of Japan as a sustainable nation.
    And, to be honest, where should 30 million Tokyo inhabitants be moved to?

    So, it's just unmanageable, and there is no point trying to plan for such an "incident".
    All just bet on the hope that such won't happen.

    If it happens, central Honshu will become some kind of nuclear Auschwitz which nobody is allowed to escape.

    China, Korea, Russia and USA would use their marine fleet to shoot down any of the radioactive Japanese boat people who try to escape the Japanese nuclear wastelands.

MAJIA HERE: I am concerned that this has already happened.


We cannot mitigate if we do not know the real level of present and imminent risk.
Censorship of the true conditions at the plant coupled with a failure to mitigate death and disease constitutes GENOCIDE.

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