Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WSJ: Asteroid-Mining Venture Sees $100 Billion Prize"

By Amir Efrati April 25, 2012 p. B3

Majia paraphrasing: This article describes Planetary Resource's, a Seattle based start-up, plan to send "robotic spacecraft to remotely mine asteroids"

The plan is to mine near-earth asteroids for water and metals.

The company hopes to launch its first spacecraft within 2 years. The target for this first launch is low-earth orbit, but it would be a "prelude to sending spacecraft to prospect and mine asteroids."

The company was founded 3 years ago in secrecy.

An academic authority on asteroids was interviewed for the story. He expressed reservations about the project, stating it "may be decades ahead of its time."

Very strange.

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